Batista Reiterates He Left WWE Because Of PG, Not A Fan Of John Cena Or The Miz, Implies He Turned Down Tough Enough

The UK Sun has a new piece online today featuring quotes from Dave Batista. In it, he echos his disdain for WWE PG, giving it as the primary reason for his departure. Below is an excerpt:

"The reason I left was the PG direction the company took, it got too corny for me. I was a hug fan of the edgy era of DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin and those guys. The change in direction really ruined it for me.

"It's well recorded I'm not a fan of the likes of John Cena or The Miz. It's such a different company these days and not in a good way."

"I've no plans to return anytime soon. I was offered the job of working on Tough Enough, I just didn't think it was for me. I hear it went well with Steve Austin and good luck to them.

"I need to be excited by a project and I didn't feel that way about Tough Enough.

"If I did return to the WWE, it would be for a run not just a one-shot deal.

"I'd have to be a constant for them not someone who drifts in and out to boost ratings. If I did I'd love to work with Triple H again or Undertaker.

"They are the best workers there in my opinion and they'd make it worthwhile to return.

"The show would have to change though, so I can't see my return being anytime soon can you?

"But, you know, I pretty much did it all. My favourite wrestling moments are not necessarily my best ones, they are however the ones that mean most to me.

"My first World Title win meant a lot to me, winning the tag team titles with Ric Flair is up there too.

"I can't complain about the matches I had and the people I faced, I had an amazing time in the WWE."

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  • Dufus

    The PG rating is why I started watching WWE again. If that's why he left too bad. Batista was good.

    • WNW Fan

      I agree. I think some aspects of the PG are better than the edgy TV14. Don't get me wrong, I liked some of the attitude era but just like some of the overly corny PG can insult my intelligence so can the over the top TV14. PG can be good if done properly. I think WWE is finding a happy medium between the two.

      • wnwdotcom2

        Blaming PG as the sole problem with WWE is a cop-out. While I'm not into the corny over-the-top acts like Hornswoggle, entertaining programming can still be produced. We've seen plenty of it with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, etc.

        • D.Nyte

          what really gets me, is the fact that one of the biggest vocal critics of ‘PG’, who has gone out of their way to separate themselves from the product, jumps at every opportunity to jump in the spotlight to verbally bash the same company they want nothing to do with. Very reminiscent of the Goldbergs, Steiners and Hogans that just can’t get over the fact that regardless of contributions, this business is passing them by and new torch bearers are now the driving force. Looking back, Batista never was very impressive other than physical stature. He needs to just shut his mouth, run his gym and go away. The business did great before him and will do better after him. He never did anything profound.

          • D.Nyte

            As far as PG is’s truly irrelevant. There are so many movies I can list that were amazing PG movies. The fact has and will always be: Wrestlings popularity is cyclical. The lifelong fans always remain tuned in while the casual fans come an go. As popularity wanes, creative struggles with coming up with fresh and edgy ideas to draw in viewer Interes

          • D.Nyte

            *interest. In time, as it always does, pro wrestling will go through another boom and enter itself into the mainstream popularity conscience. Everyone needs to just chill sit back and be patient.

          • Mike

            Problem with being patient is that it takes too much time…

  • Monty

    I don’t agree with you Richard, fact is wwe was alot more fun when anything and everything was says. Rock making fun or Booker t and small school bus, Jericho always calling Stephanie you know what. If PG is so much better where are the ratings to prove that point? Give me fact. And punk had few good promos now he is also back to PG promos.

    • wnwdotcom2

      Live sex celebrations, necrophilia, Mae Young birthing a hand – there was plenty to criticize in the Attitude Era as well.

      Let's also not forget the ratings were in decline prior to the shift to PG and are more reflective of the state of the business. I'm not trying to be an advocate for PG programming, however, to point to it as the Achilles's heel of the business, or more specifically, WWE, is a cop-out.

      TNA isn't PG and where are they in the ratings?

      • GODSENT83

        Fully agree with the last sentence, tna is still trying to do the blood and cussing and it’s not working. That’s not what was awesome it was the talent and the blurred line at times, that’s why the punk promo in june was great

      • Mike

        The pre-PG ratings were in decline because Vince had no competition to push him over the edge. Instead he got complacent and focussed more on the money at the expense of the integrity of the product.
        TNA isn't PG, but has crappy ratings because they have no advertising and no real budget to speak of.

        Give TNA a budget the equivalent that which WWE has, and put someone decent in charge of advertising, and you'd see TNA do a lot better ratings-wise. Maybe not at the level of WWE, but the E is a lot more established. They'd come close enough to worry Vince though, and then you'd see the PG WWE end in a heartbeat.

        There are other aspects besides that, but I think that sums the matter up succinctly.
        The thing I think a lot of us non-PG fans find issue with is that yes, there are great programming and writing moments in the PG era, but they wouldn't have to end because of a shift to non-PG.

