Bad News For Barrett, Real Problem With John Cena, Breaking Up The Shield, WWE Star That Has Never Lost

When Bad News Barrett first won the Intercontinental Championship, I thought that this was just to placate the European crowd for their tour, but he has actually been booked as a strong, fighting mid card champion. Do you think that he is really getting a push or that this is just remnants of the European tour that WWE ran with due to his character's popularity?

Bad News Barrett has been booked decently since winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship and it's certainly more than what he's done in recent years. However, everything could have come to a screeching halt on Tuesday night as Barrett suffered a shoulder injury. Dot com reported his participation in the Money in the Bank ladder match is unknown but crowd members claim he was pulled. We'll follow the story as it progresses but if Barrett is pulled from the pay-per-view, it will be very unfortunate.

We all know that John Cena probably will not turn heel anytime soon, however, that doesn't mean WWE won't repackage him. Wouldn't that make everyone happy?

I don't think it's a heel turn that people want to see from John Cena but some kind, any kind, of gimmick tweak. My problem -- and most people's problem -- with the Cena character is that it has changed very little since the hip hop gimmick was dropped. The yearning for character progression is what has resulted in Cena burnout from many and not the fact he hasn't turned heel.

If WWE knew they were going to break up The Shield ahead of time why is taking long to decide on theme songs and ring gear? Shouldn't this have been planned out ahead of time?

The WWE creative team went back and forth on breaking up The Shield for months. Remember intense dissension was teased before they turned babyface and beat Evolution on consecutive shows. Seth Rollins breaking out in a swerve was something that had come up but there was a lot of surprise when it was executed. As for theme songs and ring gear, a lot of this is determined after the fact for a number of reasons. WWE doesn't micromanage ring gear and theme songs at the level that some believe they should. Workers also have a lot more say and control over what they wear to the ring than you would think.

What are your thoughts on the Adam Rose character?

Adam Rose is a fun midcard character. I don't think it's something that will ever reach the level of WWE World Heavyweight Champion but it breaks up the programming and provides a "lighter moment" for the audience. WWE has put a tremendous effort into Rose as here's a fact you probably didn't know. Adam Rose has never lost. Check out his win/loss record at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

September 2012: Why does WWE change John Cena’s ring gear so often? - The short answer is it sells. Every time WWE introduces a new John Cena t-shirt design or color, take a moment to scan the audience. You’ll see it all over the arena and this is the reason WWE refuses to touch his character.

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  • Venom

    Has Wade Barrett ever been in a MITB match? I think the last time he was supposed to work a MITB match at wrestlemania (before they decided to keep it as a stand alone ppv) it’s when he had his serious elbow injury. I even heard it he was supposed to win if they had it at wrestlemania. Seems like the stars never align with him when it comes to MITB.

    • Ronnie

      Yeah he was in the 2013 SmackDown MITB match.

    • He was the one Bryan kicked off the ladder before grabbing the briefcase in 2011 for the win.

  • Cubed56

    Spoiler Alert!!? The promotional poster for SS.

    • K!NG

      This makes much more sense then a forced and rushed program between Lesnar/Bryan or Lesnar/Cesaro. These two have history and this would be the Rubber match between them as lesnar won in 03 and cena won in brocks return match to wwe.

      • Cubed56

        I agree, as much as i dont want to see it and cena as champ, it does make the most sense and is much smarter then rushing other programs and risking derailing momentum of a 1st time champ in reigns, bray, or cesaro.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Is this legit?

      • Cubed56

        Yes sir!

        • Bob’s Diner

          Thanks for posting! I’m actually surprisingly into this idea; Cena generally loses at SummerSlam and that ending was the only bad part of their last match. And like you said, saves them having to throw the title on a new guy and then feeding them to Brock

          • TheBigTexan

            This is what I was hoping for, Brock Lesnar looked very weak losing to Cena after his epic return, now he can redeem his loss by defeating Cena.

  • Jason

    Were you implying that Adam Rose has never lost in WWE or has never lost period?

    • Alex

      The Adam Rose character has never lost. He has had losses in NXT as Leo Kruger.

      • Jason

        That’s what I noticed as well. He also has losses in FCW. That is why I posed the question.

  • Ahmed Johnsons River Plunge

    Not Cena vs Lesnar please god. Would prefer Cesaro vs Cena and Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt for SS

    • Bob’s Diner

      Why not? Their first match was incredible.

  • Padres4life

    i want Bryan to come back already…its boring without him…please come back..the fact that he’s just answering fan questions this Sunday means his recovery is going bad then because I thought he was going to announce a return.

    • Mysterion

      Yes Bryan. Come back. With your surgically repaired neck. Who cares it might paralyse or kill you? Stop being selfish.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    if they does pull Barrett from the match at MITB, then pull Swagger away as well before he injures five other superstars in the match…

    • K!NG

      then they should pull ziggler since he has a glass jaw

      • Rayner Chee-bai

        Anyone is injury prone if they’re an active wrestler considering the taxing nature of the industry that has no off-season and the fact you can’t fake a slam to a ring.

        Even Cena has been injured on occasion where he missed the end of 2007 on one instance.

  • Jason

    Here is the issue with Cena now. If WWE turns him heel, his fans will boo him, but the haters will cheer him, because they want to see a heel turn. It is to a point now with Cena that it is a complete lose-lose scenario.

    • John

      Cena would be the most over guy in the company if he turned heel. Fans love to cheer for the ‘cool’ heel nowadays.

      • BlazeKing

        Heels don’t need cheers. They need you to boo them. I’ve heard it so many times from heels who got so popular, it was harder to do heelish things that would make the crowd boo.

        What irks me is when the Cena chants break out, there’s always that section of the crowd that start the negative chants just because the kids are chanting for Cena. Like I’ve said before, if you want to send WWE a message about how much you don’t like the character, don’t cheer *or* boo (no sell).

        • John

          That’s my point.. Nobody is going to boo Cena when he turns heel so what’s the point?

        • Guest

          Exactly. Just like SCSA said the other day, Bray Wyatt is a great heel…even though some of the audience is trying to turn him face. Because it does happen some times…which I HATE when they are such good heels.