Batista & CM Punk Comment On Daniel Bryan Winning The World Heavyweight Championship With Opposite Reactions

- The following Tweets were posted by Dave Batista and CM Punk:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Aaron Giddens for sending Batista's Tweet.

  • Ruck

    What the hell is Batista’s problem lately? Get a life Dave!

    • vmagic

      Probably that he is not currently the champ.

    • Craig

      he is working us all

  • havoc525

    Yes Batista, a guy who’s actually talented in the ring and NOT a walking steroid CAN be champion. Get over yourself or we’ll send Booker over to kick your ass again.

  • Ross

    Batista is the man, hurry back brother

    • dan

      No he's not, he sucks and he's slow, and is limited to a few moves, no actual wrestling ability. He's just big and marketable, does;'t mean he's a good wrestler. He's boring to watch, and his belly button tattoo is fugly.

      • HPK

        I heard that , Dude !!!!

  • Chopper

    Well done punk for winning u put on a great show. And good on u acknowledging the younger talent who put on a great show ever time realy looking forward to the future of wwe.

    Ps guys look out next year for the ultimate fued that will take place between myself and fellow weestling fan that will be shown on youtube…….

  • Mike

    I’m starting to not like Batista as of late. Daniel Bryan is great in the ring and is finally getting the push he deserves.

  • Dave

    Instead of whining about who is champ Batista come back and do something about it instead of leaving!!!

  • Bertie

    Yawn Batista!!! Do summat about it and come back!! If thats not gonna happen then do your mma thing and stop whining!!

  • hurricane1

    I'm not surprised with Batista. He ran down the Miz and he's running down Daniel Bryan because he got pushed more on his look than his skills. I enjoyed him when he was around, but if he's really disenchanted about the direction of the industry, he needs to stick with MMA. This is great for the wrestling industry.

  • Dave

    Feel sad for Mark Henry, but still D-Bryan winning was awesome.

  • luke

    You wonder why batista wasnt liked in the locker room?

  • kjluttrell

    Comments from guys like Dave Bautista a why the smaller , non steriod using guys like Bryan, and Punk have it harder in this business when they can outshine a guy like this any day. I guess Booker T didnt beat the ego out of him enough backstage a few years ago…

  • the bauer saint

    it was a great payperview in my humble opinion. i found myself gasping at the viciousness in certain matches, and thats something the wwe just hasnt sold me on in the last few years which ive found in roh (and am very much enjoying) and very occasionally in tna. it felt mano on mano, and every man for himself, clawing and scratching, which is what a harcore-styled payperview should be. it seemed to take a tiny step into semi-realism, which i think can only be a good thing, AND which i felt tna took a similar step in this week. unorthodox finishers in more than one match anyone (eg bobby roodes half crab)?

    i think this is what cm punk alludes to when he says wwe is taking a step forward. of course, the horrible superficial "cookie-cutter" presentation seems completely at odds with this payperview, and, to be honest, in wrestling in general (its choreographed fighting for gods sake, i dont remember a john wayne fight scene being accompanied by greenday, or whatever the hell the equivalent in the day was…john coltrane, i dont know). it had me cheering on the good guys and booing the bad guys, and thats surely what wrestling is about, and is not something ive felt in a long time, and – despite what i feel is a knowledge on the subject – is evident by this being the first comment ive ever made on a wrestling site.

    im a british writer living in japan in love with wrestling whos currently saving up to take up the sport. give me a job, wrestling news world!

  • diddy

    If i was on Twitter i would be telling that twit Batista that his time is past and nobody cares what his opinion is and that wrestling is better off with him gone and that he should keep his opinions to himself his steroid taking kind are no longer wanted in pro wrestling and i hope he fails in mma

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I have to agree with the hell is Batista's problem, Daniel Bryan is far more talented then he is , the guy needs to grow up.. Yes Dave we know you hate PG now get on with your life.

    I mean guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan were champions long before he even got into wrestling.

    • joe

      when did batista get into wrestling?

  • James

    I am seriously disappointed with Batista. He blames Cena, blames Bryan, blames blames blames. Batista was huge body wise, had awesome music, couldn't wrestle or do a promo to save his life. Cena got his body bigger after a year in the WWE but could do a promo and can't wrestle. Bryan, aint big, is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE, and has a different approach to doing promos. But the big difference between Cena and Bryan have to Batista is this, the fans won both of them over. There is a huge buyers remorse with Cena, but that's a different story. Batista was friends with Triple H who got his push. I wonder if Batista is feeling horrible cause he now has to win with talent instead of knowing people.

  • @RatedMKD

    That five-minute beat-the-clock match that Batista had against Bryan on RAW when NXT season one was still ongoing was one of the best of his career. Wonder why.

  • @RatedMKD

    Oh, and big Dave seems to have deleted that tweet. I'm guessing he got about as much backlash for it as Nash did for criticising Miz winning the WWE Title last year.

  • stoney

    Get over yourself Dave, all you had was looks and that's it

  • Sage

    Obviously you didn’t read Batista’s other tweets you f*cking clowns. Batista said he’s actually a supporter of (In my opinion a fag) Daniel bryan

  • HPK

    Abyss would Black Hole Slam that roided-out wannabe to Hell !!!

  • HPK

    Batista was a package deal / along with Orton when They were lackeys to HHH and Flair in Evolution !!! Batista was prepped to be the "Animal" so He could go on to "wrestle" guys like Undertaker , Kane , Big Show , Khali , etc !!! He and Kevin Nash have that in common , They are Big…as far as ability goes…ummmm ??

  • Alex

    I swear he said he was done with the business?? So stop complaining about it! Just because ur MMA career flopped doesn't mean you have to undermine them.. CM Punk forever!

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    Doesn't it seem interesting that the man who pretty much represents the art of pro wrestling, going beyond just "look," is positive towards D-Bryan being world champion, and the man who (by my interpretation), is very short sighted about pro wrestling, is negative towards the decision?

    I prefer the positive opinion, and also the man who's smarter on the game. That being CM Punk. Batista, he has his opinions, but based on this and this obscenity laden rant he unloaded on Twitter, I can't find any legit criticism for D-Bryan being world champion. Seriously, how did he even know D-Bryan became world champion. Someone tweeted him, or what? I highly doubt he actually watched the show, or the product heading to the show. So his opinion, I consider low priority, especially compared to CM Punk, someone who not only is in the company, but also clearly has the knowledge in the wrestling game.

  • Blazeking

    I see what Batista's problem is with Miz & Daniel Bryan. It's just like what Punk said about HHH thinking that only bodybuilders can be world champions. David Bautista, you weren't that great of a champion honestly. Your ring entrance was great, but the in-ring work was stiff and moveset was limited almost as badly as Cena's (even though his limitation isn't by his choice).

    Miz & DB are miles ahead of you in the actual wrestling department and you need to accept that. Give these guys their respect. Don't be the bitter old man in wrestling that likes to run down the small guys.

  • Ross

    Dave Batista is the real DB in pro wrestling.