Backstage Reaction To Dolph Ziggler's Title Win, Watch Him "Cash In" Here

New World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler was given a round of applause when he got backstage at Monday's WWE Raw after "cashing in" the Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio. Many in the company feel Ziggler has had some of the best if not the best in-ring work over the past year.

For those that missed this week's Raw, WWE posted footage of his title win here on YouTube. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

  • Im so happy for him he deserves this!

  • Joey

    So well deserved :’)

  • It’s about damn time

  • Jose

    itsa about d time Dolphin Zingler became World heaviweighta champeonne!

    • Tyson

      What the f**k is this

  • John

    The crowd made the moment even more special. Had it been in front of the usual WWE crowds at RAW they would’ve probably sat in silence!

    • I agree the pop that happened when Ziggler’s theme hit was tremendous! It was louder than the ovation The Rock got at WM!

  • Chris

    His character needs to get rid of AJ and Big E. Too much going on around him. It distracts from his talent.

  • I guess I’m one of the few internet fans that still cheer the faces and boo the heels. No questioning his talents. Congrats to him.

  • jayriverz

    Best “salesman” in the WWE no doubt. He has a great arsenal, great charisma. He Steals the show, But 4 REAL! Good for him #stealthetitle

  • JYD

    I have to admit, it was pretty cool seeing a heel Ziggler get that pop. Great moment for him!!!

  • It was awesome seeing Ziggler cashing in successfully, now i just hope they book him strongly

  • JYD

    If Ziggler can get better on the mic, I think he could be another Y2J/Edge type of guy. He has the look and attitude to be a great face and even greater heel. Hopefully VKM gives him a decent title run.