Bad Booking, Champions Making More Money, Dolph Ziggler's Time, Punk As WWE Champ

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Why didn't WWE throw out the Hell in a Cell decision of CM Punk over Ryback, to keep Ryback's undefeated streak intact? They could have easily done it saying there was a tainted referee then at the Survivor Series, Ryback doesn't really lose the triple threat match or get pinned, so they could still keep the fact he hasn't been pinned or submitted still going.

I don't really see the point in this. Either build Ryback as an undefeated monster or don't. The entire thing has been very poorly executed. WWE pushes him hard yet refuses to let him go over in a legitimate match after being built for months as the undefeated superstar in squash matches. This doesn't mean I'm a big fan of Ryback either; he's got a good look but I haven't seen enough to form an opinion. If he was going to be booked against Punk then he had to go over. If not, the entire gimmick has been a waste of time. WWE figured out a way to keep it going and so far it hasn't backfired but it doesn't change the fact it's poor booking.

It's been occasionally mentioned on-air that winning a championship (in WWE) means the champion gets paid more money while he's the champion. Do champions really get paid more or is this just part of the story?

All title reigns are scripted just like everything else, however, champions usually do make more money because they sell more merchandise and are featured more prominently than those lower on the card. There is not some type of "championship clause" in a contract that stipulates someone is to be paid more if they have a title reign. Pro wrestling is a lot like a soap opera or movie, everything is scripted but the characters with feature roles make more money than those in supporting roles. This holds true with downside guarantees, bonuses and merchandise.

Do you think that John Cena will win Dolph Ziggler's MITB briefcase at WWE TLC meaning he might go back to the Smackdown main event?

I've said this before with his match against Chris Jericho at SummerSlam and WWE decided to put Ziggler under to Jericho only to put him over the next night, however, it's Dolph Ziggler's time. It's time for WWE to use this match as a "passing of the torch" and a way to get Ziggler some momentum before a legitimate main event run. If not, I don't see what the purpose was in having him win the Money in the Bank briefcase. It goes back to the Ryback mentality. Either push him or don't. It's mind boggling how WWE will show enough confidence in a mid card talent to prepare them for a main event run then pull back at the last moment. WWE needs stars now more than ever and continuously burying potential up and comers while relying on past names like The Rock and Brock Lesnar is no way to do business. They should utilize this time while they have these former headliners to build some more major stars to carry the company into the future. More and more I see WWE going for the "right now" instead of worrying about what's going to happen in five years.  The drop-off in viewership should be enough to get the company's attention but so far it's been more of the same.

Could CM Punk lose the WWE Championship because of his knee injury? Is the injury even legitimate?

Anything is possible but right now there are no plans to take the WWE Championship off CM Punk. Vince McMahon wants to do The Rock vs. Punk for the title at Royal Rumble so they wanted to make sure Punk is healthy. So to answer the second part of your question, yes the injury is legitimate and the thinking was it was better to do the scope now and give him time to rest rather than risk a major injury before the pay-per-view next year. Should Punk not be able to work next month there is a contingency plan that we revealed here. In this article we also explain Vince McMahon's conversation with Punk about not working WWE TLC.

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  • Matt

    Ryback is a Goldberg ripoff norting more nothing less, Vince is just hoping the "fans" have forgotten about Goldberg. The bad booking in WWE is not limted to just Ryback either. As far as Ziggler is concerned i agree its time to either give him the chance to prove he can carry the ball or future endeavor him so he can go somewhere that will give him the chance he deserves. The whole Rock vs Punk match is just dumb. WWE wouldnt let Cena go over Rock why do people think they will let Punk. As for the win a title make more money there have been plenty of times that has not been true. Carry a title and you will make more money. I would bet just about anything that Kofi or Cody didnt make more money with the IC belt.

    • Frenchfry

      Hes hoping the fans forgot about Goldberg?

      Stopped reading after that….

      • The Big Organ

        Lol me too…

    • Chris

      So are we really going to write off every guy who is of a similar build to Goldberg, with a shaved head, as a "rip-off"? Getting really tired of hearing this arguement now.

