Plans For The Unveiling Of 'The Devil' On WWE TV, More Survivor Series Match Plans Revealed, Big WWE Title Change Expected, Backstage News On Big Show's Return & The Future Of The Corporation Angle

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Backstage news and notes from Monday Night Raw in Greenvilleā€¦

- We reported last week the plan was for Vince McMahon to be behind Bray Wyatt's statement "the devil made me do it." Well another idea is to have Paul Heyman as the "devil," and it's an idea that has gained some traction from speaking with people backstage this week.

- The WWE Survivor Series lineup began to take shape on this week's show. In addition to the already announced WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Big Show, rumored bouts are as follows - Daniel Bryan & CM Punk vs. The Wyatt Family (there's been talk about making it an 8-man match), World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio and Goldust & Cody Rhodes and two others vs. Kane & The Shield.

- Everyone I've spoken with feels Curtis Axel's days as WWE Intercontinental Champion are numbered. The Paul Heyman experiment seems to be over and apparently there are still injury concerns.

- The anticlimactic return of Big Show was due to the massive amount of long-term booking changes we've seen over the last couple of weeks. The main criticism with the entire corporation angle is nothing has been long-term. The only thing seen to be an inevitable probability is an on-screen feud between Triple H and Vince McMahon.

  • Xavier

    To tell you the truth, I really hope it’s anyone but Heyman at this point. I’m completely over Punk/Heyman at this point after that disaster of a feud that just ended. It’s time for them to go their separate ways for a while. I’d rather have it be Eric Bischoff or hell, even John Laurinaitis at this point. Just anyone but Heyman please.

    So wait, after Cena & Sandow tore the house last Monday Sandow won’t be involved in the title picture come Survivor Series? If anything they should atleast make it a triple threat. It’ll be interesting to see who WWE creative puts with Punk & Bryan for Survivor Series, maybe The Miz & Kofi Kingston since they were both attacked by the Wyatts as well, but then of course that would mean that the Wyatts; Perhaps Kane maybe?

    If Axel wasn’t as hurt as original thought then they should of went away and put the title on Big E at the HIAC preshow. Hopefully Big E gets his chance soon. The fans seem to be embracing him, last night was proof of that as well. He had a impressive showing against Orton.

    Too say that the end of RAW was anticlimactic is an understatement lol. I didn;t really understand the point of Kane being out there if he didn’t get involved in the beat down or anything. It was quite a sight to see Kane in a suit though. They should of gave him the mic and let him go off into some political Liberatarian tirade, that would of been funny. Talk about a funny gimmick that would get over lol.

    • Nick K

      If you knew anything about libertarians it would be obvious that wouldn’t work at all.

      • Xavier

        It would work just fine

      • Xavier

        It would work just fine

        • Nick K

          A libertarian siding with the authority would make half the sense of the big show being broke storyline. Do you know what libertariansbelieve in? Or just what you’ve heard from NBC?


    yeah if that happens than Bryan will be an afterthought (mostly be Punk vs Heyman again)

  • Chris

    Still wishing they could get James Mitchell as “The Devil.”

    • Patrick

      I agree I hope it is James Mitchell yes it is a long shot but he would be a lot better then Heyman.

      • Mysterion

        I thought you didn’t watch WWE anymore? Why do you care?

  • Patrick

    I hope it’s not Heyman.

  • Mike McCarthy

    James Mitchell is a real long shot, but nobody will really satisfy me because The Wyatt Family doesn’t need to align with anyone, they’ve already got a great mouthpiece with Rotunda

  • Stoney

    I think we should add Damien Sandow to the John Cena vs Del Blando match. If not then put him in one of of the survivor series matches.
    Team punk: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kofi, Miz and Ziggler vs the Wyatt family, Ryback and Damien Sandow or Curtis Axel.

    Rhodes Brothers, Big E and the Usos vs the shield and Kane and Damien Sandow or the real americans