Batista At WM31, NOC Swerves, No WWE Champion In Europe, TNA Without Spike TV

Even though it's just a dot com tease at this point, would WWE seriously risk putting Batista in the main event at WrestleMania next year? Personally i feel that would be a flat-out flop.

For those that missed it, dot com teased Batista vs. The Rock for Wrestlemania 31 next year in their article reporting on The Rock playing the role of Black Adam (with Batista opposing him in a Marvel vs. DC showdown as Drax the Destroyer). I haven't heard of any discussions involving an actual Batista vs. Rock match but there were preliminary plans for next year's Wrestlemania 31 to be featured around Brock Lesnar, The Rock and Batista. That promotional information has since been removed but it was telling in terms of who the company viewed as top guys for the show.

As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Batista is eager to return but he wants certain assurances in the booking of his character. I believe if it's worked out that he comes back, he'll be in a prominent role at Wrestlemania 31.

As good a show as SummerSlam was, do you feel it was a mistake to have all three title changes? It's turning Night of Champions into "Night of Rematches" and Sheamus vs Cessaro won't help the card much.

There are two SummerSlam rematches announced for Night of Champions so far - Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena and The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler. I don't see it as that big of a deal but I will be interested to see how they book Cena vs. Lesnar. The way it was booked at SummerSlam made it almost impossible to book a competitive rematch. If Lesnar is as dominant as he was at SummerSlam, what will that do to John Cena? Does the company look to put Cena over and have Seth Rollins cash in? There are a lot of questions and to me, that's more of the concern than two rematches.

WWE's European tour is coming soon and normally they have a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match but with Brock Lesnar as champion and not going to Europe, is there a chance he drops the title?

This is an interesting observation and I intentionally placed this question under the talk of a Brock Lesnar/John Cena rematch. While the overwhelming assumption is that Lesnar will hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship until Wrestlemania 31 when his contract is up, dare we ask what if? What if Vince McMahon decides to go the direction I described above and put Cena over, only for The Authority to use their "insurance policy" in Seth Rollins? This would give them a full-time champion and an opportunity to start on Rollins as a top guy but would it cheapen Lesnar ending the streak? It could write Lesnar out of storylines for a potential Wrestlemania 31 program against The Rock -- something Vince wants to do -- but it's filled with potential problems. I don't have the answers and I don't envy the people that have to make the decision. It was always going to be difficult booking someone to end the streak and it got even more difficult when that person ended up being a part-time talent. Compounding the issues is the injury to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk quitting the company, as they're clearly light on top talent. How WWE books Lesnar vs. Cena at Night of Champions will tell us a lot more in the direction they plan on going and is by far the most interesting element of the pay-per-view.

What are TNA's options if they leave Spike TV at the beginning of next year?

Spike TV has renewed Impact through the end of 2014; however, there are serious questions about what will happen after that. According to a source, Spike actually made overtures about purchasing 51% of TNA before looking to move on without them. Now, this isn't to say that a last-minute deal can't be worked out -- as TNA continues to pump out they are still talking with Spike through UTA -- but it's worth looking at other options. There have been rumors and speculation about second-tier cable networks having interest but I don't think people fully comprehend the ramifications of such a move.

Further, it can't be stated enough that the major cable networks are not enthusiastic about pro wrestling. All we have to do is go back to WWE's TV negotiations from earlier in the year. WWE was so confident there would be suitors lined up to bid on their programming, they set their investors up for unrealistic expectations. What WWE thought would be an all-out bidding war, turned out to be a two horse race between Viacom (Spike TV) and NBCUniversal/Comcast (USA Network). When Viacom found out what WWE was wiling to accept from NBCU, they backed out and WWE tucked their tail in-between their legs and re-signed a deal Vince McMahon said himself was disappointing with NBCU, knowing they were going to face investor backlash.

Now, TNA is out in the marketplace with a far less attractive model. They are shopping taped programming with stagnant viewership. While the numbers are at least respectable -- they're far below that of WWE. If WWE had only a couple of serious suitors, how can anyone expect TNA to have more? Now obviously TNA isn't looking for the money that WWE was but if networks aren't enthusiastic about the biggest pro wrestling/sports entertainment company in the world, it's fairly obvious what an uphill battle TNA is facing.

