Batista Wins MMA Debut By TKO In The First Round

Dave Batista beat Vince Lucero in his MMA debut on Saturday night in Providence, Rhode Island. Batista got the victory via TKO in the first round after landing several strikes on his opponent. The fight is embedded in the video below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers G Ilyas and Dave L for sending this in.

  • _JIM_

    Great… Way to beat up some fat guy. I thought he was rocked early when he got caught with a couple big rights, but then he surprised me with how quickly he shot in and took a 300+ lb guy down to the mat. This fight had to have bombed on PPV. As of Thurs they were still advertising his opponent as being Rashid Evans. I’m thinking they were hoping fans would be confused and think he was fighting Rashad Evans to squeeze a few more buys out of people. All in all I thought Bautista did pretty good. It was good for his future that he got the stoppage in the 1st round also. Makes him look better that he didn’t go multiple rounds with a guy that wasn’t in any kind of fighting shape. I’d like to see Bautista get a shot at some good opponents, but at his age I don’t know if UFC would be interested in signing him so that he could actually get to fight some quality opponents. Since basically all the top fighters are with UFC now.

    • Bigdaddychuck

      Is this that movie here comes the boom?

  • Daniel

    He didn’t look that good he will need to improve a hell of a lot to make it mma. He would get destroyed if he went up against someone with more quality. It’s a good job he didn’t fight Rashid Evans I think he would have lost.

  • Violet09

    I don’t get into mma at all but I thought Batista looked terrible. He needs to give it up and go back to wwe. Thanks for posting the video.

  • DoJo

    That was actually painful to watch……….. No UFC contract ever gonna go Bautistas way after that – maybe a match up on an indy with Lashley would be his/there biggest draw……….. If that fails how about Tank Abbot, Ken Shamrock or Dan Severn LoL

  • choloman72

    He definitely has things he has to work on, but I’m glad he won

  • Alexander

    he even has won without a Batista Bomb…

  • Alexander

    he even has won without a Batista Bomb!

  • Dave Barton

    Certainly wasn't an exciting fight, but I give Big Dave props for not panicking when Lucero was landing shots on him. Dave was patient & picked his own shots, and it worked out well for him.

  • Fart Handler

    His opponent was Humpty Dumpty?

  • Howard Stern

    Glad to see the change of opponents didn't destroy his MMA career before it got a chance to start.

  • JXW

    Does lucero have a hole on his lower back or am I seeing things?

  • Tony P.

    He didn’t look too good in that fight. He’ll get better as he gets more fights and more training. Hope he succeeds though.

  • jcud313

    Damn, even with a win, Bastista looked like garabge.

  • Loki P

    Not exactly dominating was it ?!

  • Nice Job Dave!!!

    Say what you, but WWE Talent are a multi-taletend group of people. Their have been NY Times Best-Selling Authors, lead-singers in rock bands, UFC Champions, Hollywood Actors, college graduates, etc. I'm proud of Batista and others like him. It's always nice to know they they choose to entertain us and its not only for profit.

  • Bishop

    Congrats on the win, but he has a long way to go if he takes a 2nd fight. His stand-up defense looks like trains with a Gracie….chin high and hands down.

  • mjledesma


  • Matt Scott

    It's a nitpick but shouldn't you call him Dave Bautista, as his twitter name and what he wants to be known as is that?

    • Richard Gray

      He'll always be Batista to us;)

      • XKonn247

        Haha I agree with that. But I think he actually wants us to take him seriously now o.O

    • Coming 2 America

      Customer: If a man wants to change his name to Muhammed Ali, this is a free country, you should respect his wishes and call the man Muhammed Ali.

      Barber #!: His mama call him Clay…I'm gone call him Clay!

      Barber #2: Thats right, he'll always be Clay to me.

  • I wonder what Scott Steiner would say about Batista’s opponent?

    • Frenchfry

      I could just imagine the barrage of incoherent yet effective insults that Steiner would have for him….

  • rpr0174

    He couldn't even handle that out of shape, fat uncoordinated opponent. He has no chance in MMA. His next opponent should be Kimbo Slyce, see if that is more fit for him

  • BigMike

    Good for dave to get the monkey of a first fight done but this was pathetic the dude was motioning to the crowd and was a joke

  • Evo

    I thought he learned his lesson when Booker T beat his Azz! Twice. Even VKM called him a Pussy!

  • Im gonna save everyone some time. Heres what happened:
    – Lucero comes on strong with a barrage of punches
    – 2 minutes of making out against the cage wall.
    – Batista takes down Lucero and dry humps him for another 2 minutes.
    – ground and pound from batista before the ref stops it.
    There you go, Batista’s debut everybody!

  • Paul

    Well he’s no Brock lesnar…