Batista Turns Heel, Photo Of Cena In His Ferrari, This Week's JBL & Cole Show

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- WWE finally turned Batista heel on this week's episode of Smackdown. For those that missed it, he opened the show by declaring he didn't come back to be liked. He's back to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he represents WWE better than people like Hulk Hogan and especially The Rock. Batista said the only reason fans cheer for their “heroes” is because they relate to them, and feel they can do the same. Adam has complete live coverage in our WWE Smackdown Open Thread.

- John Cena was photographed in his Ferrari when he arrived for NXT ArRIVAL on Thursday. My Facebook friend Brian Perine posted the following photo:

- This week's episode of "The JBL & Cole Show" is online at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

  • jdl

    Finally? He’s worked three matches and been back for a month and that’s “finally”? Also, how is turning a guy getting X-Pac heat heel a good thing?

    • BIG M

      What does Sean Waltman have to do with it.

      • opie

        Have you never heard of “X-Pac Heat”? It’s when fans don’t just hate the character, but the guy playing the character. I always felt like Ace was the best example of this.

        • Roger

          X-Pac sucks.

  • Bryan

    So the main event of Wrestlemania 30 is heel vs heel. And how does this make sense?

    • Ding Ding Ding

      They will have Randy Orton turn face either before or at Mania, The Authority will turn on him crowning Batista the face of the company. Its so predictable, D-Bry will be the champ soon after, im not a mad D-Bry fan but i think the guy deserves it, he is the most over guy in the company at the moment.

      • opie

        I’m never one to say anyone deserves anything in wrestling. It’s contrived, and I want to see the best story possible. Orton being face is a failing proposition, since he’s absolutely miserable at being a face. This match is heel v. heel, whether they like it or not.

    • opie

      It doesn’t, but to be fair it’s not like it was booked that way. People just weren’t into Batista coming back as a face.

    • david

      I’m thinking they’ll end up adding a third party to the match at some point although I don’t know who. I don’t think it will be Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton in any type of main event is such a waste.