Backstage News From This Week's WWE Raw - How Vince McMahon Is Looking To Embarrass Rather Than Argue, Two Top Segments Trashed By Top WWE Execs, CM Punk Suffering From A More Serious Injury?, What Was Said To The Miz Following The Triple-Threat IC Title Match

Backstage news and notes from this week's WWE Raw in Pittsburgh...

- As you might have noticed, and we've reported, the commentators are now burying segments they feel do not come across as intended. We're told this is one of Vince McMahon's new ways to get producers and writers to feel the heat. The change in having them air and burying them on commentary is different from the usual process of Vince scrapping them before they air. We're told Vince has taken on the mentality of rather than argue, to embarrass. This isn't seen as a longterm thing.

- We're told Vince, Triple H and other WWE staff members were upset with how John Cena's segment came off on this week's Raw. The feeling is it was too cartoonish. The Undertaker/CM Punk promo also received negative marks.

- Speaking of Punk, we're told he did recently see a doctor but is downplaying his injury. If he does in fact have a more serious injury, he isn't letting anyone know.

- Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho and The Miz were put over backstage for their match with one producer even telling Miz it was the "best match" he's had.

  • Bobby W.

    glad I wasnt the only one. That whole show was overly kiddy and cartoony

  • Chris

    Everything Cena does is cartoonish!!

  • John

    RAW sucked last night, with the exception being the Triple H/Lesnar/Heyman segment. The John Cena promo was dreadful, but then again their is only so much he can do when The Rock isn’t on the show.

    • Nostaljack

      The HHH/Heyman segment was amazing. Heyman is an absolute master! I was blown away by how well he played the sniveling heel. Stellar!

  • Rick

    What was wrong with punk/taker segment? I liked it