Backstage News From This Week's WWE Raw - WWE Night Of Champions Undercard Re-Booked On The Fly, Why The Show Was Doomed Even Before Jerry Lawler Had A Heart Attack, Still Being Written While Live & Changes From Original Drafts, PPV Matches Scrapped

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- As I briefly mentioned on Tuesday here on Premium, this week's WWE Raw was chaos before Jerry Lawler had a heart attack at the announce table. Around an hour before Raw went live on the USA Network, Vince McMahon tossed the whole script for the show with the exception of the promo involving CM Punk, John Cena and Bret Hart. This promo was originally booked at 9 PM. The new script, which was the final draft, was not finished when the show started.

- Both Vince McMahon and Triple H thought the matches for WWE Night of Champions were not built correctly and decided to change them on the fly. Thirty-minutes into the show, Punk didn't know if his match was going to happen at the end of the show or at the 9 PM hour. Had the tag match happened at the end of Raw, the original script was to have Cena chase Punk around the ring after Punk walked out on the tag match to end the show. However, Vince said he didn't want to make Punk "look like a scared b*tch," according to one observer, so the plan was changed.

- In one of the drafts, Heath Slater was booked to put over Zack Ryder but Triple H changed it.

- Several Night of Champions matches were either changed or scrapped completely.

- The skit between Sheamus and David Otunga was not well-received by anyone other than Hunter and Sheamus.

- Finally, I'm told even before the unfortunate and unforeseen health emergency involving Jerry Lawler, this show was doomed. I heard several people were talking about how disorganized things were and that they had not seen a Raw like this ever.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    I don’t get how hard it could be to write a show.. I think it gets blown out sometimes. Now I know what happen to lawler was different and could see it changed things than but come on ppl.. U have been doing this for how many years… If Vince doesn’t like the show than maybe he should write it himself or have it written by Friday. Than see it an than make changes..

  • PhilT81

    Reminds me of the final days of WCW where the show was still being written whilst live on air. Very few people want RAW to be three hours. Everybody wants RAW to be good – and we aren’t such morons that we need constant recaps.

  • J-Dub

    WOW! Just Simply Wow!

  • Kleck

    If failure keep compounding as it has been since 3 hours began then Vince will be forced to change the steps he takes to get the show from production to the taping.

  • Bault16

    I thought it was an enjoyable show however.

  • Isaac

    Glad they changed that ending…the original one sounded bad!

  • Jitters84

    Thanks for update Richard.. Enjoy vacation!

  • manips

    i don’t think it’s the writing, but vince’s paranoia with newz sites coming out with outcomes. he’ll keep it all to himself in order to create the illusion of realism.

  • _JIM_

    i wasn't very impressed with the show this week either. Then King had a heart attack and it really went down hill for me. After that all I wanted to see or hear was an update on Lawler's health status. I'm glad that they were giving Cole as much info as they could, and that he shared it with the people at home. It would've been bad if those updates weren't given. The people in attendance probably didn't get any kind of news on Jerry's condition. Unless they were able to get online and find something in their own. That would've sucked if you had witnessed something like that live only to be told nothing on how he was doing.

  • partyjereme

    That's hard to believe considering that the show was looking like one of the better 3 hour shows up until Lawler had his heart attack, maybe they should write the show as it's going on every week. Also what matches at Night Of Champions were changed because from what I have seen on TV and house show reports those are the matches I expected to be on the PPV. The only thing I can think of is the Prime Time Players being taken out of the tag team title match, but then again I expected Kane & Bryan be included in one of the matches since I assumed that there were to many title matches on the PPV to fit in another match that didn't involve a title.