Batista On Crowds Hijacking Shows - "We Can't Have 16 Segments Of Daniel Bryan"

Batista recently took part in an interview with Mike Jones (who?) from DC 101 Radio. In the interview, Batista talks about how he feels about negative crowd reactions, the current backstage environment within WWE, how long before The Undertaker retires, wearing skinny jeans to get heat, and more.

In the following excerpt, Batista addresses crowds hijacking recent shows:

Jones: Do you think that if you had come back the night after the Royal Rumble, and let's say you beat Randy that night for the title, do you think you'd be cheered into WrestleMania?

Batista: It's really hard to say, man. It's really gotten weird, because the TV audience now, they do things that, to me, just don't make any sense. Like, they'll start these chants that have absolutely nothing to do with the show, but they don't do that on house shows. It's different. The best way I can put it is now, our television audience - the people who actually come to the televised show - they used to want to watch the show, they used to want to participate, and now it's like the want to be the show. It's really strange and it doesn't really make sense. Sometimes I think they miss out on what actually happens because they're so concerned about chanting stuff that they has something to do with something they read on the Internet. They just want to have a lot more control with the show, and I think they're selling themselves short, because they're missing out on what's going on.

Jones: Absolutely, dude. It's like there's two guys in the ring wrestling, a referee - you don't need a fourth man in there. You need to just watch and see what's happening. Otherwise, you're going to miss it.

Batista: It's the whole show that they're missing out on. I love that they love Daniel Bryan. It's great. He deserves all of his success. But at the same time, we can't have 16 segments of Daniel Bryan. They would get bored really fast. He's a star on the show, he's gonna be out there eventually. If you chant his name through every other match that's going on, it's just - they're missing out.

The interview is available at this link or embedded below:

  • Bob’s Diner

    Haha that’s hilarious. Fans chant during that stuff that bores them – if that happens to be a Batista segment, he needs to deal with it!

  • Patrick Steele

    Batista doesn’t seem to understand what is going on. It’s not all about Daniel Bryan. It’s about the same old crap being forced down our throats year after year. It’s about guys who left the business years ago coming back and automatically getting a title match. It’s about not giving younger talent the ball and running with it. Those fans want someone new at the top, not the same guys that have been there for a decade or more. Every time they give them a title and take it away within days it makes us more mad. Daniel Bryan is a two time champ, but it feels like they don’t trust him to keep the title more than a couple days.

  • Justin

    I actually agree with Batista to a certain extent. I do think that a lot of people in the crowd join in on the chants that have nothing to do with the match going on to get attention more than anything else. If I decide to ever buy a ticket to a WWE event, I’m not interested in taking part in various chants throughout the night that have nothing to do with the in-ring action. I would rather watch the matches. The more I hear the random CM Punk chants, for example, the less I am interested in seeing him return. I certainly understand people’s frustration with DB’s two day title reigns. I think that DB should win the title at Wrestlenania XXX and keep it for a while.

    • Patrick Steele

      I agree the CM Punk chants are stupid. The guy left on his own. The booing Batista and Yes/No chants though are just fans expressing their frustrations at what they feel is an inferior product.

  • matmaxwwe

    Batistas dead right here, the fans every week are just becoming cloned sheep of the fans the week before,the reality is that if these so called ‘fans’ don’t like the product anymore then they can’t class themselves as “fans” anymore either. And they certainly can’t be that bothered if there spending $60 on a ticket in the first place.

    • Xavier


      • BIG M

        Know I’m chiming in late here but I have to say I dissagree.
        Let me put this way WWE is entertainment like the movie industry.
        Now movie goers these days tend to fall into 3 groups.
        1. The popcorn crowd usually into big budget F/X filled movies who some believe sacrifice plot and characters for explosions.
        2. The indie crowd who automatically detest anything with a big budget without even considering watching them and seek out films that win awards and add to Cinema as an artform and wants the industry to only make those kinds of films.
        3. The genuane movie lover who buys tickets to both types of films.
        Now while groups 1 and 2 hate each other group 3 is hoping that the industry makes both types of movies because they enjoy both and and want both types of movies to make money and earn praise.
        I honestly believe the WWE Live Crowd scene today is no different.
        There are fans who would belong in a We want more of this catogory, fans who would belong in a We want less of this catogory and fans who would belong in a lets find a balance catogory.
        But they all do have one thing in common their all chanting YES YES YES.

