Batista No Longer Advertised For WWE Return

The official ticket vender for the Thomas & Mack Center,, is no longer advertising Batista for the February 16, 2014 WWE live event from the venue. This can be taken one of two ways.

Either Batista was never supposed to be advertised and it was an incorrect listing or WWE found out the surprise return leaked without their blessing. Based on my own assumption, I would guess the latter. If Batista was in fact not returning, he probably would have debunked rumors via social media. So far, he's Tweeted nothing.

Click here for the updated listing and click here for the original listing.

  • AJ Punk

    He’s coming back

  • Patrick

    Wrestling web sties tend to spoil WWE’s suprises LOL.

    • Mysterion

      The event website spoiled it. Not this site.

  • Tony Rankin

    If it’s a short term deal as I’ve read, he’ll probably be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. I hope he sticks around long enough to put over Big E, that would be a great match.

    • Jbreed

      Batista was never good in the ring. I really doubt he will be able to put on a great match at 45 years old. Especially against a guy who’s still a bit green in the ring.

      • T-Zone

        Batista is 44 years old. Besides, don’t let age be a factor saying he can’t perform. Not everybody is a high flyer or a technical wrestling machine. Batista is a brawler. He has presence and was capable of evoking a crowd reaction. His best feuds were against Triple H, John Cena and Rey Mysterio. He does a good job for his style.

        • Jbreed

          The thing is not whether Batista can still perform but whether he could put on a great match, which is the issue I disagreed with in the original post. There’s a big difference between getting crowd reaction during a match and putting on a great match. I know Batista garnered a lot of crowd reaction because of his intensity in the ring but none of his matches were ever great, even against Triple H and John Cena. I admit Batista and Big E Langston sounds really intriguing on paper but be honest, do you really think it would be a great match?

          • David

            It’d be better than Henry and Ryback.

        • Jim Evans

          Thank You T-Zone .

  • Rus

    HAHAHAHA I know that WWE has a lot of monkeys working in creative but are the monkeys also working in promotions aswell. I hated finding out this spoiler but find it absolutely hilarious

  • Avalanchian

    Oh noes Batista isn’t coming back. Thanks for the hint WWE. *wink wink*

  • Eddie Edwards

    I’ll be at the Royal Rumble and I hope he is a surprise entrant

  • Jim Evans

    Your a little slow on this. He will be back in the WWE on January 20th.