Big WWE Star In The Company Doghouse, What Triple H Thought Of Paul Heyman's Work On Raw, The Next World Heavyweight Champion, Future Of Punk/Heyman Angle, Randy Orton Changes His Mind On The Shield

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Backstage news & notes from WWE Raw in Phoenix…

- We're told Dolph Ziggler is in the WWE doghouse. He was put under to Antonio Cesaro in a match taped for WWE Superstars and it's rumored that he recently got into it with Randy Orton.

- Paul Heyman got "major props" backstage for what was described as one of the best in-ring action promo angles ever on this week's Monday Night Raw. When he got to the back, Triple H put him over and called his work "magic."

- The plan as of this week is for a new Paul Heyman guy to "save him" at Night of Champions next month. We're told this is the current course of storyline progression.

- Do not be surprised if WWE straps Rob Van Dam at the pay-per-view next month. He's expected to get a huge pop in Detroit and if WWE wants a title change for a few weeks or even a transition to Damien Sandow, this could be the opportunity.

- Seth Rollins is officially out of the doghouse. Randy Orton told a producer on Monday night that he enjoys working with The Shield.

  • amaanakter

    Dolph man! What are you doing!!!! Just when you are getting into the upper mid-card/main event this happens! However talented Randy Orton is in the ring he must not be the best backstage I mean Punk, John Cena at one point in time, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have all had problems with him. Good news about Rollins though even though he didn’t even do anything wrong in my mind

  • Jack

    Richard – I thought Reigns was the Shield member who got into with Orton and Rollins was sort of in background. Can you clarify?

    • amaanakter

      That’s exactly whats happened but for some reason Rollins got heat for it also

  • Xavier

    I’m so glad to here that a new Paul Heyman guy is being brought in because Curtis Axel just isn’t cutting it at all. He’s been booked like dog s#*t this entire feud and just isn’t over in anyway. Nobody is buying into this guy as a credible threat and the way he’s been booked against Punk is only making him look worse IMO. Time for Punk to move on to bigger & better things. On a sidenote I always felt that Cesaro should of been paired with Heyman and Axel with Zeb, that to me makes so much more sense. Punk/Cesaro would of been 1000x better then Punk/Axel, just saying.

    RVD going over in Michigan for the title makes a ton of sense. I don’t think a long title reign is a good idea though. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandow cashed in that same night or maybe the night after on RAW. Sandow is going to need a couple wins now though to really make this cash in have any sort of impact though.

    Orton has been getting into it with a lot of the backstage talent since he started getting pushed again. Seems that Orton is the problem here. Ziggler is very vocal himself as of late so the two of them clashing seemed inevitable. They both have attitude problems but unfortunately for Ziggler though Orton is a huge priority and the top heel feuding with the most over guy at the moment so he’s untouchable for the time being. I don’t think he’ll be in the doghouse for to long though as it appears him, Big Show & Miz will be aiding Daniel Bryan against the new Helmsey-McMahon regime

    • Ben

      Agreed about the Axel/Zeb pairing, although being stuck with the charisma vacuum Swagger might not have helped much. At least that would’ve given us one entertaining feud in Punk/Cesaro. Sandow will probably keep losing, including some sort of match at NoC itself, before cashing in after the WHC match. It’s not a swerve if the MITB holder isn’t losing every week!

      Orton’s spoiled brat attitude is the product of taking a kid from military prison and giving him a ticket straight to the top of the company. It’s hardly shocking to see him throw people under the bus; hell, literally a day after he returned from his last suspension, he did what appeared to be a legitimate interview completely burying Heath Slater. That pretty much says it all about the kind of person Orton is. I’m just sitting here hoping for another vintage Orton wellness violation from out of nowhere… or at least that other people begin to find him as boring a worker as I do.

      As far as Ziggler goes, I don’t really see a problem with his attitude aside from how he’s going about venting his very understandable frustrations (it’s a shame his title reign got ruined by Swagger of all people… how is that guy still employed). It’s not like he’s burying anyone, he’s just been a bit too vocal to outside sources about his disappointment with where he is on the card. Now, if he starts busting out the “PUSH ME!” trunks, THEN we can talk about attitude problems!

      • amaanakter

        Agreed!!! 100%!

      • Xavier

        Orton has a huge attitude problem, I 100% agree with you ther. But Ziggler isn’t a choir boy either. He’s buried his peers in interviews as well when he’s tried to put himself over and even comes off really whiny & jealous most of the time, I personally can’t stand when wrestlers act like the world owes them something especially seeing how Bryan worked his way to the top without whining or complaining about a damn thing, more wrestlers need to take notes on how Daniel Bryan did it. And why would you want Orton to fail another drug test? That would completely ruin this great storyline we have going involving Bryan/Orton/Triple H/McMahon.

        • Ben

          Because I have no respect for him as a man and find him incredibly dull and uninteresting as a performer. Unfortunately, you’re right about the current storyline and for the sake of that alone Orton needs to stick around.

        • Bob Cavicchioli

          If that happens, the WWE would have no other choice than to write the violation into the storyline. Bryan can make the point that the only reason Orton is “the face” and is the perfect prototype is due to PEDs. That could actually develop into something quite dramatic.

          • Xavier

            That’s a very good point. I could see that working.

  • thepowerserge

    Orton buries another one. Or at least that’s what it’s looking like. Meanwhile, he can do no wrong, what with being champion and all.

    • Simon Veitch

      Personally I’m just waiting on another wellness strike. I’m really curious on how WWE will handle that, especially if Orton holds the title as well.

  • Scott Davies

    I hope it is Chris Hero as the new Paul Heyman guy

    • Guy Landau

      I hope for Corey Graves. It fits so well, with him being very similar to Punk in many aspects. It makes sense for Heyman to look to “replace” Punk, and Graves is a shoe-in. Heyman said “Stay Down” so many times in the build for SummerSlam I was sure he’d debut then.

  • Nathaniel

    i have a pretty decent idea for night of champions not everyone will like it but hey here it goes during the heyman and axel vs punk match have ezekiel jackson come out and beat up punk giving heyman and axel the win. the next night have heyman introduce him as the last ecw world champion and newest paul heyman guy. this gives jackson a much needed mouth piece and heyman a powerhouse while lesnar is gone and just have them feud with punk until cm punk finally gets the upperhand then we move on from there.