Back to second tier networks having interest in TNA and people not understanding the ramifications, Spike TV reaches approximately 98.7 million pay television subscribers in the United States. Velocity, one of the rumored second tier networks believed to have interest in adding TNA programming, was available in approximately 52.2 million American households last year. In other words, even if TNA reaches an agreement with one of these networks, they will have to exist in a scaled back form. If they garner around 1 million viewers while available in over 98 million households, how many viewers will they be able to attract in over 52.2 million? Would TNA even be interested in such a model?

In addition to taking a dramatic viewership hit -- which would negatively impact every facet of TNA's business -- they would also be generating significantly less in domestic TV rights fees (Spike currently pays TNA $65,000 per hour for Impact or $130,000 per week or $6,760,000 per year). The best-case scenario for TNA would be to agree to something with Spike TV -- even if they aren't able to raise their fee. If not, TNA will not be able to operate as they do in their current form.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2012: Has WWE considered lowering the prices of their B-level pay-per-views. By giving up some money they could in turn boost a show’s butyrate? - I agree the price of WWE pay-per-views is too high, especially paying more for High Definition (which should have never been the case). The pay-per-view business is not what it once was and I’ve gone as far as saying it’s an outdated model with the multitude of ways people are now viewing content. There has been a lot of talk about WWE’s pay-per-view business taking a dramatic shift with the launch of the WWE Network but it has been delayed with the network’s delay. When the network finally premieres, I expect a change to take place in regards to the company’s pay-per-view model.

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  • Yves Heinrich

    I hope Batista will be at WrestleMania 31 or even return to future PPVs or just return! Arguably with all due respect one of the best matches ever if Batista vs. The Rock will happen or a Triple Threat match between them and Brock Lesnar!

    • Jbreed

      I never thought I’d see Batista and “one of the best matches ever” used in the same sentence.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Batista vs The Fans was kind of entertaining

      • Yves Heinrich

        What couldn’t be better? Without a shadow of a doubt, this could be one of the greatest matches ever!

    • devanshkotak

      lol 3 guys who have heat for being part timers in the mainevent? are u kidding me? ppl would hate that

      • Yves Heinrich

        I don’t want it to be a title match, just these three favorite wrestlers that mostly everybody loves, want a match like that, you know a match of three legends whatsoever, could be a great match!

        • devanshkotak

          favorite for mostly everyone? ambrose, rollins, bryan and to some extent cena count as favorites for “most.” these 3 guys are great but you cant put them in the same story line without a title cause in history of wwe there has not been an epic triple threat match that didnt have anything to do with the titles. u can put any of the 2 against rock. but lesnar and batista are not gettin a babyface reaction any time soon. and its not tna so there is not gonna be a match without a story line backing it. internet had to break your bubble

          • Yves Heinrich

            So whether on WrestleMania, they should have a Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but since everybody is looking forward to see Reigns vs. Brock, they should have this match on other PPV before WrestleMania, either that, I just hope that it’s gonna be Batista vs. The Rock, The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar or a Triple Threat match for the title against The Rock and Batista or last, a Fatal 4 Way match with Reigns in it, it could push him really good!

          • devanshkotak

            my problem is with it being the wrestlemania especially triple threat match. but any 2 of these would do great in a match. lets hope

          • Yves Heinrich

            I’ll agree with you, if the fact is that I didn’t see people who liked or wants a Triple Threat match, non title match of The Rock against Batista, Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar or the Fatal 4 Way match, that’s why I hope for 🙂

    • Ben

      I think you meant to say “one of the worst Wrestlemania main event matches ever” and will agree with that sentiment.

      • Yves Heinrich

        I didn’t meant to that, I don’t know from where do you get your bull**** but I’d call it an insult because I didn’t meant to whatever you mentioned so, why would I think of that if I already said: “one of the best matches ever”?

        • Ben

          I’m not sure if you’re trolling or serious. Batista’s in-ring has sucked horribly outside of triple threats and other matches with multiple workers (masking his lackluster work) and The Rock hasn’t had a good match in over a decade (other than being carried by Punk). Lesnar having to carry two lousy workers… yeah, sounds like a real dream main event.