    • J Vomkrieg

      Everyone wants to be that crowd at the post wrestlemania raw last year. The one that was legitimately bored with another Orton vs Sheamus bout and let rip. I think they also started fandangoing.

      Its a bit sad, by itself that was an interesting show because the crowd was original and Cheered the acts the loved, and booed the acts they found dull. This last year has been riddled with sad attempt to replicate that show.

      At least people aren’t saying “what” after every single line of dialogue though, that was worse.

    • K!NG

      He is dead on and ive been saying it for months…

  • Words cannot describe how glad I am to see my Mike Jones rib here! And I dunno, I could probably handle 16 segments of Daniel Bryan if they just let him work. Iron man match!

    • BrooksOglesby

      Gotta keep up the tradition.

    • Win

      There’s a fine line between being a fan and being a groupie, Richard. A fine line that you may have just crossed.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    The mans right. If all we saw were Bryan matches we would become bored with him. I think people go now to just disrupt the show. Doesn’t really matter who is in the ring. It just seems the thing to do now.

  • f_caus

    I don’t recall smarks hijacking Shield/Wyatt family bouts or many matches featuring up and coming talents known for wowing the crowd. I’m sorry, but if the fans are chanting random things during another Orton v. Sheamus match, then perhaps those wrestlers need to step up and shut the peanut galley up with their own talent and do something exceptional. Daniel Bryan may not be on the same “megastar” level as The Rock, but he won and earned the enthusiastic support from the general audience because of his energy, in-ring abilities, etc. Now if Batista and Orton can’t connect with the audience like that on their own, that’s their own fault.

    • K!NG

      Actually they did hijack Roman reigns vs Bray Wyatt on Raw…

      • f_caus

        To be fair, that match was situated near the tail end of an exhausting RAW and it was unfortunately slow paced. As much as I respect Reigns for his look and intensity as a future star, he still needs work when holding a match for 15 min.

        • k!ng

          So it makes sense to crap all over there match as if it was el torito vs hornswoggle ?

          • f_caus

            If the talents aren’t able to stand out and deliver when called upon, then that’s their problem.

          • f_caus

            And the same goes to DB if he does fail to reinvent himself down the road. Look at the disillusionment with Cena/Orton, etc.

  • BigMike

    Batista is jealous that he is not getting the reaction he thought he would get. He has always had a Diva type mentality and cannot handle it. DB has earned everything he gets and if the WWE Universe wants 20 segments with Bryan then that is what they should get. Bryan is entetaining in the ring and is great on the mic as well. AND, truth be told, IMO he is still being held back as compared to what I have see him do in the indy promotions in the ring and on the mic. watch him on Youtube; he is funny and just awesome

  • supercilious1

    16 Segments of Daniel Bryan? I can barely tolerate 16 minutes of him.

    • Jay El Bee

      I agree that’s why the last week and a half of WWE shows have been better than normal, no Daniel Bryan.

      • supercilious1

        I like watching Bryan wrestle, but this YES movement is getting annoying. Eventually he will have to transition his character from it.

  • K!NG

    the way the crowds acted 20 years ago like they do today. Dean Malenko would have been 10 time world champion.

    • K!NG

      If the crowd acted*

  • GOR

    Is it just me or is batista really slow ? I mean he was never really quick, but he made up for it with his intensity & explosiveness. But now, he just seems so rigid, slow & rusty. for a batista fan, it was painful to watch him against Shamus. After match, he couldn’t even talk properly.
    I kno this is not going to happen, but imagine him, HHH & ortan in WM main-event. Its a nightmare. & this is a guy who gave us a great match with the undertaker in the WM.