Batista Says John Cena Killed Hardcore, Edgy Wrestling; Says He's Not In A Rush To Go Back & Work With The Miz

Batista appeared on The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show on 106.7 The Fan on Friday night and had some interesting comments regarding John Cena.

The end of his WWE run: I think, you know, they did the whole PG direction thing, I think that works for Cena; the little kids love him, cause he’s a great character, he’s someone they can look up to. The girls love him, good looking guy, says all the right things, does all the right things, but the hardcore fans can’t stand him. He is Mr. Hokey, Mr. PG… to me; he killed hardcore, edgy wrestling.

His final feud with John Cena: I was playing the part of the heel, but they were still booing the hell out of Cena. I really had to go that extra step to be a heel against this guy.

He also said he's not in a rush to go back and work with The Miz and The Miz doesn't do it for him.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Bharat Bhenchod for sending this in.

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    I understand where Batista is coming from, and at least he didn't go all Chavo Guerrero, but I haven't tuned out. "Hardcore, edgy wrestling?" What does he mean by that? Attitude Era, ECW? As much loved and adored those were, some of their matches, suck. The format just was too much at times. Fighting in the crowd for example was a tool used a lot, when say at SummerSlam 2011, with Randall and Christian, it was done to perfection. My favorite match of all time came under the PG Era: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. One of my favorite movies of all time is PG: Back to the Future.

    It's a case of preference, and how one views wrestling as an art. To me, wrestling shouldn't ALWAYS be hardcore and edgy. I like the wrestling that has great storytelling, ring psychology, and some in ring flair. When it comes to that Attitude Era of wrestling, after Shawn Michaels left, the guy who carried the torch in the wrestling department, was HHH. When it comes to looking at wrestling during that era, HHH was the king, particularly in 2000. What a year he had, what amazing performances he put on. Speaking of hardcore, edgy wrestling, the toll it had on wrestlers' body, Edge came from that Era, revolutionizing the ladder match, revolutionizing TLC, and he just retired this year, because of his neck, which suffered a lot during that era. So there's a safety measure to consider. Also could they have pushed the envelope any farther? No more room for innovation, regression comes. Also, to be honest, say Punk cut that worked shoot promo in a TV-14 environment, I doubt it would have the same lasting effect, because heck, something like that, obviously more kayfabe, would exist in, I don't know, a promo minutes before. Sometimes going back is a good thing.

    As for Cena, no matter what his character is, which doesn't bother me much, he's still an entertaining wrestler: skilled in the ring, charismatic and electric on the mic.

    • snuggle

      I agree with you that Batista is over exaggerating a lot. True anybody facing Cena it’s hard to be a true heel because fans boo Cena, however him saying he couldn’t put on great matches because of the pg era just shows how garbage of a wrestler he is. I agree there have been a lot of classic matches during the pg era. Michaels/Flair, Michaels/Taker 1 & 2 HHH/Taker Orton/Christian feud,Cena/Punk. Guys like Batista only made it because of their size and the fact that they used weapons more when he wrestled. This guy was in some of wwe’s biggest matches with the likes of Taker, Edge, HHH, Eddie, Mysterio, Michaels and yes Cena and none of those matches where classics even though they weren’t in the pg era. Batista can’t wrestle at all he just had good wrestlers to help carry him in matches. I really don’t understand all the hate that people throw at Cena don’t get me wrong I’m no huge Cena fan my favorite wrestler of all time is Stone Cold Steve Austin and my current is Mark Henry, Christian, and Orton but the guy is doing what he’s told to do by Vince. Yes he’s won one to many world titles, I do feel that the wwe needs to evaluate more stars into top talent but with that being said wwe has lost a lot of top guys that could carry the company Edge, Michaels, Taker, Jericho, Batista, Jbl, Angle, Rvd these were proven main event guys who if given the heavyweight title they could run with the ball. Since they have left Vince has given guys like Sheamus, Adr, Miz among others the chance to step up but they couldn’t carry the ball only Miz had a long run. If guys like Batista dint like what’s going on don’t hide like a wimp tuck tail take your ball and run stay or come back and help the business.

