Backstage News On Extreme Rules Lineup Change, The Shield's Standing After Raw, Possible Title Changes Upcoming, Outcome Of Cena vs. Ryback, Which WWE Star Has Noticeably Lost Weight/Muscle Definition, New Action Figure Plans Spoil Storylines?

Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Tulsa…

- The "ladder match" was replaced by the "I Quit" stipulation between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules because the feeling was it wasn't worth the risk. We're told there was some back and forth about replacing Dolph Ziggler with a third person in the bout but they decided to do a Wrestlemania 29 re-match with a stipulation instead. The idea was the program [of Del Rio vs. Swagger] already has had significant build and they didn't have to worry about a random being "thrown in."

- Big E Langston was originally tapped to face Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship at Extreme Rules on Sunday, however, plans changed when Dolph Ziggler was ruled out. As we've noted on multiple occasions, there has been talk about Langston, AJ Lee and Ziggler all holding titles but WWE decided to hold off when Ziggler couldn't go.

- We're told "eyes are as wide open as they have been" on The Shield following this week's Elimination tag team match. Everyone continues to rave about their in-ring work and the way the group has gotten over.

- AJ Lee vs. Natalya was booked just to keep a little bit of the spotlight on the Divas ahead of the E! reality series premiering this summer. As we reported last week, this is something that is expected to continue.

- As of this week's WWE Raw, there was no booked ending for John Cena vs. Ryback at Extreme Rules on Sunday. The writing team was going back and forth on a couple different outcomes.

- We heard there were some rumblings close to the locker room about The Miz showing he has lost some weight and muscle definition in his return. Miz is back full-time after filming "Christmas Bounty" over the last month.

- Make of this what you will but we're told Mattel has plans to release a Dean Ambrose action figure with the United States Championship and a two pack of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The action figures are expected to hit stores this summer.

  • Rumblings about Miz losing muscle definition? What the hell do these detractors think is going to happen when Miz is out filming a movie? Richard, why is it every time you write these post RAW premium articles you always find negatives news about Miz? Do your sources have a vendetta against him? I realize he doesn’t have an Indy background but its not like everything was handed to him in his career. Miz has worked hard to get to where he is, but it seems people go out of their way not to acknowledge it. And because of that they continuously criticize everything about him. I appreciate the news you offer but I’ve noticed a pattern with you regarding The Miz.

    • Ben

      I’m pretty sure I’ve heard and read Richard put Miz over for how hard he has worked and how much he went through as a locker room outcast due to his reality TV past.

      • He has. But im talking the sources Richard has. They seem to have an issue with him because any news about Miz is always negative.

        • Daarko

          He looked like less than average. Losing some weight and packing some muscle wouldn’t hurt ham.

          • Daarko

            * Minus the ‘like’

        • It’s thing you’re missing here is that if you look at Miz on Raw this week he actually does seem to have dropped some muscle tone. I know he was out filming a movie but all of the roster travels day in and day out and need to make it to gyms to stay in shape. Miz really should have taken some time out to build back up a little before making a return, then the comments would be the other way around and you wouldn’t be whinging because they’d be complimenting him.

          The point is, until Miz comes out once again and does something noteworthy or interesting, there’s not going to be any noteworthy or interesting news about him, sure he used to draw as champ, sure he had some successful runs and I do enjoy the Miz’s work, but he’s just done nothing of note recently that is worth commenting on.

    • I don’t believe in God

      Maybe all of the news about Miz is negative because he sucks, did that ever cross your mind

      • And yet he drew better as WWE Champion than what CM Punk did.

        This notion that Miz sucks is a ridiculous one. He was apart of the one of the most successful tag teams that wasn’t expected to do much. He went from jobbing out to John Cena convincingly in 2009 to headlining WM with Cena in 2011. He had one of the best MITB cash in moments ever. He’s getting good reviews for his performance in The Marine 3 and has one of the top twitter followings in WWE. The fact is Miz will never be accepted by the majority of the IWC either because he didn’t have an Indy background or because CM Punk buried him in his DVD. And whatever CM Punk says seems to be gospel for the IWC.

        • nick k

          in the first year yea but cm punk outdrew the 2011 run mod had this year. I like miz but its delusional to think miz is on his level. Raw has suffered without punk.

          • I’m talking about the ratings for Miz when he was champion going into WM season in 2011 compared to CM Punk as champion going in WM season in 2012. Miz drew better. Go look at the numbers.

          • nick k

            im talking about the 2013 numbers that beat both 2011 and 2012. that was then this is now, miz can’t draw like punk can now.

          • Danny_Boy

            That had nothing to do with Punk, that was because of the return of The Rock. Punk has never been much of a draw, he’s highly overrated as a performer & as a draw by most of the internet fan base. The only people drinking the Punk kool-aid is Punk himself and his small portion of his fans that come on the internet. Miz has crossover appeal that Punk will never have, that’s probably why Punk was so jealous of the success of Miz, deep down he realizes that he’ll never be a draw.

          • I don’t believe in god

            It doesnt matter becuz Punk will always be better then Miz. the only reason why Miz drew better is because he was facing guyz like Cena, Orton and guys like Edge were still on the roster. Miz is nothing

          • Gary Robert

            Lol has nothing to do with Miz or Punk. Believe me, people weren’t like “oh Miz is champion…I’m tuning in, smh”

        • You can’t base ratings on the champion alone. If the overall show sucks, it sucks. The champion isn’t in every segment so explain the lower ratings in each hourly block.

        • Gary Robert

          His problem, Justin,is he seriously lacks the look, if you ask me. Especially since he went to a normal everyday hair style that makes him just seem like an average Joe off the street. I was high up on Miz as he was headed towards winning the WWE Championship a few years back and thought he was one of the most underrated workers out there, but now he just bores me and I can’t place my finger on why. And its probably the same reason for everyone else. Has nothing to do with CM Punk saying anything on a DVD or whether or not he worked Indy. As for getting good acting reviews…who cares. Really not the same topic of conversation. I’m also curious where all these readers get their information on who “drew better as champion” and what they assume that even means. To me, no one and I mean not one single fan out there tunes in more or less based on who the champion is. That hasn’t been the case in many many years…and by many years I mean decades. People tune in if the show looks interesting based on its buildup and cliffhanger (or lack of one) from the week before. Who has a belt has become a meaningless thing, imo.

      • Xavier

        LOL What in the hell possessed you to come up with that username smh.

        • I don’t believe in god

          Because God doesn’t exist, that’s why

          • LeftyTosser

            Like heck he doesn’t.

          • Gary Robert

            Favorite thread on this site in the last 5 years!!

        • Gary Robert

          Another lol moment. Ha.

      • Gary Robert

        That reply brought about a true lol moment. Thank you.

        • I don’t believe in God

          I don’t need you validate my beliefs, I’m not hear to make friends with nerds like you. Now is that true enough for you?

        • Xavier

          Now that was a LMFAO moment. Your BF just called you a nerd lol. Now whip that egg off your face

  • No clear direction as to the ending of the Cena/Ryback match plus his ridiculously overdone limp on RAW all but confirm for me that I was right about his bullshit injury.