Backstage Response To The Shield's Match At WWE TLC

We're already hearing a large positive response to The Shield's match against Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Kane at WWE TLC.

While it's still early, everything from the way the trio worked to the way they were booked received very high marks from everyone backstage. One insider told me they thought Seth Rollins was "dead at first" after his spot off the ladder through the tables. An observer told me they were disappointed with Ryback being "somewhat reckless" but the one point I'm hearing from everyone I've spoken with is that Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns rose to the occasion.

Reigns is being put over in many circles as he was thought of as "green as grass" and some are calling his work at TLC the best thing he's done in the ring to date.  Additionally, I heard people raving about Ambrose's facial expressions and the fact all three looked like stars.

  • Robbie

    Well they certainly deserve the praise!

  • dektcmpunx

    man oh man that match shouldve ended the show…i was marking out from shields awesome entrance through the crowd to the sick ending and everything in between…the crowd made it great too…everyone played their part to perfection….except for i too noticed rybacks wrecklessness even my 6 year old nephew noticed it…and he still is caught up in kayfabe…..the shield looked like legit stars…and them entering through that new york crowd with that sick theme music made them look like legit heroes….wow!! Hell No was awesome in the match too…also jerry lawlers comment at the end almost buried the shield and their win "it still took two of them to take out one guy" well duh in a match like this your gonna have double team situations on both sides…had it been hell no finishing off ambrose or reigns all by themselves would lawler have made that stupid comment??? im so over this guy making the heels look like total pansies

    • Woo Woo

      Well technically so far that is all the Shield really is. They aren't single talent by themselves. Things will be interesting when you start getting 1 on 1 matches where others can't interfere. That will truly be a test if they got the talent to carry a match.

      • Markymark

        To be honest.. I have been watching rollins and ambrose in singles matches for years.. Even cm punk went and had a match with ambrose while ambrose was up and rising and in an independant wrestling show…

        Why well because punk knew ambrose was legit the guy can not only wrestle he can act he sells everything and acts psychotic very well and he is willing to take pain, bryan has done the same with rollins have many matches in the past that is why rollons and ambrose are here in the wwe they are legit just like punk and bryan

    • Anand

      I totally agree. This should've been the main event of the night…

      Nonetheless am happy that Ziggler got the much needed win to boost his career…

  • christopher525

    Despite the best efforts of Cena and Ziggler, those three turned in the match of the night, hands down.

  • dusty588

    That's one thing I like, Ambrose's facial expressions!

  • Anand

    Am so glad WWE did not bury them. Now they are a force to be reckoned with and I cant wait to see what the sheild has to say tomorrow on RAW…

  • H.M.

    MOTY candidate really. That had me on the edge of my seat literally! Ryback was a bit reckless but he proved to be over with the crowd at the end. It really looks like he's EARNING his reactions most every night. At the very beginning you could so clearly hear a HUGE 'GOOOOOLLDBERG' chant which soon died down as things picked up. God dayum I cannot get over how great that match was. So many spots and so much done. I just wish that Kane had one extremely epic tombstone or double chokeslammed someone onto the table. Being the big red machine and all he deserved to look stronger. But man that match was EPIC throughout. The crowd added so much more of course.

    I am officially a fan of the Shield Stable. At this point I honestly DO hope that they're aligned with Punk and Heyman. They really COULD become the next big stable and 'oomph' this industry needs to see.

  • Spike westphal

    The shield vs team hell no and ryback was the best match of the night

  • Ken

    Didn't get a chance to watch this show live. Rarely do these days, thank you real life. I make a point of not looking here or social media-ing until after I've finished watching a show because I don't want to spoil the show for myself. This is a rare exception. I've just finished watching this match, I have the rest of the show to go, I know from glancing at a comment above that Ziggles wins, and I don't care that I know the outcome because I'm still hyped from watching this match.

    Match of the night. Possible match of the year.
    This is what the WWE should be offering on a regular basis.
    It was violent. It was epic. It was long. It didn't follow the usual cookie-cutter format. It got the crowd going.
    Above all else the performers didn't seem like they were holding back.
    Far too often in matches you see how the talent are making sure to do things safely, taking that extra second to make sure everything's done right, making sure the person on the receiving end of the move has that little extra time to protect themselves. It's safe and secure and looks totally wrong for a wrestling show.
    This… I didn't see that in this match. They went all out, every single one of them, and they put their bodies and future health on the line for our entertainment like pro wrestlers should. It was about as believable as a scripted fighting display can get, and it shows that it can still be done in this day and age and that the crowd do still want that.
    Hopefully the WWE brass will look at this and incorporate more of this into the product as a whole.

    As far as I'm concerned between them Team Hell No, Ryback, and The Shield have raised the bar for every other performer in the company. Hopefully the WWE will allow the rest of the talent the opportunity to show that they can reach or pass that bar. I know a lot of them can, but they're never allowed to even try.

    Match of the year for me, definitely.
    In fact, it was so epic that I forgot that I'd taken two frozen boil-in-the-bag salmon pieces out of the freezer and thrown them into boiling water before that match and only realised just now during the Show/Sheamus match. They're completely overdone, and I don't care because the Shield/Ryback/TeamHell No match was so epic!

    • John

      I couldn't have said it better myself Ken…. Now I remember why I used to love wrestling so much…. Damn.. I miss those epic matches…!!!

  • Rollins hit his head pretty hard on one of the tables that didn’t break. Ouch.

  • sir-rusty82

    I never actually relised how hard those tables are until I saw it support the weight of 3 men, I thought all the wrestling chairs and tables were fake so they break easier but I wouldnt even trust my work desk to support the weight of 3 men

    • Ken

      Most tables used are gimmicked to break, cheaper chipboard, scored through underneath, whatever. That one was obviously gimmicked not to. A few bars underneath to reinforce the wood, we wouldn't see the difference. They'd have been told which one it was beforehand.
      They'd not have to trust the table, but rather whoever told them which table to use…

  • Evon Reese

    I enjoyed the match with the Shield and was surprised at how good they were. In the end there was no doubt they are here to stay. I hope they break off on their own. They don't need Punk. He needs them a lot more than they need him. I hope they stay and Punk drops the title to the Rock and goes away. Even at TLC he was crying. Same old feel sorry for me crap.

  • Whammaster

    Ive watched this match on other website multiple times. I agree with everyone here, this was a memorable match for sure.

  • amaanakter

    The match was incredible i've just watched the UK repeat here it was fantastic. Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins all put in fantastic showings in their first match it was incredible!. Everyone Kane, Daniel Bryan included put in great showings, Ryback is just the most reckless wrestler I have ever seen the match was so much better when he was not in it, I really hope that his push just dies down and hope that VKM just decides to squash this 'pet project' of his. As for Ziggler all I can say is it is about damn time the man is incredible, he is a pure passionate fan and then a wrestler wanting to give it all he can i hope that this win launches Ziggler's career as a true main event star he deserves it. I just would have liked a clean win for Ziggler instead of having AJ's heel turn overshadow his win.

    Plus I love the Brooklyn crowd their my kind of crowd!! Hate on the old boring babyfaces such as Cena and Ryback and love the heels! Great showing from all that I mentioned.

  • Lebron James

    The Shield were incredible. Hell, Ryback was great too.
    There isn't enough compliments I can give all these guys.
    Just awesome. The future is bright once again in wrestling.