          You need to chill or otherwise not let the opinion of others affect you so much. Or just keep trolling if you are, because if you are it’s pretty funny.

          • Yves Heinrich

            You’re the most ridiculously, disrespectful human being I’ve ever saw commenting on the internet.
            First of all, I’m not trolling and if that’s the case, you’re the one who doesn’t appreciate other people’s opinion and second, your definitely not speaking for yourself and instead speaking for others about: ” Batista’s in-ring has sucked horribly”, because it shows how much you have no taste with all due respect, not to mention you probably hate The Rock too, one of the best entertainers or without a doubt, the best entertainer in the world and yeah, you want me to chill on: “You need to chill or otherwise not let the opinion of others affect you so much.” Do you even listen to yourself obviously?! Because I do and especially looking/correcting my comments so I’ll know what I’m talking about!

          • Ben

            I don’t hate The Rock, more often than not I’ll give an average-looking action movie a shot if he’s in it. But his promo style hasn’t aged well (to be fair, this might have to do with the PG environment compared to TV-14 when he was a full-timer) and his matches have been average at best. Heck the last 10 minutes of his match with Cena was just dueling finishers. That’s not entertaining.

            Like The Rock, Batista got blown up very quickly and his work was mediocre in the few singles matches he was in since he returned. Did you not notice the WWE booking him in matches with multiple wrestlers that didn’t require him to be active the entire match? They were protecting him from having to do too much. I promise you, I’m far from the only person who isn’t fond of Batista’s work (sans Guardians of the Galaxy, he was fantastic as Drax), especially in the ring.

            Lesnar has been very good, but he already had to carry an injured Undertaker through an entire match at WM 30. I doubt he can carry both Rock and Batista. Let those two face off as others have suggested and let Lesnar and Bryan tear the house down. Gives Bryan the rub from The Streak instead of wasting it on Rock or Batista, neither of whom have a long-term future. Bryan hopefully still does despite his injury/injuries.

            I’m sorry that you can’t take a joke, or perhaps didn’t get that my original reply was one.

          • Yves Heinrich

            “I’m sorry that you can’t take a joke, or perhaps didn’t get that my original reply was one.” I did know what you’ve meant on the first comment, it’s not my fault I have a serious personality, but I agree with what you’ve said 🙂

  • Scott Davies

    TNA & Spike TV. Both run by rednecks, both suck as marketing & promoting. One can’t manage wrestlers, the other will only show cops re-runs. Both running each respective platform, should never go near wrestling again.

  • Xavier

    Personally I’d rather see Rock face Batista over Lesnar for the simple fact that I don’t think it’s right for two part timers to fight for the title. The honor of facing Lesnar should either go too Reigns or Bryan. In a perfect world I’d prefer not to have anymore part timers come in at this point but if The Rock & Batista must be there then I’d be okay with them facing each other. Batista/Rock makes a bunch of sense from a marketing and business stand point.

    I have a feeling that Lesnar/Cena will much more conpetive. I think Lesnar wins dirty this time. But their is a possibly (like Richard mentioned) that Cena goes over Lesnar only for Seth to cash in.

    • devanshkotak

      get over the part timer thing. we all were asking for ppl like lesnar and rock to return but we knew a permanent deal would be impossible. this is the best wwe can offer and theres not really much to do except have them be one of the top guys for their fame. (lesnar was pretty decent till he got to beat the streak and also crush supercena) these part timers get ppl talking about wwe and also bring in new crowd. in the end its about entertaining audience and not promoting employees. remember tna and wcw was at its prime with former wwe names. it would be foolish to not cash in on such guys who can bring instant reputation or fame to the company. oh and evolution guy vs evolution guy made much more sence than marvel vs dc for wrestling atleast. we all know how that turned out

      • Jbreed

        And the WWE was in it’s prime and put WCW out of business when it was creating new must-see stars.

