Batista Wishes The Crowd Would Have Been A Little More Supportive About Return

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WWE posted a new clip from the new Batista: The Animal Unleashed Blu-ray and DVD on YouTube. In it, he talked about Internet guys taking shots at him and admitted he wishes the crowd would have been a little more supportive of his return. Click here to watch the piece or check it out embedded in the video below:

Earlier this week, I wrote a detailed piece about Batista's problematic and controversial return to WWE. You can read it at this link.

  • Bob’s Diner

    This guys whinges more about the people on the internet than the people on the internet whinge about him

    • Bob’s Diner


      Great name, btw

      • jason witten 82

        im eating at a place right now, bobs drive in, reading both your guys comments, i feel like there this a theme to this madness but cant put my finger on it….

  • Ben

    If you wanted people to be more supportive, you should have come back in ring shape, learned how to cut an interesting promo, learned how to wrestle, and most importantly, learned how to not complain and get upset about the fans. At least you didn’t injure yourself taking a bump, I suppose that’s progress. Do us all a favor and go whine on Hollywood movie sets instead of wasting perfectly good TV time.

    • Bob’s Diarrhea

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