What Caused Chaos Backstage At WWE Raw, The Match Everyone Was Talking About, Details On The Dr. Used In The Paul Heyman Segment, Why Triple H "Blew A Gasket" & Who Has Heat, Creative Goes Out Of Their Way For CM Punk, WWE Aggressively Trying To Sign Top Star

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Backstage news from WWE Monday Night Raw in Toronto…

- We're told several workers had their luggage lost at the airport when arriving for this week's show in Toronto. As Jerry Lawler mentioned on the broadcast, this was the reason for his Nike polo with the WWE logo on it.

- I noted earlier that Goldust was “put over heavily” backstage for his match against WWE Champion Randy Orton. The bout was so over that he received a standing ovation when he got to the locker room. The feeling was that he came in and "flipped the switch" and that it only added to the side feud of the McMahon/Triple H stuff.

- The "doctor" in the Paul Heyman segment was a local independent worker known as Asylum. He's one half of a tag team known as The Flatliners and is on Twitter at Twitter.com/Asylum1240. Those interested in booking him can do so at [email protected]

- Triple H wasn't happy with Ryback vs. Rob Van Dam and the words used to describe his reaction to me were "train wreck." Apparently Hunter felt Ryback was unprofessional when he took a stiff kick.

- We're told the writing team "went out of their way" to make fans believe that Curtis Axel has no chance against CM Punk. The seed is now planted that Heyman may "seek out an upgrade" to take out Punk.

- Negotiations continued on Monday night to try and lock Edge into a Legend's contact. In typical WWE negotiating strategy, the sense was that he "had the itch again" so they tried to use that momentum to get him to jump at a contract offer. Vince McMahon has a way of using "love for the business" against guys. You may remember that Edge rejected WWE for a deal when they first negotiated because they low balled him and he doesn't need the money. However, we are told that he is interested in securing more money in merchandising and licensing through the company. We can confirm nothing was signed on Monday night but it is also worth noting that Edge did see doctors about having mild physical contact. It could have been (and probably was) just a precautionary measure but I would feel remiss if I didn't at least mention it.

  • Skip Mathias

    I see the words “wasn’t happy with Ryback” a lot in these backstage news articles.

  • ohyoudidntknow

    Rybotch is lame and all he has going for him is saying o’doyle rules.
    I felt like the heyman and dr segment dragged on too long when his knee was being examined. Even the crowd was chanting this is awkward. Cm punk saved this segment.
    Also it wasn’t bad the way christian was written off seeing that he has a concussion. “One more match”

  • I wear my Ryback shirt with pride. Love wearing the “Feed Me More” shirt at buffets.

  • Nostaljack

    Curtis Axel is a bust through and through. When even Paul Heyman can’t make people care about you, stick a fork in you. During the segment in the ring with Heyman and the doctor, he wouldn’t shut up and it sounded desperate. No one is paying any attention to him. I think it’s safe to say that he’s failed.

    • Xavier

      Agreed. I’ve been saying Axel was a bust for over a month now. I tried giving him a chance but he’s not registering with fans in anyway shape or form.

      • Patrick

        I agree. At first I felt it was the normal Fans and backstage officals expect to much from him because of who his Dad is. I’ve always felt that is the downside to being a 2nd gen or some times 3rd gen wrestler people’s put to much pressure on the wrestler to be as good or as great as those who came before him or her. That’s not right.

        He’s decent in the ring but mic work is not good and as much as I’m not a Heyman fan I do give him credit for helping Wrestlers like Axel but even Heyman is not helping him.

        • Nostaljack

          When he gets anywhere near a situation where he has to do more than wrestle, he looks bumbling and out of place. He can’t talk at all. To make things worse, there are also better wrestlers in the WWE so he can’t stand out there either. He’s painfully middling and putting him with Heyman has only accentuated that fact.

  • Chris

    Wow, shocker, Ryback was unprofessional when taking a stiff shot…

  • Jay El Bee

    For a guy who always seems to make the people backstage unhappy at him you’d think that Ryback would have more than 2 clean pinfall loses, or at least that’s all that I can remember.

  • Stoney

    Doesn’t matter if Joe Hennig is Curtis Axel or Michael McGillicutty, no one really seems to care

  • LeftyTosser

    It’s amazing that a guy like Dustin can come out after a three year hiatus and have the match of the night and then Henning, who is getting pushed way beyond his experience can suck it up again. Great job by Dustin and Randy on their match. I agree with others that say that if Heyman can’t make you something, then it is hopeless for Henning. My suggestion would be to shave him, have him take some losses and turn him face using more Henning and less Axel. Fans forgive faces, they bury heels.