WWE Officials Working "Around The Clock" Trying To Negotiate A Deal For A Major Star To Appear At Wrestlemania XXVIII On Sunday; Details On The Main Event That WWE Wants To Announce One Year In Advance, How It Involves Complicated Contract Issues, Why A Firm Opponent Is Not In Place, More

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I'm told WWE officials have been working "around the clock" trying to negotiate a deal for Brock Lesnar to appear at Wrestlemania XXVIII on Sunday.

As I've reported since January, WWE is interested in utilizing Lesnar for Wrestlemania XXIX next year in New Jersey and while The Undertaker was initially thought to be a proposed opponent, there could also be a situation where the company wants to do Lesnar vs. The Rock.

My source is unaware if Lesnar is 100% out of his contract with UFC, however, feels like he is because if he comes to terms with WWE, he would be available for Wrestlemania on Sunday. WWE will not, under any circumstances, allow Lesnar to appear at Wrestlemania on Sunday without a written agreement in place for him to work the show next year.

WWE is very interested in Lesnar being part of the main event of Wrestlemania XXIX next year and the ultimate goal at this point seems to be announcing his program one year in advance, much like was done last year for John Cena vs. The Rock.

  • Stephen

    Man, now Im even more excited for WRESTLEMANIA!! 2 MORE FREAKIN DAYS!

  • Rob S.

    I would normally be opposed to having two part-time attractions facing each other but it would probably draw huge attention to combine audiences of wrestling, MMA and Hollywood.

  • Rey Mastrio

    Just imagine it. The Rock/Cena match has ended… let's say Cena won. He celebrates and leaves. Rock recovers, and gets his own little celebration with the fans. Before he can finish, though, Lesnar's music hits. He comes down to the ring, F5's Rock, and WM ends with him standing over Rock.

    Hmm… I'm looking forward to Wrestlemania.

    • jose

      That would be insane!!!!!! Rock vs Brock all the way

    • Big Matt Z

      That would be amazing. Probably means that it won't happen. But still amazing.

  • realitychecker

    People can disagree with all they want, but I just don't think people will change their minds about Cena just because he goes over Rock. people's issue with him is he is "too over" and doesn't make others look good against him. Having the Rock put him over won't help, will possibly make fan opinion of him worse. People boo him because he is now just like Hulk Hogan was in the 1980's, and even worse in ways. Who gets DDTed on the concrete and just gets up and wins the match without barely breaking a sweat? That is what the fans have issue with. WWE has crammed him down our throats for years now, and people are sick of it; you know, the people who are old enough to buy tickets and merchandise without parental permission. Having him go over clean against the Rock, and without a heel turn will make opinion of him worse than ever. He needs to have his character freshened, and what better way than at Wrestlemania, where new angles and new era's are born? WWE has failed to find ways to surprise us with how "smart" fans have gotten, and the internet, so they need something like this to capture fans attention. I think bringing in Lesnar, and have him interfere in the Cena/Rock match, so Cena wins, and Cena turns heel because of it will make the WWE blow up again in popularity. It will freshen Cena up, reintroduce Lesnar, give a Lesnar/Rock match at the next Wrestlemania a justifiable angle, and make people want to watch it. With the dismal ratings/revenue/opinions of the last several PPV's, and the slow but sure sinking of the ratings, WWE needs a HUGE pick me up. Bringing in Lord Tensai in the Raw/Smackdown manager thing could usher in a new, fresh angle that Johnny Ace just can't do himself, and a Lesnar interference wont hurt Rock/Cena, just make it that much more exciting for potential angles for the next year leading up to 'Mania 29. JMO

    • sportsman6100

      You read my mind. Most coherent comment I have ever seen on WNW.

  • Anthony D

    Wrestlemania 29 will be as good or better than Wrestlemania 28, Im very excited for whats to come for next year's WM. Hopefully the deal with Brock can come to fruition, so we can see him on Sunday, Raw the next night, or in the coming weeks on Television. Thankyou Richard for the exciting news!

  • michael

    Has anybody thought about the stare down from last year between the undertaker and lesnar??
    That to me is the better angle to have lesnar save the streak so he can break it next year.

  • jbias

    I think they keep making cena say he has to win bc its all hes got and they say he has to so he can prove hes who he says he is… They could angle it so he loses and turns heel out of anger after or from questioning himself after the loss… Just my thoughts….