Backstage Word On WWE Shutting Down Florida Championship Wrestling - Developmental Workers Thinking Of Quitting, Releases Coming?, What I've Heard For Years

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I spoke with one of my sources this morning about WWE shutting down Florida Championship Wrestling and they told me there are some "very depressed people" right now.

One developmental worker who has been in the system for years was considering quitting and said there are others that are thinking the same thing. My source also feels there are releases coming.

I haven't heard the reason for WWE's decision but I've been told for years that Vince McMahon has been disappointed with territory. The early feeling is McMahon wants the developmental territory where he can keep a closer eye on things.

  • Kerri

    Pulling from the previous article you posted and made a comment about higher-ups looking at it as a "one big party in one of the party capital's of the United States."

    Do you think maybe with the amount of FCW & WWE workers that have gotten a DUI or DWI that live in Tampa, that Vince/WWE is starting to get some type of heat over them? Just because of the association with WWE?

    Maybe from the political arena for Linda's senate run? I know she's not 'with' WWE anymore, but it's been shown that hasn't stopped her opponents from bringing it up and maybe this was an issue that was looked as being harmful to Linda's senate fun, and that could be one reason why Vince wants it moved.

  • Philip Thompson

    Do you think that NXT or some new version could be a replacement for developmental? Perhaps not NXT, but something filmed in front of smaller crowds – perhaps as part of live event shows or somthing. I do think that this will lead to a show dedicated to developmental stuff being shown on the internet – and it won't be something that's simply farmed out but something that head office will have tighter control of.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I some how see Chris hero, Claudio and Jon Moxley gettting let go and go back to the indys…. I mean Jon's been in FCW for over a year and Claudio several months and Chris just arrived. so It will not suprise me to see them let go.

    • StephenSnel23

      Jon Moxley has been on the road with WWE and is expected to make his debute after WM, as with reportedly Seth Rollins. So I highly doubt They will be let go. As for Chris and Claudio, I highly doubt they’ll let them go because of how talented they are. Hell they even waited for a few months while they see if Chris’s testosterone levels would return to normal level.

    • Kerri

      I highly disagree with you here Patrick. With Moxley- other wrestlers had spent more than a year in WWE's developmental system with OVW & FCW (Dolph) and hasn't Moxley been working dark matches on the road recently, and reported to be called up after WM? Claudio is the exact type of look and build that WWE always goes after, plus he's a good wrestler, I don't see him going.
      With Hero- WWE believed his 'excuse' about failing the 1st tests they gave him and also seemed to be more than willing to wait on the guy and test him again, kinda shows they wanted the guy.