Batman With The Cast Of WWE Legends House

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Adam West posted a photo on Facebook with the cast of WWE Legends House. You can view it below:

West is best known for his lead role in the "Batman" television series.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Who’s the hot looking blonde?

  • Batch-pz101

    You is the big guy next to classy Freddie and who is the girl

    • TheSilentKind

      That's Pat Patterson not Classy Freddie, and that's Hillbilly Jim next to him.

      • Abe

        "That's Pat Patterson not Classy Freddie" best thing i read all day

  • havoc525

    Who’s the female? Also, Piper looks tiny in this picture.

  • Michael413

    I think Adam West is more recently best known as Mayor of Quahog in family guy.

    • Tomas

      That was the 1st thing that crossed my mind when i read the name 😀

    • to the younger generation who never heard or seen the show Batman yes to them he is best known as Mayor Adam West on Family Guy

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Holy legends Batman

  • Mike L

    I hope he does the Bat-tutsi!

  • marcus

    Who's the girl and where's the Iron Sheik?

    • MonsterMike42

      I don't think Sheik is on the show.

      On a related note, I would like to see season 2 with just Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, and Iron Sheik.

  • Kris Hardy

    I am gonna guess the beautiful lady is Sunny. But we haven’t seen her in a few years so…

  • Geezer

    Atlas is still a beast.

  • Sean Atkins

    whats the mayor quahog doing so far away from rhode island.

  • Jim

    So I guess the Legend’s House is barely co-ed since I see only 1 female. Pretty lame. Yet Pat Patterson seems oddly happy with that for some reason…

  • Batch-pz101

    Oh ya Freddie is dead wow something wrong with me but that does look like him

    • kevin

      That looks nothing like Freddy. He looks like Pat Patterson cuz it is Pat Patterson.

  • Craig

    Tony atlas is huge!