Batista Returns To The Road - Loves House Shows

Batista worked his first WWE live event since returning to the company earlier this year on Saturday night in Phoenix, Arizona. The wrestler turned actor (turned back wrestler) beat Alberto Del Rio via disqualification in a singles match.

Del Rio got disqualified when he used a chair but Batista hit the Batista Bomb for good measure. He was over with the live crowd and Tweeted the following about the show:

  • Lebron James

    Unlike most I’m glad he’s back.

    • opie

      I hope the fact that he’s doing house shows will satisfy some of the haters. I’m not all about him jumping straight into the main event at Wrestlemania, but it is what it is. At least he’s not just coming back to be a part-timer like Brock or Rock.

      • Matt

        Lets be honest…the Rock is a HUGE movie star by any measure, and Brock Lesnar is a household name between wrestling and MMA. Of course they are not going to do house shows. They had that leverage in their contracts. Batista is not there yet, if ever.

    • Mysterion

      This is in no way supposed to troll you but why? What does he bring?