What Vince McMahon Didn't Want To Do On Raw, Mark Henry Injury Update, Complete Details On Cody Rhodes' On-Screen "Firing" & How It Involves More Than His Wedding, Future Of Punk/Heyman Storyline, Tension Between WWE Brass, Why Edge Is Returning

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Backstage news from WWE Monday Night Raw in Des Moines…

- We're told Vince McMahon did want to "load up the show" because it was a holiday (Labor Day in the United States) and viewership was expected to be down. One observer called it a "paint by numbers" show.

- The initial diagnosis for Mark Henry's hamstring injury was a torn muscle but he's getting a second opinion.

- The situation with Cody Rhodes and his "firing" was two-fold. One, his contract was up at the same time that Ted DiBiase's deal was up so WWE was hoping some of the smarks would falsely report he was really leaving. Two, he asked for time off so he could get married and go on his honeymoon. While Cody put his request in early, the producers and creative team didn't really communicate the timing until late last week. He's expected out for a few weeks.

- Vince McMahon is very high up on the CM Punk/Paul Heyman storyline and feels the realism in it is some of the best work he's seen in a very long time. However, he also realizes they booked things backwards because he wanted Punk vs. Brock Lesnar so bad at SummerSlam.

- We're told this week's show had a heavy Triple H influence with Vince McMahon giving him a long leash. Hunter made most of the calls on the angles involving him. There continues to be some dissension between Triple H and Vince over the angle, however, as Vince doesn't like the way the top babyfaces looked standing on the stage and doing nothing.

- Edge is returning to television next week to cross promote his role on SyFy's "Haven" and there's been talk of putting him in an angle, obviously as a babyface.

  • Xavier

    So with Rhodes being (kayfabe) fired, I’m assuming he’ll be one of the guys to align himself with Bryan. The Helmsley-McMahon regime can’t punish someone if they aren’t employed by them.

    It’ll be good to see Edge back on TV again.

    • John

      I think at the Battleground PPV (assuming it will be a war games type event) it will be the corporate heels (Triple H, Randy Orton, The Shield) against Daniel Bryan & a team of superstars who “rebel” against the regime.. possibly Cody Rhodes, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler & maybe CM Punk to add star power to the match.

      • Xavier

        I think you are just as dumb as “Matt” ..

        • Xavier

          Keep trolling buddy. I know exactly who you are.

          • Xavier

            Allow me to introduce myself .. I am “Xavier Diaz” .. Who the hell are you?! & why are you copying my name? No two people on earth have ever had the same name!! Except for that one time when there was two undertakers, & then that other time when there was two stings .. But no more!..

          • michael

            And the two Kanes

          • Kleck

            So this is what the center of the Universe looks like

    • Winnipeg

      Who’s Bryan? LoL

      • Winnipeg

        Oh never mind. Daniel Bryan haha

  • T-Zone

    If Cody does return, hopefully the crowd reaction from this week gives management some faith in him. Cody has barely worked as a babyface most of his WWE career. Give him the ball, and see what he can do with it. He had potential under the Disfigured gimmick, but that didn’t last too long.

    Poor Mark Henry, he’s in the best spotlight he’s been in awhile, and he suffers another injury, whether it be minor or not. Hope nothing serious happens. I’ve been enjoying his run lately.

    They got to cut back on the same old talent standing on the titantron. They should let them has some voice in the situation, even if they aren’t directly apart of the feud. The Corporation dominance affects everything. If they have to feed someone to them, at least give the opportunity to those who want it. Gives them a chance to prove themselves.

  • Ian Davids

    So with Vince not wanting to load the show up, is that why it came across TV as lackluster? This weeks show seemed to not had that explosive feel to it, especially with the current story line going

    • Guy Landau

      The report says he did want to load it up, and I actually felt the show was really good. I did feel it was explosive, especially with Rhodes losing his job. That was really compelling TV.

      • Ian Davids

        The title say “Didn’t” but in the article, it says “Did.”

        • Guy Landau

          “There continues to be some dissension between Triple H and Vince over the angle, however, as Vince doesn’t like the way the top babyfaces looked standing on the stage and doing nothing.”
          I think this is what the “didn’t” refers to.

  • Patrick

    interesting that Vince doesn’t like the babyfaces doing nothing angle.

  • thepowerserge

    The biggest problem I have with the whole Corporate Evolution angle is Trip’s heavy involvement. He hit the nail right on the head when he said that the WWE title is his “personal property” and that Orton was just “holding it” for him. So even when he’s not champion, he’s STILL champion? And he’s said Hogan had an ego…

    • iwc

      yeah i agree, i hate how hhh has involved himself in this angle. how dare him enter a stable that he helped create. hhh should be jobbing to guys like drew mcIntyre and jinder mahal to help get the tounger guys over. those guys are the future. I hate how hhh wins a lot, instead of losing all the time. hes selfish for marrying steph and selfish for wanting to be as successful as hogan and win titles. triple h should be jobbing left & right like brookyln brawler.

      • thepowerserge

        And, once again, there’s always a douche who misconstrues what I wrote. I was talking about H’s feeling of entitlement when referring to the title and, more specifically, Randy Orton. I may not like Orton, but I think it sucks that he’s caught in yet another storyline meant to boost the already enormous ego of one Triple H. How about being in the faction WITHOUT being the face of it at all times for once. When Vince was part of the Corporation, he led but wasn’t necessarily the top dog at all times. This one feels like Bryan has to beat H and not Orton or win the title. Where’s the logic in that, oh great and powerful iwc?

        • iwc

          why r you getting mad at me for, i agree with everything you said the 1st time. i think hhh should of put over orton at wm25 and should be orton’s stooge as well with this new angle despite the fact that hes the coo i think he should be taking orders from the less experienced and younger orton. hhh should be walking atleast 5ft behind orton whenever they come out together. if i was running the company i would have made steph divorce hhh and release his sorry ass