Beef Between Triple H & Jericho, Moving TNA Forward, Heat On Returning WWE Star?, Undertaker's Creative Control

Is there legitimate heat between Triple H and Chris Jericho as a result of Hunter's promo from a couple weeks ago?

Chris Jericho initially seemed peeved over Triple H's promo on the October 21, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw. He later admitted he'd been drinking Grey Goose vodka and that was the reason for his reaction on Twitter. My problem with Hunter's promo is he essentially dismissed Daniel Bryan, who never looked like he had a chance to keep the WWE title in his program with Randy Orton. The lack of direction and long-term planning with the corporation is obvious and extremely problematic. At this point, I'm ready for the angle to end.

A lot of people complain that TNA could do a better job marketing their product. What could they do better?

We've discussed the marketing and branding in TNA Wrestling for years now and there hasn't been much change despite modest growth. If I or anyone else knew exactly how to solve TNA's problems and could easily explain them, we'd have a guaranteed job with the company. It's always easier from the outside looking in but one thing that has really hurt TNA has been the lack of structure at the top. At a WWE taping, there is no question who is in charge. Vince McMahon is atop the chain of command and has his hands on everything to make sure it's running smoothly. That's not been the case in TNA. There are egos and personalities everywhere and one can only hope that will end with the departures of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. TNA hoped Hogan and Bischoff would be their ticket to mainstream relevance when it actually looks like they had the opposite effect for the past 4 years.

Did you notice all of the negative commentary when Tyson Kidd and Natalya came out on this week's Monday Night Raw? They really seemed to be ripping on Tyson a lot. Does Tyson have any heat backstage?

I took it that JBL and company were doing a little worked shoot ribbing on Tyson Kidd upon his 'return' match. I heard several people were happy with the work of Tyson Kidd and his stock is rising in the company. Kidd is a guy that is well-liked by his co-workers and I can honestly tell you I've never heard a bad word about him. Kidd talks about his serious knee injury in a new interview with dot com that you can read at this link.

If and when Undertaker decides to retire, who will make the decision on whether or not the streak ends? Undertaker or Vince McMahon?

At this point Undertaker has complete and total control over the booking of his character. He's going to sign off on all plans before he agrees to come in and work. He's earned the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania and the streak will go down as one of the most iconic records in the history of WWE.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2009: What is the highest rated episode ever for Monday Night Raw? - WWE Monday Night Raw is War scored its highest rating ever on May 10, 1999 when the show did an 8.1 cable rating. That show was headlined by Undertaker, Triple H, and Shane McMahon taking on Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Vince McMahon with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee in a six man tag team match. Ratings over the years have ranged from the lower 2s all the way up the 8.1 I talked about, with the ratings being in the 5s and 6s during WWE's most popular days back in 1999. Recent years the show has done in the 3s with an occasional 4.

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  • James

    Tyson Kidd should be Intercontinental Champion and he could feud with Antonio Cesaro, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne (whenever he comes back), Kofi Kingston and several others. Better than “Bland Axel” holding the title.

  • Rus

    I think Tyson Kidd is gay and his marriage to Natalya is a charade, even my wife said it when seeing then in total divas

    • Tim

      Would make sense why he doesn’t pay much attention to her

    • Xavier

      Really bro? Kidd & Natalya have been together for years. So you see a little snap shot of someone’s relationship and assume they are gay. That’s a strong accusation.

      • Jeff Britt

        Hey x my girl said the same thing he is so not manley on that show.

        • Bob’s Diner

          People say the same thing about Prince. Doesn’t stop him from being dynamite with the ladies or being one of the coolest guys on the planet

          • Xavier

            If people only knew. Prince is the biggest pimp in the music game. I went to a Prince concert a few years back and women still go nuts for that guy. He had Vanity, Apollona, Sheila E and many many more. I’d love to be in that dude’s entourage. I’m sure Prince hooks his friends up with the chicks he doesn’t have time to get with lol.

      • Rus

        Look I hope Im wrong but genuinely me and my wife have thought it all through total divas, its either that or his not as happy with her as she is with him, just look how he kisses her and the affection he shows her

        • Xavier

          Kidd & Natalya were living together since before WWE signed them so there’s a good chance that Tyson is experiencing relationship burn out. It happens to the best of relationships. When your with someone as long as they’ve been together you get comfortable and often times forget about the little things you use to do to get the woman in the first place, it’s natural. I think that’s probably what it is more then anything. I’m sure they are still love each other and I’m pretty sure Tyson likes women, I just think Total Divas is focusing only on certain portions and aspects of their relationship and airing that to the masses instead of airing everything to portray Kidd as a neglectful husband while making Nattie look like a desperate housewife. You have to remember that reality shows bring in more viewers when there is more drama to air, and if there isn’t a whole lot of drama they either A.) script it or B.) take something minor and make seem like a much bigger deal.

