Batista vs. John Cena & Why The Groundwork Is Laid, Do Personal Feelings Alter Bookings?, WWE Draft, The Rock Competing Before Wrestlemania

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Do you think Batista could return and cheat John Cena out of his match at Wrestlemania XXVIII to give Cena a program after The Rock?

While I have maintained Batista will be back to WWE to finish up his in-ring career, I don't look for this to be a likely scenario. Cena vs. The Rock is going to be front row and center and I don't see anyone else returning to detract from that spotlight. The reason I chose to answer this question is because Batista's recent comments where he said he feels like Cena killed hardcore edgy wrestling provides the opportunity for a future program. Remember Chris Jericho Tweeted remarks about CM Punk that laid the groundwork for their upcoming Wrestlemania feud so if/when Batista returns, a program with Cena would be entertaining.

If two workers have legitimate dislike for one another does WWE avoid booking them against one another?

No one is able to control the plans of Vince McMahon. If McMahon ran WWE like that, it would not still be in business. While a main event worker such as John Cena has much more input in what they do and don't do, it'd be highly unlikely for someone to reject a program because of personal feelings with someone. No one outside of the top guys is going to reject anything because they don't want to lose their spots. There have been situations where a main event worker has gone to management over working with a certain worker, claiming they didn't feel safe. For example, Randy Orton went to WWE officials over working with Ken Anderson and it ended up leading to his WWE departure. There have also been situations where workers will stay out of the business and wait for the right opportunity. An example I can think of off the top of my head is Batista. He recently stated he's in no hurry to return and work with The Miz.

Will WWE hold a Draft this year with Raw being a Supershow?

With the brand extension still active, as far as I know, there will be a draft to go along with it. The reason WWE began the Raw Supershows is to give Smackdown talent exposure on Raw in hopes of carrying more of Raw's audience on Friday night. WWE also wants some of the younger guys, like Daniel Bryan, to get maximum exposure by appearing on both shows.

Did WWE ruin The Rock vs. John Cena by having them tag together at Survivor Series?

I was opposed to The Rock competing at Survivor Series and felt like WWE almost got greedy by using him prior to Wrestlemania this year. With that being said I don't think it ruined the Wrestlemania main event, however, it did take away from some of the anticipation. I don't know if it will cause someone not to order but I was against it and highlighted my reasons in detail before it happened on my Backstage Blog at this link.

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  • Jaryd

    It was a risk for WWE to use Rock at SS, but I think it paid off. Because whilst we can't now watch Wrestlemania to find out if he's "still got it", SS showed that he does still have it and so people now know they're guaranteed to get a well worked match as well as grand occasion/nostalgia value.

  • havoc525

    I don’t think the tag match hurt at all, especially with the post match deal. Rock needed to work in front of a live crowd to make sure he still had it, Survivor Series is a better place for that than Raw.

  • Thumpa

    Richard – any news on Miz/Del Rio not getting on? Heard some rumours and was wondering if you knew anything?

  • @jblack424

    Couple things a batista reutrn should be in next two to three years. He could rival with cena, bryan,miz just off tweets he put. I always like batista back to wcw but him and cena was like the top 2 picks in a draft. They were gonna rival just because they was hw elevated same time remember worst finish in rumble history(though besides that best rumble ever just my opinion). Both won titles cena beating jbl and batista beat the game. Batista if booked right could of been most dominating big guy ever. Injurys hurt him also and mic skills. The sad thing soon as he had a awesome bad guy gimmick pre wm with cena he is done. Cena is top 10 all time when he finishes probably higher. Also I hope there is a draft. I would like for bryan to come to raw to fues not just a match but a 3 month fued between punk and bryan. Add bryan cena. Wrestling has a chance to be awesome after draft if done right.

    • Hazmatt23

      Amazing you liked Batista when he was in WCW considering he never made it out of the Power Plant

      • @jblack424

        yeah he didn’t but he went to ovw like 2000 but I heard of him back then and there for liked him back in wcw. Just because someone isn’t a superstar doesn’t mean you didn’t like him. I would go on the ovw website and read about it and I thought he had the look.

    • Gary

      Holy grammar, bad spelling and punctuation!

  • Lenny

    Come on, it’s not like the rock wrestled a one on one match with somebody, he was in a tag team bout. For those who understand wrestling knows there’s a difference between
    Single bouts and tag bouts. I’ll definitely be watching WM and not because of Cena vs The Rock, but because it’s WRESTLEMANIA! The one of of the year where anything and everything happens! Superstars go all out to deliver their very best, basically the gloves come off. I can truly say that wm is one of te few WWE shows where I am truly entertained.

    • Lenny

      I meant to say ill be watching WM but not just because of Rock vs Cena.. Sorry.

  • paulw3000

    Why was my comment about the format of the PPV results deleted??? It wasn’t offensive to anybody, just a bit of feedback…

  • @ease9310

    I do indeed hope that someday that Batista will return to the WWE to have another epic fued with Cena.Another thing is for the WWE Draft,I hope that both Rey Mysterio,and Sin Cara can be on SmackDown,so they can have epic fueds with one another.Everbody wants to see Rey Mysterio verse Sin Cara,and I think it should happen on SmackDown,so mo people can come,to see SmackDown.I also hope Cena,Undertaker,Triple H,and Shawn Micheals can be on SmackDown,and maybe even Kane.If the WWE did this,then of course more people will mostly see SmackDown than Raw.

    • WyFo

      Undertaker is already on SmackDown (He just appears on Raw more) and how could Shawn Michaels be on Smackdown? He isn’t even in WWE anymore.

  • MVP

    If anything, I thought The Rock at SS even hightened the anticipation. Rocky showed he can still "bring it"…this will definitely not be a match where Cena has to carry an aging superstar.

  • monty

    the tag match actually helped in my opinion

  • Carter Killion

    Thanks for answering my question! (last one)

  • Hey alberto look in my eyes what do you see ? you leookd rather upset the Punk came out? Why if you’re sooooo damn good? Gee I haven’t heard a word repeated so many times since the Bill Clinton Pot Smoking Scandal LOL