      Also, anyone who points to his undefeated run as another Goldberg rip-off, please explain to me how they could put a guy who looks like that in to mid-card matches and have him lose without killing off the character straight away. He needed to be introduced in the mid-card rather than thrown in to main events, so an undefeated run was just logical booking to me.

  • Scott

    Ok Ryback has not been poorly booked at all. They got Ryback away from the Goldberg like streak. That was getting fans to chant Goldberg to begin with. Looking at Ryback now he has become a bigger & still dominate star since then. The streak would have only delayed that. You just have to get over it. The streak is gone. Really Ryback has not been booked to look weak at all. The guy is clearly becoming a top star & getting bigger every week. Everyone else has gotten over it but you. Its wrestling you are not suppose to like everything you see. You don't see the logic? Then thats probably to far up yourself to see the success Ryback is having, I'm happy the guy got over to be honest

    • partyjereme

      You're 100% correct, I really don't get why he keeps on trying to say that the booking was bad.

    • Da KiDD

      It's about time someone TOLD richard. He's so perverse on this topic that it's prevented him from letting go and just watching Ryback's growth.

  • steve2

    Blah blah blah… I don't like Ryback!!!!…. He's not Dolph Ziggler!!! He's not Daniel Bryan!!! Blah blah blah…. Ring of honor….. blah blah blah……


    • Izblack

      ROH is so freaking overrated it's funny

  • steve2

    Blah blah blah… I don't like Ryback!!!!…. He's not Dolph Ziggler!!! He's not Daniel Bryan!!! Blah blah blah…. Ring of honor….. blah blah blah……

  • Ant

    "burying potential up and comers while relying on past names like The Rock and Brock Lesnar is no way to do business"

    Aww come on that is the TNA way.

  • WWE Always wasting talent

  • Bad Boy

    I started noticing now this a really long te ago and never spoke about it but, wwe brings in a new star and they are suppose to be the big thing and than after a huge build they push them down.. Look at wade barrett, Drew Mcintyre and the miz. Like these guys were huge at one point and now they either mid card or a low card talent

  • Monty

    All of you bashing Richard for saying bad booking are the same ones who are complaining abut super cena having 5 moves. Rayback is nothing, you out the turtle on him than what 2 minute matches the guy is big but he can't wrestle to save his life

    Start him with mid card guys than build him up but Vince saw the next goldberg,hogan,cena in him and there he goes. I can't wait for HHH to take over because Vince is so much about right now and don't care about future

  • Chris Corkhill

    Didn’t they do a similar thing with Umaga a few years ago. Built him up undefeated only for him to lose against Cena for the title. Only difference is Cena’s win was clean.

  • AntGilroy

    Yeah I am slowly not understanding what richard is trying to say. Ryback is over because punk screwed him twice.. the fans notice he is being screwed so the root for him. Despite yourself the higher ups know how to make put people over even if they lose.

  • Evon Reese

    I don't understand with the low ratings why Punk is still champ or why it's still so important for him to still hold the title until he faces The Rock. We need a new champ now. I would like to see Bryan vs The Rock or Ziggler vs The Rock. I can not even imagine Punk vs The Undertaker at Mania. He isn't Undertaker worthy and that would be the biggest joke of the year to see Punk end the streak.

  • Joey

    Why put Bryan or Ziggler against the rock? That’s mid card vs Legend…at least with Cena or Punk vs the Rock they are on a level where the masses see then as a challenger to the rock…mainstream fans would see Dolph Ziggler vs the Rock and laugh.

  • peter

    Ryback is not meant to be an unstoppable monster,that's all in your puny head.

  • Mark

    I'd like to see Ziggler try and get out of facing Cena by cashing in on the night – assuming the WHC comes first. Then Booker tells him the match is going ahead as planned, only for the championship rather than the briefcase.

    • Ray

      I think that would be a great entertaining pay per view story. During the world title match, the shield come screw cena, letting digger have his night and get cena a storyline til wrestle mania and ready for Cena vs Rock part 2.