Batista Comments On WWE Return

Batista Tweeted the following about his return to WWE:

Batista will return to the company on the January 20, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw, which will emanate from Dayton, Ohio. Batista has been in negotiations with WWE all year but they announced his return after it leaked online last Friday. We have the updated plans for Wrestlemania XXX that include Batista at this link.

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  • Thomas

    I’m looking forward to this, ive always liked batista….personally liked him more when he was facing triple h on raw and kept his hair but still might be nice to see him bust some heads again….but why do I have the feeling this will “help” the authority?

    • Dave Barton

      All that would be missing is Flair.

  • Razmos

    This was posted on another site at least 5 hours before this site posted

  • Razmos

    This was posted on another site at least 5 hours before this site posted

    • Rus

      So does that mean nobody else is allowed to put it on their website or hows about this, how dare you WNW for being 5 hours late with such an amazing story, it does not matter that it is 1 day before Christmas we all expect you to stay at your computers so we get the information from you 1st…….. lol :P

    • Nostaljack

      The humanity!!!!

  • Pete Mcqueen


    • Mysterion

      Calm down! Jesus. Real stars? I wasn’t aware Hogan had signed on the dotted line? Or is Austin back? Oh no. Its Dave. Yea he’s a good name to bring back. But he’s not a real star. And I highly doubt he’ll be back long.

      • Nostaljack

        Truth! Not one most people want to hear but it is truth. Batista is *not* a star on the level of Austin, Michaels, and definitely not Hogan. I’m looking forward to seeing him again but he won’t shock the world and get mainstream attention the way the others would.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I’m with you guys. The other problem is we will now be geting another older guy that was main eventing back in 2005 that will most likely get involved more exciting feuds with Orton and Cena. Yeah… WWE are really building a great future right now

          • GOR

            Dude WWE is not even thinking about building a future right now. In fact, they r thinking about past. All they r worried abou right now is the ratings from the past n how to regain it. That’s y they r bringing back people from the past back for story-lines !

  • _JIM_

    I’m surprised Batista decided to come back. Since all he has done since he left was complain about the creative direction of the company, and it being too kid friendly. It will be nice to have him back, but honestly, with all the handcuffs put on talent now a days I just don’t see him being happy for long. Or his return having that big of an impact. I’m really starting to get down on their product. I never thought that I would spend more time fast forwarding through Raw than I do watching it, but that’s where things seem to be going. I always thought that TNA was the only show I would fast forward through, but Raw has been losing my interest more and more each week. Which really sucks by the way…

  • Scott Davies

    I hope he has a bit of his heel persona from 2010. Heel Batista was better than his face run.

  • JJ

    After seeing him in some movies can’t wait to see how he can apply some of the things he’s learned.