Batista Officially Making His MMA Debut With CES In October, Claims That It Will Be "Live On PPV"

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Batista will be making his MMA debut with CES on October 6th, 2012 at the Duncan Doughnuts Theater in Providence, Rhode Island. Batista, who was originally planning to fight with Strikeforce before a deal fell apart, confirmed his debut with the following tweet:

TMZ is reporting that Batista will be facing Rashid Evans. Click here for more information.

  • Miles


  • steve2

    Not to be “that guy” but hopefully he gets crushed and his massive ego gets taken down a few notches.

  • G Ilyas

    I seriously had chills down my spine before I realized that it obviously wasn't RashAd Evans!

    • outkazt09

      me too. he would get rocked.

  • David

    Dunkin Donuts Center is what it's called. lol.

  • Mojo

    You go Steve2.

    And as everyone knows, 43 is the prime age to begin an MMA career.