Batista Arrives In Miami, Florida - Details On Why He Is Scheduled To Be There

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Former WWE star Dave Batista is in Miami, Florida which is leading to widespread speculation that he could be involved with Wrestlemania XXVIII on Sunday.

Batista is scheduled to run in the 2012 Nautica South Beach Triathlon on Sunday with Carter Lay. You can read more about the event with the proceeds benefiting the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at this link.

  • Wwe4L76

    Agree with the beast batista, PG sucks

  • H.M.

    I never thought I'd say this but here goes: hyyype.

  • Jg

    Please don’t mess up Rock n Cena

    • H.M.

      Agree with this.

  • Pizzaman

    Surrrrre he is

  • Latino

    If he’s coming back, then hell yea! But if not and he’s there for that triathlon then uh cool, it’s a good thing if he’s doing to raise money for a children’s hospital. Best of luck to him. Part of me does hope is there for wm as well tho

  • havoc525

    He might show up, do an appearance to hype a match for next year also.

  • Dan

    Hopefully he comes out and Batista bomb Cena. Lol

  • Mike L

    Batista Vs. Lesnar at Mania 29?

    • ol skewl fan

      here I'll save you the trouble of wishing for that……….. . , and sure that's before they were both "big" superstars and not at their prime, but neither have been in a wrestling ring for a while I'm not sure thts something I want to see.

    • havoc525

      Yep, Lenar vs. Goldberg 2.0, that’d be great.

  • Marc

    Batista running, really cant imagine that.

  • Mojo

    Haha. He used to get winded on his way to the ring. Maybe he’ll feign an injury on the side of the road as a rest hold.

  • sandi

    i'd die if screwed screwed john cena sunday

  • Noel

    Goldberg wrestling again would be a very bad idea. The guy can't work. Just ask Bret Hart.

    As for Batista, his best days are over. Besides, i doubt he would want to come back after shooting on WWE's PG programming and after that, Vince may not want him back anyway.

  • steve2

    Batista has asthma, so not sure how he could handle a triathlon