        • Kurt Luttrell

          Thats the thing. When you have to rely on former stars to come in and raise interest, but rates, and ratings, it speaks volumes on how light the main event scene is. Richard says it makes sense from a financial stand point, but that has other side. The other side is that they don’t have strong enough talent to gain those numbers themselves. Their top talent, guys like cena and orton, have been beyond stale for years. Even turning orton heel didn’t help enough. Between how stale they are , and creative being stagnant (burnt out?) They did need old top stars to come back. But that signifies more of a desperate ploy than real planning and execution. You have Roman reigns being pushed hard now, and Seth Rollins, but that’s really only two people. McMahon is stressed over not building main event stars fast enough? Quit stalling out talent that showed they are on the rise. Like cesaro. Started catching on as a babyface and they steered him so far away from that he got more lost in the shuffle than ever before. They are about the now. This week’s ratings. This last ppv buy rate. They need to look towards the future, and the present will fall into place. But soon as the gas start down sliding, they fall right back into what they think is their safe place, but is actually a place that does more harm than good. Hot shot booking, massive last minute rewrites. ..etc. read the book “the rise and fall of wcw”. You would be surprised how much of what killed them , mcmahon is doing today. How can you complain about not building main event talent fast enough but at the same time, fight tooth and nail to put stupid non wrestling crap on the forefront? We need main event talent now! I know! Let’s have one midget pull the tail off another midgets bull costume, have him pretend it hurt and have a doctor put it back on! And meanwhile, steph will take on viki, in a sewage pool retirement match, when neither one is actually a wrestler! And have steph puke all over viki! Yeah…all that time on those skits sure built up new main event talent.. ..pure genius methodology there. Stitch a tail back on a costume while the character pretends it hurt…best way possible to bring up the next main eventer there. …true question I guess is, is vince developing altzeimers?

          • GOR

            WWE shoud thank GOD that they don’t have WCW to compete with other wise they woud be on Highway to hell. All they have is TNA, which is a lame joke for compition in itself.

          • Xavier

            WWE already put WCW out of their miseary. Even if WCW existed today the WWE would still have a better product simply because McMahon forgets more about wrestling then Bischoff could ever know.

          • Kurt Luttrell

            I don’t even know if mcmahon knows how close wcw came to putting then out of business. It’s all in the past, but if bischoff would have come up with one decent idea during the nwo run, and ran with it when the nwo lost their steam, mcmahon woukd be working for wcw right now. McMahon lived to gloat how the wwe made such a comeback into the global giant they are now. Ignores all the mistakes wcw made that allowed them to do that come back. I have read every material possible on what killed the AWA, world class, wcw, ecw, etc. Heard it from the horse’s mouth (or ads depending on who was talking, like Larry zybysco, who on his book took credit for every single thing wcw did right and took no blame for what went wrong.”I came up with the nwo, I came up with stings crow character”. Yeah right larry) what killed the AWA and wcw was stubbornness. Bischoff failed to remember the winning formula of building up tour next big star while your current one is on fire, and finding the tricky timing of replacing that star right before he starts to burn out, keeping the fans coming back for more. Thats what makes promoters great, when they have that ability to recognize that timing. A major star gas between two and five years in him for that character to be on top. Sure they can reinvent themselves like the undertaker did, but they have to come off that perch to do so. Post attitude era john cena lasted about 3 years. He is over ten years into this character. People have been begging for him to be freshened up for half his time on top. Maybe vince had mixed up the idea of long term angles with long term characters.

          • Jbreed

            I totally agree with every point you’ve made. Anyway as long as they keep deciding to bring in former stars to main event every WM than they figure there’s no point in putting time and effort into actually building new main eventers because they already have the guys they think they can rely on. This means guys like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt etc. will always be nothing more than b level ppv main eventers.

          • Kurt Luttrell

            Look at what they did with cena and wyatt. McMahon freaked out, rebuilt cena weeks too early, and fed wyatt to him on a silver platter. Next week, cena takes out all three of the wyatt members. They coukd have kept him off tv for a week or two, then showed cena in video clips all somber and serious, taking time to review what happened and what he needs to do to come back, and show him slowly rebuilding himself mentally and physically. Have someone else challenge lesnar at night of Champions. But keep focus on cena retraining and all. They ruined a potential long, interesting angle and skipped right to the end. Every lesson that could have been learned from past promotions falling are lost on mcmahon, or at least he has forgotten them.

