Batista Says He's Definitely Not Returning To WWE This Year

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Wrestling News World reader Swanson sent word that Dave Batista was on "Whats Trending" on YouTube Thursday night from Comic Con 2012.

In it, Batista said he definitely wouldn't be returning to WWE this year but was open to returning in the future. He mentioned in the beginning of the interview that he has lost 30 pounds since leaving WWE a couple years ago.

You can watch the interview embedded in the video below:

  • Cool. In that case I’ll keep watching wwe.

  • Tony

    So no doubt he’ll be back before the year is out. 1000th Raw?

    • Blake


  • Anand

    Come back Batista the WWE universe misses you. At least I do 🙂

  • outkazt09

    I liked his last run as a heel. he should come back as that.

  • The Breaker

    He gets asked about a WWE return at 7:25. And he makes a few wrestling-related comments in the beginning. But I noticed that Batista's really changed his tune about the company…I remember him ranting about how much he hates the PG product and everything. But now he says he's open to returning.


    Not in a million years i will settle for less, with Ryback or so, nice try Wwe, but there is only 1 Batista, and whatever he does, i wish him the best.

  • joe

    honestly, he's a sell out just like the rock and brock. i don't care if he ever comes back.

  • Van

    I'll be suprised if they'd let him back in the company since he called the PG product "selling watered down paintings" or something like that

  • Jotinmoy

    Batista you are best in the world.come back batista wrastlmania 2013

  • Batista please come back to wwe iam waiting to see again

  • I want to see batista in royal rumble2013

  • Vishal

    batist come back to wwe at on shield