    • HATER

      Did you just use John Cena and skilled in the ring in the same sentence? WOW!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Batista killed entertaining promos

  • Luis

    wow did i just here cena is an "entertaining wrestler" the guy has 5 moves, he is deff not a wrestler, maybe an entertainer, you should stop watching wwe and watch roh thats wrestling. wwe is just a soap opera with guys dude

  • ashley

    Ive never like cena but batista was like cena back on smackdown prior to his heel turn so hes making himself look like a hypocrite

    • Alex

      Not really. While Batista was the face of Smackdown he wasn't as goody goody as Cena. Batista could still get angry and want to hurt someone. If you hurt Cena he'll still turn around and say "Well you're still got it and I respect you as you're a a wonderful athlete."

  • Jeremy

    Batista should really know that time has change and he should move on. Complaining about John Cena killing wrestling is just stupid considering Cena himself never wanted WWE to turn that way. All in all, Cena was doing just like any pro wrestler would do, make a name for himself in the WWE whether it's standard wrestling WWE, Attitude era wrestling WWE, hardcore wrestling WWE, or PG wrestling WWE.

  • Van

    Cena didn't do it.Vince & his creative writers did.they're the ones who come up with things for him & the rest of the roster to do.sure there are times when the superstars/divas come up with stuf,but it's mostly Vince & the writers.

  • Ilyas

    Listen I respect the wrestler Batista,but he should really stop complaining about Cena.To me I think Dave Bautista is still a young guy.And he should get another job instead of complaining everytime about Cena.

  • sean

    Batitista is flat out arogant guy was boring in the ring and on the mike

  • RKOfan

    One thing's for sure; WWe should be much more better off when Cena left, instead of Batista.

    • Da KiDD

      That is actually 100% false. Batista is great. But Cena is a lightening rod. He's divisive and polarizing, and by him possessing all of those attributes, he draws attention and reactions. You're speaking with your heart and not your brain

  • James

    I am not an enormous fan of John Cena. He is way too stiff when he wrestles, has the same 5 or 6 moves, just like Batista had. But one thing for Cena I have to give him, was he got over all by himself. He worked as a heel doing his rapper gimmick which was wonderful. Bastista had Triple H who had Vince's ear. But Cena at least can do a promo, Batista just looks like another body builder. Say what you wish about either, but I would rather take someone who can be on the mic any day then a body builder

  • Chris

    99% percent of Batista's gimmick was his look.

  • Da KiDD

    U always comin on here goin against the grain, with some crazy comments. F that, I miss Batista

  • matt

    How did Cena kill hardcore wrestling, he's just doing what the boss tells him

  • Juice Bronson

    Cena does suck. He has zero talent required moves, is a great big suck up, and dresses like a punk. I hope the Rock does a Rock Bottom out of everywhere. like Orton does his RKC3PO, onto the padded mats outside the ring to Cena at Wrestlemania 74 or whatever # they're on. Course that wouldn't be PG, G at best. Ryder sucks, Ziggler is awesome. Mahal should be future endeavored, Morrison resigned, Laryngitis promoted, Kidd at least pushed once in a while, Flair retired for real and Kharma should be champ until they find some decent replacements…but until then we'll still have the talentless Miz around. Christian needs to be respected by management more and DiBiase really needs a personality. Robert Roode? Whatever, TNA means as much to the wrestling world as soccer and hockey mean to the U.S.

    • aGirl

      I couldn't disagree more but I hope writing this at least made you feel better.
      Clearly you don't pay attention to what you're watching so I suggest you switch to cartoons, they'll fit your age 🙂

  • oldskewl friend

    I'd hate to say it but…if Cena left and went to TNA it would change the business forever much like when Hulk went to WCW, people would turn on TNA to see Cena.

    • Mark

      PG Cena would never work in TNA, which is what the majority of his fan base is into. I don't even think a character change would help him there.

      Does anyone think that it's not Cena who is the problem? If you worked for Vince, and he told you he will pay you millions to do the "5 moves of Doom" that the kids love, you couldn't get to the bank fast enough. The man has tried…wrestling Mysterio this past summer, outsmarting Batista in a Last Man Standing Match…if you don't like him, just flip the channel and watch 10 minutes of football. Then turn it back when Orton comes out. Speaking of a guy with the same move set all the time…but no one says anything about that. Wonder why?