          • devanshkotak

            i feel part timers are necessary at points when wwe cant bring much cash with current stars as @kurt luttrell said . brock is doin just that. but the thing is wwe did have a lot of good mid carders to improve which they didnt do. wyatt, cesaro, barrett are just wasted. but then again lesnar is signed only till WM31 so they have to get their moneys worth. the point will come up after wrestlemania about what to do with their available talent.

      • Xavier

        What do I need to get over? Did you even read what I posted, I said I had no problem with Batista/Rock and said it would be great from a marketing & business stand point.

      • GOR

        Part-timers shoud be there to work with new talent and help them reach new levels. Like Lesner helping cena, ortan, Punk etc. look good over a recognized global fighter athlete.
        & not too hack the main-event scene & major titles & PPV matches.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I dunno, Batista/Rock just has way too much potential to be a terrible, terrible match. I love The Rock, but the only match he looked good in was the tag match at Survivor Series. In the others he got way too gassed out and injured.

      Then again, I can’t imagine either man putting on a great showing against Lesnar either. The Rock would probably be crippled and Batista would wear something stupid, gas out and then complain at fans for not calling it the greatest match of the night or something

      • Xavier

        Lol true. Yeah I agree Rock/Batista wouldn’t be easy on the eyes but it would draw so from a business stand point I understand why Vince would do it=

    • GOR

      The only man that I think had a good match with Lesner & can do it still Is Punk [due to his versatality & talent]. But as we know…………

      • Xavier

        Cena/Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012 was great. Triple H/Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2013 was pretty Damn good too

    • Yves Heinrich

      I agree because I also think about the new talent that needs win the title but if Brock loses the title in the upcoming PPVs before WrestleMania (and I hope he loses it), The Rock could have a match against him or my favorite would be the Triple Threat match between The Rock, Batista and Brock Lesnar!

  • David C

    Brock Lesnar going over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania was the biggest mistake they’ve made since having Lesnar lose his return match.

    If i had booked Wrestlemania 30 i would of had Cena beat the Undertaker by cheating and joining the Authority. I’d have booked Cena vs Undertaker as a mind games scenario leading in to Mania by having HHH make the match and question either’s integrity if they refuse.

    Instead we now have underwhelming tv on a week to week basis with poor decisions that ultimately lost them a top talent in the process and a really horrible conundrum involving what should be the biggest match of any PPV.

    • opie

      Undertaker wanted the streak to end. Lesnar was his guy.

      Cena beating Taker would’ve been dumb. How does that make anything better?

      The “top talent” whom they “ultimately lost” was ready to give up wrestling before the pipe bomb promo.

      • Bob’s Diner

        But don’t you know a John Cena heel turn would be the greatest thing in wrestling ever? It will make the internet extremely happy; like Roman Reigns getting pushed, John Cena getting destroyed, Brock Lesnar returning, Randy Orton turning heel and Daniel Bryan becoming champion.

        Oh wait…

        • opie


        • Kris Mystery

          ^^^^ He’s right you know !!!

        • axl

          I don’t think the would like Reigns getting pushed.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Obviously you weren’t here 6 months ago when that was all the internet wanted. They got it and now the internet has turned on him, which is what happens whenever the internet fans get what they want.

          • axl

            If I was looking your predictions from six months ago I would have asked you six months ago. I was watching it then as I am now and am saying that NOW yes now large parts of the IWC have turned on him.

          • Bob’s Diner

            That is the sound of the point of my post going right over your head

          • axl

            Far from it more the fact you were wrong and then proceeded to insult me for it. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t you do the same thing to Mike McCarthy a short while ago?

          • Bob’s Diner

            I will explain this to you:
            The internet wanted Roman Reigns pushed – once WWE started pushing him, the internet turned on him saying he isn’t ready
            The internet wanted to see Super Cena destroyed – that happened but all the internet could do was complain it was a bad match
            The internet wanted Brock Lesnar to return to WWE – he did, and the internet complained he is terrible and paid too much (among many other things)
            The internet wanted Randy Orton to turn heel – after he did, they complained he was boring
            The internet wanted Daniel Bryan to become WWE champion – after he did they decided he was a boring champion and started calling for Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt to be pushed instead

            I was making a sarcastic comment about how as soon the internet gets anything they want, they just find more reasons to complain. It would most likely happen again if John Cena ever turned heel.

