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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Omaha, Nebraska…

- As we reported here on, Roman Reigns had to have stitches backstage due to Big E Langston's chin busting him open in the 6-man tag team match.

- Naomi had her orbital bone checked out after taking Aksana's knee to the eye in their match. She was checked for a concussion but I haven't heard if she was diagnosed with one or not.

John Cena was evaluated on Monday and saw an optometrist over the eye injury he suffered against Randy Orton over the weekend. The injury wasn't serious but he was given the night off because of it. As we reported earlier, Cena appeared once the cameras stopped rolling.

Daniel Bryan received a tremendous amount of credit for his match with Randy Orton. The feeling from backstage is that working with Bryan is like "taking the night off" because he removes a lot of the thinking from his matches and just flat out makes everyone he's in the ring with better. However, Orton deserves credit as well as it takes more than one to have a good match. The match was by far and away the best thing on the show and it was looked at as pay-per-view quality .

- Cody Rhodes was sore after the moonsault spot but...

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