Baltimore Impact Taping Canceled, TNA Taking TVs Off The Road

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TNA has pulled the November 21, 2013 Impact Wrestling tapings from Baltimore, Maryland from their official schedule. At this point it appears TNA is in the process of canceling upcoming television tapings as they move towards returning to a permanent location.

That location appears to be a return to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. While we do not have confirmation at this time about a return to Universal, we can confirm TNA reached out the theme park about a return in early September. This is also why Universal would not grant WWE exclusive rights to the park [for a physical Hall of Fame] unless they agreed to tape a television show there.

You can read our initial report from September 13, 2013 at this link.

Alex Barie of broke the news that TNA had canceled the December 5, 2013 Impact tapings in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

If you purchased tickets, expect to be getting refund information shortly.

  • Philip Thompson

    It was only a matter of time before TNA took Impact off the road. It’s very expensive to go on the rids and they’re not able to generate the same revenue streams from gate, merchandise etc that WWE can. I think the Carter family may be reaching the point where they realise they can’t compete with WWE overnight by attempting to mimmick WWE. You need to build a brand not just try to copy a business plan and TNA is nowhere near as big a brand as WWE. What WCW did was bring in a whole bunch of talent who were brands in their own right and still at their peak. They also went live before WWE, had the full backing of their network because it was owned by Ted Turner and spent a lot of money by doing things like flying Michael Buffer in to ring announce main events. They tried to make weekly TV feel special and succeeded to an extent. Of course, repeating something special over and over makes it less special. You would get sick of your favourite meal if you had it every day.

  • TravWWE

    TNA is going down faster then WCW. Is Bischoff a curse to wrestling?

    • TravWWEsucksCena

      Going down faster than WCW? Do you realize that TNA has been around longer than WCW ever has, and WCW was simply bought out by WWE.. It’s not like it went bankrupt. Typical Cena fan who has no idea of wrestling before the Shit Era started in 2003.

    • Thedocumentarian

      Pfft. Bischoff made WCW surge.

  • Redertainment

    Should I take a lot of pictures at the 10/24 SLC, UT Impact Taping that I’m going to?