What Got A Title Contender Heat Backstage At Raw, Featuring Divas, Antonio Cesaro's Push Restored?, Wrestlemania XXX Main Event, Wellness Testing

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Backstage news from WWE Raw in Roanoke, Virginia…

- We're told Jack Swagger got heat as soon as he got backstage for being careless with the ladder following Alberto Del Rio's match against Dolph Ziggler. Not only from Del Rio but from WWE officials as well. The feeling was he was reckless and could have hurt someone.

- Look for the Divas to continue to be featured with more television time with the "Total Divas" reality series coming to E! in July.

- It looks as though the push may be back on for Antonio Cesaro as they scrapped the yodeling gimmick and are resetting his character. Officials were high up on the promo he cut after squashing Zack Ryder. He isn't expected to go over Randy Orton on this week's WWE Main Event but officials want to see if he can work yet another good match.

- Brock Lesnar staring at the Royal Rumble promotional poster (featuring The Rock) was the company's way of subtly teasing a possible match between the two. Much has been written about WWE wanting to do a Brock/Rock confrontation on Raw the night after Wrestlemania but it was scrapped due to Rock's injury.

- We heard the locker room was abuzz about Wellness Testing next week which begs the question why it would be talked about before the tests were administered.

  • Sometimes I wonder if Jack Swagger is looking for ways to get fired. If he gets fired he has an excuse to not wrestle anymore — which is something he doesn’t seem to have passion for anyways. I loved Cesaro’s promo from last night because it will prove to everyone that he is the best in ring worker in the WWE.

    • Nostaljack

      Swagger is likely feeling untouchable. His stupidity has yet to get him sacked when others would have been shown the door.

      • Xavier

        Swagger is a waste of space on the roster at this point. He’ll be working in TNA by the beginning of 2014 probably.

  • Xavier

    Swagger needs to be de-pushed or released plain & simple. He’s average at best in the ring and pretty bad on the mic and that’s putting it nicely and he can’t keep his nose clean outside the ring.

    Not sure if Lesnar/Rock will ever happen b/c of Rock’s injury. A Lesnar/Punk feud in the summer would be great though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Brock get a run with the title for a little bit.

    I wouldn’t get too excited about Cesaro just yet. A win over Zack Ryder isn’t anything to get excited about. When he starts going over bigger names then we can talk.

    • Cubed56

      Punk/lesnar would be a lot better then rock/lesnar, especially with Heyman involved. I agree with not being excited about Cesaro yet, but at least he’s winning, he would’ve jobbed to a guy like Ryder last month, or just barely pulled out a win. I think we will know about his possible restored push by ow they make him look against Orton on main event.

      • Xavier

        Agreed. Rock/Lesnar 10 years ago would of been epic but because of the long lay off of both the match quality wouldn’t be nearly as good. As far as ratings go though it would draw bigger then Punk/Lesnar would but in terms of match quality/creative storyline wise, Punk/Lesnar blows Rock/Lesnar out of the water. I’d be fine with both matches happening but I’d prefer to see Punk/Lesnar 1st. If that makes any sense lol.

        • Cubed56

          I follow what your saying. Punk/lesnar does blow rock/lesnar out of the water in every aspect, while rock/lesnar would be a huge draw more than likely, it would just feel like your replacing HHH with rock as I feel it would be the same type of build and matches HHH and lesnar have had.

  • Cubed56

    I hope the push for Cesaro is truly restored. The guy has done great things in the ring, and proved last night he can cut a good promo. I hope they not have him go under to Orton on main event cleanly, maybe he can lose by dq, or possibly win dirty to really get his push some serious momentum.

    • Smart Mark

      I like men

      • Cubed56

        Well that is an interesting bit of information, I have to politely inform you im happily married to my beautiful wife. I however got no problem with your lifestyle bro, I give you respect for finally coming out.

  • John

    “The feeling was he was reckless and could have hurt someone” … So explain to me why exactly Ryback is in the WWE championship match at Extreme Rules? Ryback is reckless everytime he steps foot in a ring.. He must get heat from management everytime he goes backstage!

    • Gary Robert

      Ryback is so ridiculously boring and uninteresting, its mind blowing to me. He’s somehow worse as a heel than he was as a face.

  • Harlie Boucher

    Thank god that yodeling gimmick is scrapped, it was horrible and made him look like an idiot. And I like how it says “officials want to see if he can work yet another good match”. When has he worked a bad match?

  • So what exactly did Swagger that was so reckless, the only thing I can think of was when he threw the ladder at Del Rio but that didn’t seem bad to me.

    • Gary Robert

      I’d say when he threw it literally into Del Rio’s head.