'Total Diva' Ribbed At Raw, Why There Was Concern For Shawn Michaels, Future Of Big Show/Corporation, RVD Unhappy With Most Recent Run?, John Cena's Return & Why He Was Brought Back Immediately, Triple H's Next Match, Big Babyface Turn Possible

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Backstage news from WWE Raw in Pittsburgh…

- Many saw the way Eva Marie was highlighted in the Divas tag match as a way to rib her and apparently Rosa Mendes too. We're told there were some that didn't even recognize Mendes with her new hair color.

- There was legitimate concern about the WWE App vote regarding the special guest referee for Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell. Obviously WWE wanted Shawn Michaels to win but they scripted things for Bob Backlund and Booker T to say that would detract fans from voting for them. Even so, we're told it was relatively close until a last minute surge gave WWE the landslide they were looking for.

- We're told "heads were turned" when a "fired" Big Show came down the ramp with music after the main event. There was a reason, however, as it's playing into a long-term storyline that is likely to involve Vince McMahon.

- The word regarding Rob Van Dam's hiatus is that he wasn't thrilled with the booking of his character in WWE after the initial crowd reaction at Money in the Bank.

- The major talking point backstage was the surprise announced return of John Cena. You can probably guess the things people were saying, everything from 'is he rushing back?' to 'how bad was he hurt in the first place?' The bottom-line is Cena has medical clearance and WWE is glad for it. Once it became clear that Cena was cleared to compete, the feeling was they needed to announce him as soon as possible to help the ratings slide and improve the buyrate for Hell in a Cell. Any plan for a surprise return was off in favor of helping the viewing audience pick up traction.

- Triple H's in-ring days are not behind him and we're told there is consideration being given to a possible match against Big Show "down the line."

- There's been a recent push to turn Antonio Cesaro babyface.

  • Nostaljack

    Cesaro as babyface? Hmm. That’s crazy enough to work. Everyone had to love the spin on Khali and clearly WWE was into it too as they showcased it twice. Having him turn on Zeb makes total sense. I’m somewhat concerned about the wind being taken out of Zeb’s character lately and hope it can catch fire again.

    • Chris

      I felt that putting Cesaro with Colter was a bad idea, because the man doesn’t need a mouthpiece. Ryback could have worked to an extent, just have him shut up and let Zeb do all the talking and he just comes out and beats people down. The Zeb Colter character is great, but Swagger has faded fast, and Cesaro (while amazing) just wasn’t a good fit for him to manage.

      • Nostaljack

        Oh, it was ridiculous. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Cesaro isn’t an American and it totally diluted everything Colter had done and it forced him to soften his position. In my opinion, adding Cesaro actually hurt Colter. On top of that, I agree that, not only does he *not* need a mouthpiece, Cesaro was doing the “arrogant heel” thing quite well without Colter.

        • Chris

          While I think the fans WANT Cesaro as a face, I don’t know how it will work out. He has the talent, but sometimes the face deal just doesn’t work. It was eye opening to go to an NXT event that he worked and see every person there chanting along with the “We The People” deal when it’s supposed to be this evil, racist gimmick.

  • Rus

    Richard what do you mean by Eve Marie being highlighted and how was it a rib, well besides the fact that she was literally the worse wrestler of all time. Also with RVDs contract does that give him the choice of when he gets time off or when he does appearances, its got me confused that he has taken hiatus because of how he was booked

    • Nostaljack

      Because she was wretched, WWE knew it, and decided to make her the focus of a match she couldn’t possibly work. I pity the poor divas who were forced to work with her more than anything else. She’s greener than romaine lettuce and I hope she isn’t in a ring for a very long time.

      • K-los

        why would they do that to her though? Do you think she might have some heat backstage and they did it to humble her? Personally I think she is atrocious and all talk…..jojo is a joke too,,,,either one did not belong out their…

        • Nostaljack

          It would appear that way. Maybe an ego issue? JoJo didn’t even get in the ring and perhaps we should be grateful for that. If Eva sees her “work” in that match, she’ll be sufficiently horrified – that’s for sure.

          • k-los

            I don’t now man Eva really seems like she thinks her shit don’t stink, plus im not sure she would even know what great work is….for all we know she is probably super excited that she was on tv and sure she either probably thinks she did great or really doesn’t care as long as she was on tv…its pathetic when you have awesome divas on nxt who really deserve to be on the roster….

  • Patrick

    RVD gets a title shot and he doesn’t like how his character is booked oh brother “Rolls Eyes”.. anyone else would be thrilled to get a title shot but not RVD.

    Cesaro as a Face could be interesting, he’s mostly been a heel during his career even on the indy scene.

  • Matys

    Regarding RVD: Another very good source (who’s my #1 trust on news for almost a decade) told that the rumors about RVD not being happy and that WWE wasn’t happy with him aren’t true. Any other speculation, including “negotiating a new contract”, shouldn’t be true. RVD is taking his first break after 90 days and WWE wants him to be back around the Rumble through Extreme Rules, while they are still negotiating how that could work, because it’s be far more than 90 days.

    A lot of “negative hype” around RVD which is told not to be true.