        I'll quite happily hold my hand up and say that I loved the violence, I loved blood in matches, I loved the chair shots and tables and trash cans and bowling balls to the nuts and kendo sticks and all that. I'm not a sicko. I don't beat dogs for fun or torture small animals in my spare time. I don't drown in beer every weekend and go around slapping my wife silly. I'm a university educated, married, full time employed, completely straight-edge aetheist… a perfectly normal, fine upstanding member of the community.
        I also love technical wrestling, the exchange of hold-counterhold-escape-response, the intensity of the in-ring product, the sheer variety of moves and counters and finishers.
        I also loved the high-flying aerial high-spot style of the Hardy's, and Edge and Christian, and Rey Mysterio before his knees blew out, and the WCW Cruiserweight style.
        I also loved the complex, some might say adult, nature of some of the storylines they had back then, and I got a chuckle from most of the more juvenile story arcs. I'll agree that the Mae Young thing was bad, and that the Katie Vick thing pushed a line, but the live sex thng for Edge and Lita worked perfectly fine for their characters. Better that than Bischoff and his HLA segment (which was a complete and utter let-down if you ask me).
        I loved it all because, more than in any other era of wrestling I've lived through, it SEEMED REAL. Despite knowing it's all scripted and choreographed, etc, etc, I could disengage from reality, suspend disbelief, and for a moment believe that everything that happened was real. The moves looked like they hurt, the wrestlers looked like they were legitimately trying to win a match rather than just put on a show (most of the time), and the way the performers related to each other out of the ring seemed genuine.
        People swear in real life.

        All of that has suffered under the current era. As far as the in-ring product goes, WWE is leagues behind where it used to be, and leagues behind ROH or TNA (sometimes) today. I'm not referring to Cena and his repertoire when I say this, but almost every match is the same, just with different people in.
        The only thing that's better now than it used to be is the health and well-being aspects of things, but even that's debateable at times. Most Wellness Policy things seem tailored around companies being able to justify themselves to an intrusive press from what I understand. Correct me if I'm wrong.

        Workers and talent are safer in the ring, perhaps, but at the cost of the quality of the product.
        I'm not going to list all the visibly exciting, technically interesting, or just darm brutal moves that the WWE doesn't allow talent to use, but I'm sure there's a lot, and that only serves to severely limit the variety seen within matches. People don't want to see the same two wrestlers battling over and over today because each time they do, they have no option but to enact the same things. Compare a high-end match today with one from the Attitude Era. The latter had much more variety, and much more excitement as a result. Back then, we didn't think we already knew everything that was going to happen, like we often do today.
        Jericho's list of the 1004 holds he knows would probably be narrowed down to 174 or so, with Armbar repeated quite a few times (yes I watched Vintage the other day).
        Wrestling's a dangerous sport, after all. Everyone going into it knows that and accepts that, or at least they used to do. It was the risk they took in pursuit of the career they loved.

        Hunter was right when he told Michaels that 'Taker was the last active remnant of a faded era. It's true. He is. He does represent a different breed, and there's very few performers today who I think could have truly hung with the members of that breed in their heyday.
        That exchange was one of the few times in recent memory where I thought the lines between storyline and reality were blurred, and that is really sad.

        Rant over now I think…
        Apologies if I went too far, but it is something I'm passionate about, only because I love the product so much and have invested so much of my time in it.

        • H.M.

          This post should be an article of its own. I completely agree. Most matches today aren't about wanting to win anymore. It's all mere choreography in comparison to the past. Wrestlers have to re-enact the same wrestling sequences and moves and the flow of most matches in the WWE at least is generally the same.

          • Mike

            Aye, I did go on a bit there, didn't I? Fingers were a bit of a blur on the keyboard… didn't realise how much I'd typed until I posted it.

        • dude tna is bad because hogan and russo was in it. lol

      • monty

        well richard thing is tna might not be PG but its run by 2 morons, their ratings should be much better but they keep wanting to relive their glory days of wcw vs wwf. and i know ratings were going down but that was because vince was too lazy to get something exciting. Let me ask you something why did the CM punk angle worked? here is how i look at it within PG people were like oh he is saying anything and everything and will he walk out of wwe or is he bluffing. Pg is not the only problem but its 60% of the problem.

        a pre-recorded show as smackdown can do 2.1 or better yet raw does 3.0 live? how does that make sense. if anyone has actually paid attention thing with smackdown is that it feels more like old wwe where vince isn't running everything and some of the younger talent in the company is running the show

        i hate PG the only time i will watch when wrestlemania comes out, if rock was acting within pg rock vs cena wouldn't be as big, rock made it personal and to do that he took nrated shots at cena's character

        if TNA can get its act together it has the talent needed all they need to do is actually use that talent the right way than vince would really notice, also don't forget if this wwe network fails vince could be out of wwe or be in real trouble

  • Can’t do gimmick matches effectively or believable with the pg rating. Flaming tables were awesome, how can you have an anything goes match if you have a whole list of things you can’t do. Never mind tna’s ratings, the quality of the wrestling far exceeds wwe, personally I tune in to watch a wrestling match, if I want soap opera material I’ll watch home and away with the missus.

  • Robert

    All i care bout is wrestling first guys who can wrestle miz and cena both pg there wm match was the worst main event ive ever seen in awile austin said ass hell damn all those are pg friendly besides 2010 ive been happy with wwe but from 2006 till 2009 tna was giving wwe run for its money the main event mafia had me wanting to watch and kurt angle greatest wrestler ever to lace em up as to say, no one can or will ever march him

    • Mike

      that makes my eyes hurt to read…

  • BigMike

    so they offered him Toug Enough? WTF his in ring work is not good at all Am I the only one who finds this hard to believe personally IMO they should have brought Al SNow back