          • Rus

            Well if they have been together since before WWE then its obviously not scripted & Xavier I totally disagree with the burnt out statement you made, me and my wife have been together coming up for 13 years we have just heard the news that we are having our third child and things could not be happier for the both of us and we def cant enjoy the blitz and glamour they have in their life and def cant afford the things they have in life but when I kiss my girl she knows I mean it

          • Xavier

            You don’t have to agree with me. Just look at the divorce rates in this country bro. It’s well over 50% and climbing. A lot of relationships suffer thru this. I’m glad to hear that you and your wife are doing so well. But sadly most marriages don’t last because people lose sight of why they fell in love with each other in the 1st place. Infidelity rates are at a all time high as well, I don’t condone that type of behavior but that is the reality of the situation in this country sadly.

          • Rus

            No offence but if your gonna comment can you try not to sound like your making excuses for the way he treats her

          • Xavier

            How am I making excuses? I simply stated what could be the problem with Kidd, and that’s if a problem between Tyson & Nattie exist at all. She married the guy after all this time they’ve been together so obviously he treats her just fine or else she would of never said yes or I do. Just because a reality show airs 5 minutes of their relationship that may appear to you that he doesn’t really love her isn’t something to run with. No one knows them personality or spends all day with them so we don’t know what goes on with them when the camera is off or how he really treats her. For all we know that aspect of the show is scripted. Reality TV isn’t always as true as the media leads you to think it is.

    • Super Crazy

      You’re an idiot. Mel Gibson once said in Lethal Weapon, ” Assumption is the mother of all f ups.”w

    • Win

      This comment made me wish Richard would go back and start screening comments before allowing them to be viewed by the public.

      • tim

        don’t forget that freedom of speech act. zeb could be anywhere

      • Rus

        Umm why……. In no way was it meant to be an insult, do you even watch the total diva show and see how he acts and even the kiss on raw Natalya had to pull his head to kiss her

  • Tim

    I remember people saying that we shouldn’t complain. That Bryan was being hurt in the feud. That he was going to win and be bigger than ever. Wow we’re you guys wrong. But I do hope for Kane vs taker 3 at wm

    • Jbreed

      People think just because an unestablished guy works with the top teir guys it automatically makes hims into a superstar. Instead it depends on how you look coming out of the program. Daniel Bryan came out as a loser against Randy Orton and the corporation and now he finds himself in a program with his job being to put over some rookies. And it doesn’t matter how over a guy is with the crowd, it matters how over he is with the bosses.

      • Tim

        While true those rookies are pretty damn awesome. At least. It’s not husky Harris.

    • Xavier

      Hold on their chief, their are so many rumors from various dirt sheets that have Bryan winning the Rumble and capturing the title at Mania next year. If that happens will you still say everyone is wrong?

      • Bob’s Diner

        Because dirt sheets are always right?

        I remember a guy that won the Royal Rumble and won the title at WrestleMania XX which was supposed to be a big deal and show that he was going to become a huge superstar, finally giving the fans what they had been waiting years to see. What happened with him? He got to hold the belt for 6 months, playing 2nd fiddle to HHH and Shawn Michaels the whole time, before putting over Randy Orton and returning to the mid-card for the rest of his career.

        My point is even if Daniel Bryan wins the Rumble and then wins at WrestleMania (which I don’t believe will happen, but that’s just my opinion) doesn’t mean they are going to start believing in him and push him as a superstar. This feud has killed his momentum and the fact he is a 2-time WWE champion (for a combined total of 22 hours) also does a lot to take some of the shine off any possible title win at WrestleMania

        • Xavier

          When did I ever say they were always right?

          I remember this guy at WrestleMania XIII who passed out in a sharpshooter who got super over, and despite being the most over guy in the company he didn’t win the title til the following year’s Mania. In between WM13 & 14 he feuded with guys like Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart & The Rock, he also broke his neck along the way. But despite not winning the title and despite not going over in every single match his momentum wasn’t killed in the slightest.