            I was not wrong. I never insulted you.
            Opie knew what I was saying

            edit: why are you bringing up Mike McCarthy?
            As far as I remember, he is the guy that would say stupid things and then throw tantrums when anybody called him out on them. Even thought I had some vendetta against him or something. It was bizarre

      • GOR

        Lesner shoud have defeated Taker dirty, like he did to Punk on Sumerslam.
        Winning clean at WM was too much rub for Lesner.

        “the top talent” want ready to give up wrestling but just leave WWE, coud have gone anywhere else.

  • AB

    I think the SummerSlam booking makes it necessary to book a competitive rematch for the title – otherwise Lesnar begins to lose intrigue as a champion, with everything being a foregone conclusion – but it certainly is difficult, and needs to be handled well.

  • Kris Mystery

    Batista vs. The Rock vs. Lesnar. 3 way dance for the WWE Part Time Heavyweight Championship.

  • Dave

    Here is a way it could play out for the championship.

    Brock Destroys Cena again, not as bad as last time but Brock has Cena beat. Hits the F5 and gets the win, as Brock is celebrating HHH, Kane and Rollins come to the ring with weapons in hand and proceed to destroy Brock, after that they have Rollins cash in and become champion, they can run a story line were HHH decided a part time champ wasn’t best for business so they went to plan B.

    This could lead to a good program with Brock and Rollins, It would also keep Brock looking strong as it took 3 people with weapons to take him down and wouldn’t weaken the rub from the streak.

    What you guys think?

    • Dave Barton

      I’d find it quite acceptable, if their goal was to turn Brock babyface. I mean, when you think about it, Brock beat both Taker and Cena CLEAN, which should make the transition to babyface much more acceptable.

  • Justin

    I think that Lesnar should continue to be the champ until Wrestlemania 31

  • Dave Barton

    Ok, this is going to sound like I’m just setting up another joke, but I’m being serious this time…

    The question about TNA losing their television deal reminded me of when they were looking for a regular tv slot, and started out on TV by doing a weekly PPV. Am I remembering wrong, or was the price $9.99?

  • Malboja

    A little off topic but after watching roh tag team match
    War machine vs the briscoe’s
    God damn they put wwe to shame
    Someone needs to watch these as it was only short but one of the best tag matches I have seen in years

    Just my opinion

  • Mike Reichart

    from what ive seen reported out there Dixie is wanting 100,000 an Hour of impact or 10,4000,00 a year for Impact. where does she think she deserves an increase in how much TNA is worth per show. when in reality in the last 2 years since the last TV Deal was done. TNA has lost almost half its Audience. just 2 years ago TNA had an Episode that had 1.717 Million Viewers. just 3 weeks ago (while yes they changed Nights) but bottomed out at 852,000 Viewers.

    and i recall reading a rumor that Spike TV wanted assurances from TNA that they would be continually be over 2 million viewers a week per episode. Not once in the last 2 years has TNA even been over 1.7 Million viewers let alone 2 million viewers regularly.

    so in my book Dixie has no legal ground to stand on in trying to demand a 3.64 Million Dollar rights increase when she didnt live up to certain assurances of the last deal

    In All rights Spike has every reason not to budge off the current rate they are paying TNA at 6.8 Million Dollars a year. heck in reality Spike has every rights IMO to even offer less than they currently are paying TNA. because of TNA not living up to its end of the deal

    Dixie as a marketing major in college she should know that if you dont live up to deals made you shouldnt have the right to demand a higher pay rate

    I mean if f at my Job persay i was being paid 25 bucks an hour and if i didnt do my job to what is expected of me. i dont have the right to demand a raise to 30 bucks an hour

  • Batman

    “It could write Lesnar out of storylines for a potential Wrestlemania 31 program against The Rock — something Vince wants to do —”

    Vague. Something Vince wants. Does vince want to write Lesnar out of storylines? Or does Vince want a Lesnar/Rock program? Because the vague sentence does not help.