      • In moderation .say 4-5 hours a week max, I don’t think is a big deal.If he’s plniayg Madden like a college student locked in his room plniayg it nearly 5 hours a day, you might have a problem.

  • Frenchfry

    hahahahahaha at his comments about the miz, that is so true

  • kjk

    I’m so sick of people saying that Cena’s the worst thing that ever happened to the wwe just because they dislike the gimmick that was given to him to lead the PG era. He doesn’t get nearly enough credit or respect for what he does. Whether you love him or you hate him – nobody can deny his talent as an in-ring performer. I know that his character is quite repetitive and predictable, which is one of the reasons the fans turned their backs on him, because he doesn’t bring a certain gusto of controversy which is something that a large proportion of the wwe universe craves. I’m not much of a fan of the whole PG era either, but I won’t try to use that as an excuse to hate Cena. Personally, I consider myself a John Cena fan, and that is because he’s great at what he does and whether you like it or not he is the protagonist of the company. Everyone knows that he’s Vinces’ go-to guy for a reason. No matter what, we can trust that he’ll do what’s right over what’s easy; and he proved that when he gave up his title shot so that Ryder could have his chance. I’d call that noble, but so many others are blinded by hate. Many people can’t stand him for what he represents, and I get that. But it’s no more Cenas fault than your own. He’s just doing his job. He is the good guy, but the thing is – people are sick of his gimmick. Like I said, they want controversy. Why do you think people clung to CM Punk so much after that speech he made a few months back? Because they knew that he was saying things that we’re supposed to be said. They looked at him as a rebellious new leader just because he was creating the right kind of controversy. That’s why The Rock had such a successful career, because he was the loud-mouth instigater of all that was controversial. And that’s why he has so much support now, despite that fact that he hadn’t bothered showing his face in the wwe for seven years. Now, I’m not having a go at Dwayne, all I’m saying is that so many legends, although retired, still took some time out to make appearances every so often. People like, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret the Hitman Hart, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan… They all came back for the people. If it wasn’t for Cena calling Dwayne out, he might not have even returned to his beloved and devoted fans at all. So in the end, the wwe has decided to put Cena up against the pinnacle of arrogance. And it seems that much of the wwe universe admires crudeness over this role-model gimmick of John Cena. And I’d say that that this is a significant indication the the wwe universe wants the old attitude era back.

    • @RatedMKD

      Paragraphs are your friend. I agree with your comment so much, but it was a bit of an endurance trial trying to read such a lengthy single block of text!

  • Joe

    You know what's crazy to me is that people complain about Cena's 5 moves. Grant it, that is pretty boring and stale. He does take time to try to change things up. he had a good match with Punk and everything and does a decent job changing it up at PPVs. But what I'm getting at is that some of our great champs only had 5 or 6 moves. The greatest is Hogan. Can anyone think remember the amount of moves he used? I think the difference between Cena and Hogan is that Cena is performing almost every week. Hogan seemed like he was only used big events like WMs or ppvs or whatever. He spent most of his time outside those events cuttin promos. We all want Cena to do more, but how much time does cena really have outside of the ring to practice something new or different? I'm a fan, but not like a die hard fan, i don't have any of his merchandise or anything, but I respect the guy and as much as he does, I'm surprised he's still coming out every week, while putting out movies and helping charities like Make-A-Wish. I liked Batista, but as for some of us here, he needs to quit pointing fingers. If he has a problem with the way things are in wrestling, either he needs to get his facts straight about who to blame (i.e. PG & edgy wrestling isn't Cena's fault) or do something about it, show us what 'edgy' is

  • Ekow

    There is nuffin wrong wif Cena,he just has to stay away from the title a while.He has done something for the business,give credit where its due

  • Hawk5934

    Agree with Batista. How come ratings has been low since 2005? How come Raw got a 2.2 ratings a couple weeks ago? How come ESPN called out WWE for Cena’s lame promos? How come Cena didn’t get a clean lost since he faced The Rock @ WM28? How come Cena buried a group of talent like The Nexus? How come he isn’t heel, Hogan, Rock, Austin turned heel to help the business. All Cena does is bring in kids and women, he pushed for the PG rating along with Linda in 2008 because he sold out.