          Oh wait, I got another one. Remember this guy who called himself the Peoples Champion? He dropped the title to Austin at WrestleMania XV and didn’t win it again until Backlash 2000 which means he went a little over a year without the title. In between WM15 & Backlash he feuded with the McMahon-Helmsley regime (kind of similar to the feud Bryan is having with Triple H now actually), Brittish Bulldog, Mr. Ass Billy Gunn, The Big Show, Rikishi and also formed a tag team with fellow babyface Mick Foley (interesting because it appears that Bryan will be teaming with CM Punk for a little while, very similar). And despite not having the title and despite not going over in every single match his momentum wasn’t killed in the slightest.

          Oh, and I got one more for you. Remember that guy at WrestleMania XX who FUéd The Big Show, you know the one wearing the Patrick Ewing jersey? It should ring a bell because you’ve spent a great deal of time posting about him here lately. Well he was super over after that Mania but didn’t win the big one until a year later at WM21. In between that time he feuded with guys like Booker T, Rene Dupree, Carlito, Kenzo Susuki & Orlando Jordan. (Those aren’t exactly main eventers are they?) But once again, despite not holding the title and despite not going over in ever single one of those matches his momentum wasn’t killed in the slightest.

          My point in all of this is that if Bryan is as over as me, you and everyone else claims he is then this won’t hurt him. Vince took his time bringing guys like Austin, Rock & Cena to the top with steady build and it paid off in a big way, who’s the say that Vince isn’t doing the same with Bryan? This crap isn’t checkers, it’s chess. Just because someone fails to win the title it doesn’t mean their momentum was killed for good or that they are getting buried like so many people on here seem to think.

          Oh and BTW, Bryan has held the World Heavyweight title as well. Remember Bryan cashed in his MITB briefcase at TLC 2011 on Big Show and won it and didn’t lose the title to Sheamus till WM28.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Point missed again…
            Bryan won WWE title – biggest title in company. Lost it 2 minutes later. Won again – got stripped of it 21 hours later. He’s already won the big one. Winning a third time after failing to win it and keep it doesn’t mean as much as when Austin won at WM 14…

            Yes Austin lost at WM13 in heroic fashion. That match helped make him, because he looked like a tough SOB. Do he lose a lot afterwards? Well he got screwed out of the title by the Harts, beat Owen for the IC title, got stripped of it due to injury only to win it back and get stripped again – all the time looking like a total badass. Then he won the big one at WrestleMania and fought off every challenge McMahon could throw at him to prove he was the best. Imagine for a minute if he had won the title at In Your House against the Undertaker only to have Bret Hart screw him out of it the next night, then constantly look like he can’t beat anyone. Do you really think him winning the title at WrestleMania 14 would have been as big a moment?

            Your timeline on The Rock is also wrong, btw. He is a completely different kettle of fish because he was made into a star as the top heel.

            I could go on, but the fact is everyone you pointed out as reasons Daniel Bryan will be a big star are guys that never won the title until WrestleMania, giving them that moment fans were dying to see. And they went on to hold that title and defend it succesfully. Are people dying to see Daniel Bryan win it at WrestleMania now that he has already won it twice? Not as much as they were, that’s for sure

          • Xavier

            Nope, I didn’t miss the point. All my points were valid, and you mean to tell me that Bryan hasn’t looked like a tough SOB in all of this. The guy has beaten Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Kane, The Shield all clean. He hasn’t lost a match clean in a while now. Any time he’s lost it’s because he was screwed out of it. The only time Bryan can be beat is if someone screws him over, that seems very tough to me.

            And yes, even if Austin had won the title and been screwed over before winning it at Mania it still would of been a huge freaking deal. Austin was that over.

            My timeline on The Rock is correct by the way. From Mania 15 to Backlash 2000 was the timeline I was using, were did I misstep? But if you wanna go further back with that I will. Rock was getting over in a huge way before turning heel at Survivor Series. Remember the pop he got in the triple threat HIAC match against Mankind & Ken Shamrock? That was right around the time he broke away from the Nation.

            Did you catch RAW this Monday? Bryan is still receiving some massive pops from the live crowds. I think most would love too see Bryan win the title at Mania.

            But say bro, I just wanted to say that even though we don’t see eye to eye on most things I do enjoy our back & forths. I don’t want you to think I’m attacking you or anything like that, I just love debating. I have no problem with you. You atleast back up your opinions and don’t resort to bashing or calling people names.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Cool dude, I appreciate that. And I do apologise I totally mis-read your timeline on The Rock. You are bang on. That’s what got me thinking that he lost in most of his WrestleMania main events, yet remained one of the biggest stars possible.

