How To Become The Face Of WWE, Bryan More Popular Than Cena?, US Title Woes, Origins Of Bray Wyatt (Video)

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The terms "face of WWE" are thrown around a lot. What does it take for a worker to be the "face" of the company?

When someone talks about the "face of WWE" they're talking about the best performer. Not just based on in-ring skills but based on a myriad of factors that sets them a part from the rest of the roster. It's the one money guy that carries the company in merchandise sales, in ratings and represents what the company is all about. John Cena is the face of WWE, like LeBron James is the face of the NBA. It's interesting how WWE has incorporated the terms "face of the company" into The Authority storyline with Randy Orton. As for how someone becomes the face, it's something that "happens." You can't teach it, you can't create it. Cena set himself apart from everyone else, like LeBron has done in the NBA. I remember during one conference call with investors, someone asked Vince McMahon who he thought was the "next Rock" in NXT. Vince laughed it off, saying they think everyone is the next Rock. The bottom-line is the "face of WWE" is something that must happen naturally and cannot be forced. If there were a checklist, WWE would have the next several "faces" lined up and ready to take over for Cena.

In the Rolling Stone piece on Daniel Bryan, they say he is the most popular wrestler since Steve Austin and The Rock. This would mean that Daniel Bryan is more over than John Cena has ever been in his ten year run as the top guy in WWE. Would you agree with this statement?

Daniel Bryan isn't at John Cena's level yet and to name The Rock and Steve Austin without mentioning Cena is incorrect. If Bryan becomes the face of WWE, he'll overtake John Cena. John has been the guy and anyone that debates that is in denial.

Dean Ambrose is a great United States Champion but who on the roster could you see help restore the hype surrounding it?

Dean Ambrose is as good as it gets in terms of upside in a United States Champion. The problem is that WWE doesn't utilize the title. Until they decide to use it, Santa Clause may as well hold it because it doesn't matter. The same goes for the Intercontinental Championship as Big E is a perfect midcarder that could use the title as a stepping-stone, however, until WWE does more with the title, the fact he holds it is irrelevant.

I think The Wyatt Family gimmick is this most entertaining and intriguing program in years. I would much rather watch Bray Wyatt cut a promo than Triple H or John Cena. What are the gimmick's origins and is Bray Wyatt the reason it works so well?

Bray Wyatt's gimmick is based off the character Max Cady from the 1991 remake of the American psychological thriller film called Cape Fear. The flick was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Robert De Niro as Cady.

Below is a scene from the film where Cady shows superhuman tolerance for pain when boiling water is thrown on him:

I think Bray is every bit as good as De Niro with the character and feel that it's a perfect fit for him. Bray is his character and that's what it takes for a gimmick to be successful. The only question is how much "stay ability" does the Bray Wyatt gimmick have? If he can keep it going, he'll end up in very select company. I am  optimistic and see his match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 30 as the "next step" for him.

From the Ask WNW vault...

April 2013: Wrestlemania 29 is Sunday – do you have any predictions? - I hate predictions because of the rate things change. I’ve gone over what many see as the obvious outcomes with Cena avenging his loss to The Rock, Hunter exchanging wins with Brock Lesnar and Undertaker keeping “the streak” alive but I’m hoping for at least one swerve to keep everyone talking on Monday. I will tell anyone that will listen to not go in with the expectation that Punk will end the streak because as much as I would like to see that happen, it is unlikely. My biggest point of interest heading into the pay-per-view is how the show is booked. If WWE treats the booking like they did the card, I will be very disappointed.

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  • Michael

    What about Waylon Mercy?

  • Tim

    How is john cena so popular yet the majority of every crowd hates him and boos him……..omg he’s a internet star lol

    • monty

      very simple he gets a reaction whether its positive or negative. also Cena does so much charity work and his merchandise sales are above everyone else’s. aI am a Punk and DB fan and i believe DB has the IT you need to be the face one day

      one thing where DB has to work on is his Promos. Some of the best in the business use to tell a story with their promos and really get us invested into the storyline

  • King A sshole

    This just hit me, what do they call it if they unify the US and IC Titles? Intercontinental United States Championship is a mouthful. Maybe that’s why they haven’t unified them yet, is because they don’t know what to call the damn thing.

    • Jaryd

      I’d imagine they’d just completely eliminate one of the titles like they did when unifying the women’s and divas titles

  • Tom Lee

    D Bryan .!? Never …

  • monty

    there should be 2 separate brands, one run by Vince(Raw) than have smackdown run by HHH/steph and have NXT run by Shane is possible or even HHH is fine.

    have 2 completely separate brands but combined PPV’s where both brands put their best matches possible


    world title
    US title
    Tag titles


    WWE title
    IC Titles
    Tag titles

    this is the only way for titles to mean something and get defended on regular bases. You could have 5 smackdown PPV’s and 5 for Raw. but have combined PPV at summerslam and WM

    This way vince can see if HHH?Steph can handle the work, i have heard from people within the company that while HHH has done well with NXT and few other things, his ego still see himself first and foremost

    • Jbreed

      They kept 2 seperate brands for ten years, each with it’s own titles, and the secondry titles were always irrelevant.

  • Gary Robert

    My questions to Ask WNW get ignored time and time again (so much for being a premium member for years) so I’ll ask it here since I feel its relevant with the HOF ceremony being tomorrow night. For the sake of conversation: Has anyone watched the newly released Ultimate Warrior DVD? I’ve seen a lot of people post that they’re interested in James Hellwig’s HOF speech b/c it will be psychotic. But, after watching this DVD, I was pretty amazed at how insightful Hellwig was on the business as a whole, the ideas of character progression and long term story arcs. He came across quiet knowledgeable which surprised me as I have seen some of his crazy YouTube videos and things he posts on his own site. Anyone else get a chance to watch this DVD set yet and have any thoughts on it?