Band Disputes Earlier Report They're Working With WWE For Faction's Theme Song

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The band Damn It To Hell says they aren't doing the theme song for the new NXT faction. Here's what they wrote on Facebook:

Just to clear up any rumors, we are not doing a theme song for WWE. Although that would be cool, it is not true. Happy Thanksgiving!

We reported here on that band would be working with Jim Johnston to record "I'm Telling You" as the theme song of Seth Rollins, Romain Reigns and Dean Ambrose. No word if plans changed or if the band is posturing.

Richard Reacts: No offense to the band but I didn't feel the theme was as catchy as what they were going for anyways.  We'll see what happens but I think something very distintive needs to be used for this group.

  • Iamjohnnymcb

    Good the song is too boring anyways

  • PainOfDemise

    I agree with you Richard. The song doesn't spark the excitement you should get when hearing a theme of a wrestler coming out. It was really boring in that terms.

    • The arbiter

      There are benchmarks for theme music, Iconic sounds that instantly summon up the image and feel of a performer. The Sound of breaking glass, the rock saying IF YOU SMELL!!!!!, Darkness and A Bell chime!

      My personal favorite was always earing "You think you know me", still gets me amped.

      That piece by "Damm it to hell" just didnt cut it.