Backstage Update From 1000th WWE Raw - Major, Major Name At The Scottrade Center In St. Louis, Missouri; Another Former Top Name Spotted Having Lunch With A Current WWE Star Earlier This Afternoon

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- I'm told tonight's 1000th episode of Raw has been re-written "again and again" and the company is acting like the show is Wrestlemania.

- The Undertaker has been spotted at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri and is expected to appear on tonight's show.

- Edge was spotted having lunch with Christian earlier this afternoon but I cannot confirm whether or not he'll appear on the show. This shouldn't surprise anyone considering Edge was "Raw for many years" and holds two of the top three rated segments for the show in the past ten years.

  • Dig Baddy

    Please tell me you agree that it would be SUPER AWESOME if they pulled a HUGE swerve with something tonight! Cena heel turn, Cena winning the title and the Ziggler cashing in on him, something…..

  • urnemystic

    Ziggler cashing it in on cena wouldnt be possible. They hyped for weeks that his brifecase was for a world heavyweight title shot, not wwe championship. And cena is so stagnant im not sure even a heel turn could turn his character around at this point. They need to do something bold and original tonight.

  • havoc525

    New logo, possibly new belt for Punk.

  • paulw3000

    Hi Richard, don’t know where to post news, but wade Barrett just posted on twitter:

    Looking forward to #Raw1000 tonight, starting an hour earlier than usual. I’ll be watching from Chateau Barrett. Or will I?

    Take it for what its worth lol

  • Jake

    Well now whatever happens I won't be disappointed. Taker main-evented the first RAW, would be great if somehow he main evented this one.

  • proud

    If they lay the ground work for Undertaker vs. Cena for Wrestlemania I will mark out for sure