Backstage WWE TLC News - Cena Cut, Naomi's Title Shot, Del Rio The New Orton?, Brooklyn Brawler

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- John Cena suffered a cut under his right eye in his Ladder Match with Dolph Ziggler. He didn't require medical attention but the referees put gloves on and asked him if he needed treatment. Cena waved off the attention.

- Naomi was a surprise to get the WWE Divas Championship match against Eve Torres but there are many in the company that are high up on her athleticism.

- Alberto Del Rio turning babyface was something that happened in the later drafts of WWE TLC. While it's been talked about, one observer feels they're giving him Randy Orton's spot.

- Speaking of Del Rio, one of his tag team partners, Brooklyn Brawler, works as a producer backstage and was used to try and give Del Rio and The Miz a cheap pop.

  • Ian D

    The Brooklyn Brawler thing took me and my friends by surprise, but at the same time, disappointed us. I live in Brooklyn and I honestly think that they would have gotten a better response if JTG came out instead. We were looking forward to seeing him do somthing for the hometown crowd.

  • christopher525

    I was hoping for either JTG or a return of Shad with the Cryme Tyme gimmick in place instead of the Brawler. The Del Rio thing was completely awkward to me. Between Cena's eye and Ziggler's leg we got some decent "hardway" color tonight. Naomi apparently couldn't keep her top on during the preshow, as there were a couple obvious "slips" during the highlights. She's very athletic, but not quite ready for the big time as far as her timing goes.

  • RaiderM

    Del Rio a Baby face do u really think thats going to work??

    • The Big Organ

      Yes it will! He worked as a babyface in FCW when he was known as Alberto Banderas.

  • Pluto

    Speaking of Cryme Tyme, does anybody here feel that they could of the gotten the prime time players gimmick a lot more over if Vince gave them Darren Young's & Titus O'Neil's spot?

    • Joey

      Crime Tyme was awful…annoying and stupid…Primetime Players aren’t any better or worse.

      • Blazeking

        I disagree. Cryme Tyme wasn't awful, WWE Creative stalled the development of the team then screwed the pooch in the end by only giving Shad a more serious gimmick while leaving JTG behind. Now JTG has gotten a serious gimmick while Shad isn't even there anymore. The team should have had the belts with the "hood" gimmick *then* evolved into "Beast" Shad Gaspard & JTG II.

  • H.M.

    I don't even think that the Brooklyn crowd was that stoked to see the Brooklyn Brawler LOL.

    And JBL's commentary during the match on him…pure LOL.