Why Raw Was Re-Written Several Times, Delay In The Shield/Mark Henry, Vince McMahon Upset Over Wyatt Family Segment, Reason For Alberto Del Rio's "Attack" On Ricardo Rodriguez, Plans Changed For Punk vs. Lesnar

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Backstage news & notes from Raw in Green Bay…

- This week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw was re-written several times before they went live on the USA Network. We're told the reason for the re-writes had to do with last minute changes to the SummerSlam lineup.

- We're told WWE has delayed the stuff between The Shield and Mark Henry due to the uncertainly of Big Show's status. Apparently he is medically cleared but remember, WWE thought that a couple of weeks ago.

- Speaking of The Shield, did you notice how The Wyatt Family's segment/match immediately followed them on this week's Raw? We're told Vince McMahon was upset about this as he specifically stated he did not want both groups on the same hour.

- One of the reasons for Alberto Del Rio's attack on Ricardo Rodriguez on this week's show is that WWE felt Del Rio wasn't over enough as a heel because people love Ricardo. Believe it or not, there was also a disciplinary component to it as Ricardo has drawn heat for openly complaining about his Wellness Policy violation.

- While original plans had CM Punk completely destroying Brock Lesnar, the decision was made to slow it down a couple weeks out from SummerSlam.

  • Patrick

    just love how WWE hates when you complain or disagree with something. so Ricardo disagreed with his suspension and talked about it……..BIG DEAL who in the hell is going to be happy with it. I don’t like how they want you to keep your mouth shut over something you disagree with no matter what the issue.

    I was wondering why Punk didn’t destroy Lesner after hearing about it weeks ago. sucks it didn’t happen. Not a fan of Lesner or Heyman and was looking forward to Punk destroying Lesner before Summer Slam and leave him laying in the ring.

    • Nostaljack

      I totally agree with you on Ricardo but you are marking *hard* on the second part. LOL! Very cool, actually…;)

    • Gary Robert

      I was looking forward to it, also. The crowd would have been going bezerk if he was giving Lesnar a historic beat down.

  • thepowerserge

    I’ve really begun to hate how much Vince acts like a whiny bitch about his show. Just give us what we effin’ want and check the ratings. Or, better yet, retire and let someone else who gives a damn about us, the fans, and what we WANT to see. Seriously, these damn rewrites are downright bullshit. How the hell do you make CM Punk credible as an opponent to Brock if he’s getting his ass handed to him not once, but twice. As for Ricardo, I’m with him, as I’ve been since he was suspended. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The WWE need to draw a line and treat EVERYONE the same instead of the current state of affairs. (i.e. lower tier guy breaks policy=suspension, main event guy breaks policy=little to no consequence or even delayed consequences, then rewards).

  • Rus

    Half your topics on this site are 1 week saying your sources say 1 thing then the next week they changed the script or pulled out of the segment lol not saying your a liar or your sources are not accurate but I was worried about spoilers from sites ruining the show and besides Cm Punk vs Taker at Wrestle Mania coming true theres not many other things that actually happen well not that Iv seen

  • John

    Who the hell loves Ricardo Rodriguez? He is the most annoying manager in the WWE right now!