Batista Says He Left WWE For Very Specific Reasons, Didn't Make Demands In Return

Batista discussed his return to WWE in a new interview with The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. In it, he said he left the company in 2010 for "very specific reasons" because his deal was too constrictive. He said there were certain guys getting opportunities he wasn't getting and he wasn't cool with that. Batista reaffirmed he always wanted to come back and he got to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish while away.

Batista said he didn't demand a lot of money for limited WWE dates either. He agreed to come back and work live events as well as Smackdown. He also talked about being selective when choosing movie roles during his hiatus from pro wrestling.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety at this link.

  • Che

    Even if he is a heel right know, I admire that he is doing live shows, he like what he is doing at the time, that is a sing of respect for fans.

    • Bob’s Diner

      As opposed to flipping them off and telling them they sucked because they weren’t cheering him winning the Royal Rumble? Oh yeah, he really respects the fans

  • Draven

    I respect batista for coming back full time and wasnt upset he came back he is working a full scheule unlike a lot of part timers that come back just for mania and not once yet at least has he mentioned his upcoming movie. My problem is he came back and management put him over in the rumble and the title match at mania which is the win and spot that bryan deserved and i know that im not alone in feeling that way. But if batista had came back and for instance went after someone like lesnar at mania i doubt the fans would have turned on him like they have i know i wouldnt have.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Wow what an about face. This is the same guy that claimed WWE was too PG and John Cena was terrible to work with. As for not demanding money, pretty sure he demanded the title so I guess that’s his way of getting out of it.

    This guy… sheesh, who’d actually be a fan??

    • Ben

      He did put over Christian pretty heavily in an interview back in 2006 or so.

      … I was trying to come up with more reasons to be a fan but his lousy promos and in-ring work along with a severe lack of professionalism rivaling even that of Orton in his scummy heyday make it impossible to do so.