Backstage Reaction To RVD's Return, CM Punk's First Bout Back, Former WWE Champ Praised For Work At Payback, WWE Star & Diva Checked Out For Concussions, Punk's Blackhawks Ring Gear, Minor Injury Note

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Backstage news from WWE Payback…

- While Rob Van Dam returning to WWE had been heavily rumored (and covered here at WNW), we're told it was a surprise to most backstage at the pay-per-view.

- The feeling was CM Punk looked less beaten up and very fresh although we're told some officials noticed some in-ring rust.

- The Miz was praised for his work in the Intercontinental Championship match with many feeling it was some of his best in-ring work in awhile.

- Seth Rollins and AJ Lee were both checked out for concussions after their respective bouts. Rollins was shaken up off a suplex from Randy Orton and AJ on a spear from Kaitlyn.

- We're told WWE had to get approval from the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks for CM Punk's ring gear. Punk wanted a shirt to feature his team but there were too many legalities.

- Ryback's arm was hurting following his 3 Stages of Hell Match against John Cena.

  • hazmatt23

    Since it was a heavily gimmicked match, can we expect this to be the end of Cena/Ryback or is that too much to ask for at this point?