Major Name Returning To WWE TV For Daniel Bryan Angle, Backstage Reaction To Roman Reigns, What WWE Wants Out Of The Wyatt Family, Possible Hangup For Top WWE Battleground Match, Only Criticism Of Dusty Rhodes, Mickie James Back To WWE?

Backstage news from WWE Raw in Cleveland…

- The talk coming out of this week's Monday Night Raw was that Shawn Michaels would be returning to television soon to take part in the Daniel Bryan program. What I don't understand is if they were finally going to pull the trigger on bringing Shawn (who is under WWE contract, by the way) back to TV, why did he shave?

- We're told Vince McMahon was very pleased with the in-ring work of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. The match was seen as Reigns' best in-ring work of his young career, while the stellar work of Bryan obviously took no one by surprise.

- Vince McMahon is high up on The Wyatt Family promos and "loves" the mic work of Bray Wyatt. However, the feeling is there needs to be some advancement in them. The hard part is finding a "happy medium" with the rocket packs being strapped to The Shield from day one.

- One match under consideration for WWE Battleground next month is The Shield vs. The Rhodes Family. The problem is that many backstage are not a fan of Dusty Rhodes in the ring at his age. Our source says if Vince gets his way, that's exactly what will happen but many believe it should be Dolph Ziggler that gets the nod.

- There is apparently little to no interest in bringing Mickie James back to WWE. She is currently a free agent that is still in negotiations with TNA Wrestling.

  • Xavier

    It’s good to see that the WWE is throwing everything they can behind Bryan to make him the new face of the company, adding Michaels to the mix is the latest example of that. Hopefully this whole “McMahon never pushes the smaller guy” myth can finally die for good now.

    Shield vs The Rhodes Family makes a ton of sense and is very intriguing. But I do agree that Dusty being in a match is a huge concern. But maybe they can plan the match out where is really doesn’t have to carry much weight or take any bumps. I’d actually love to see Cody & Goldust form a tag team coming out of Battle Ground, I wouldn’t mind them feuding with Rollins & Reigns and taking the straps off them at some point.

    I’m loving the promos from Bray Wyatt as well. The only problem I see with the Wyatts at the moment is that there aren’t any top faces for them to feud with at the moment. Bryan, Punk & Ziggler are tied into other feuds at the moment and Cena, Sheamus, Kane, Mysterio & Henry are all sidelined at the moment. Creative wants to keep pushing them but there just isn’t really any real options for them at the moment.

  • CJ Blaze

    I would love to see Cody, Goldust, and Ziggler take on The Shield, and then have Dusty at ringside or something.

  • thepowerserge

    The Shield vs The Rhodes Family would be great, just not with Dusty in the ring. I think it’d be a better idea to use Ted Jr. instead, since he’s already shown in one of Cody’s recent tweets (where it’s mentioned that to be a Rhodes doesn’t entail blood relation). Ziggler should be in a feud for the WHC he lost unfairly or, at the very least, continue or end the feud with Dean Ambrose by either winning the US title or moving onto the main event.