            I haven’t watched since Hell in a Cell, so is good to hear he is still getting a good reaction. I guess I just felt like the win over Cena was a really big deal and such an easy thing to build off that it feels like they cut him off before he could get going. And while he is a great wrestler and that has gotten him way over, I just don’t know if he has the charisma to overcome that sort of thing. Time will tell

          • Xavier

            I don’t think he can touch Rock on the mic, but he does have that overwhelming underdog babyface charisma about him that makes it really hard to root against him, you can’t help but wanna root for the guy. I do think that he may be just as over as The Rock was in 2000. But yeah, if I was running things I would of handled the Bryan/Orton feud differently. While I do think that feud lost a lot of steam I don’t think any damage was done to Bryan. I would of never had Bryan win the title off of Orton at NOC. I would of waited until HIAC or Survivor Series before pulling the trigger on that. Then I would of brought in Lesnar as Bryan’s first feud following winning the title. imagine Bryan vs Lesnar, that would of been the ultimate David vs Goliath match up and would of launched Bryan into a whole new hemisphere of popularity if he goes over Brock clean, meanwhile you have Cena over on Smackdown doing his thing which eventually leads to a unification match at Mania between the two. Bryan going over Cena again would open up the door for a Cena heel turn. Not saying any of this is going to happen but that’s the way I’d book it lol.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Yes I agree – the title win at NoC is what hurt the feud the most. Was too early to do that and waiting another couple of PPVs to do that would have helped keep the feud going.

            And I think Lesnar being used to elevate guys like Bryan is something you and I actually agree on. He could have been a great tool for The Authority if they had gone that road instead. Or even just a guy that wanted to destroy the future of the company by going after rising stars like Bryan, CM Punk and Sheamus.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I just want to add how amazing it is when you think about the fact that The Rock never had that ‘WrestleMania moment’ – he was a one of a kind, and it is unfair to compare anyone to him

          • Xavier

            He kind of did. But not for the title though. I thought Rock going over Hogan was a pretty big deal when it happened. That match should of been the main event. Now that’s a time where I would bash Triple H along with you, because I believe his ego played a HUGE role in Triple H/Jericho going on last.

          • Bob’s Diner

            True – his only wins were when the title weren’t involved (Austin III, Hogan and Cena)

            I don’t really count WM14 because of the Dusty finish. And the less said about WM13 the better…

      • Tim

        Yes because he has left the feud already. If he were to come back into it and win they that would be a different story. Speaking of the rumble. I can’t wait to see Kane screwed in it again. Kane is a record machine. Yet they seem to not want Kane to beat hbk’s. Total elimination record. Besides. If they pick Bryan to win. 1 the internet would spoil it and ruin not all but a lot of the shock and excitement. 2 it’s not like everyone doesn’t expect him to not win it. I just hope corny cena v2 Sheamus doesn’t win.

  • David F.

    Maybe Triple H’s promo against Daniel Bryan is setting up for a match between them at some point. You could have Daniel Bryan v Triple H at Rumble or TLC and Bryan needs to win in order to get into the Rumble. Then have Bryan win the Rumble and have him face either Punk or Cena for WWE title.

    • Bob’s Diner

      That’s what a lot of people seemed to think was going to happen, but instead this feud has been building Big Show vs HHH for months now. I think if they do decide to go back and revisit HHH/Daniel Bryan it will be a WrestleMania match with Michaels in HHH’s corner. But that’s just me. I still think we are getting Orton vs Sheamus at WrestleMania. Not saying I want that, just that is what I think is going to happen

      • David F.

        True I just feel that WWE needs to have Daniel Bryan v Triple H match at some point soon and have Daniel Bryan go over.otherwise it does look like Triple H is burying talent. Hopefully Bryan will be in some type of WWE title match at Wrestlemania.

        • Bob’s Diner

          It just obviously has to involve HBK after what happened and I can’t imagine they will waste that on another B-PPV. Perhaps Royal Rumble then? They could easily get him back to feuding with HHH by having him cost Orton the title against Big Show in the next couple of months. I’d be fine with that. But I think HHH is going to want another high profile match, being WMXXX and against Bryan he knows he is going to put something awesome

  • Ralph Weaver

    Really??? really??? Does anyone really care about “What is the highest rated episode ever for Monday Night Raw? from a previous article written in December 2009???” I know I don’t!!! You running out of things to write about or what? If you want readers to actually read your stuff, keep your articles current man! These trips down memory lane might entertain you, but I believe most of us just don’t care… I surely don’t!

    • Bob’s Diner

      I actually enjoyed being reminded of what ratings were just 4 years ago. Nowadays, Raw is lucky to get a 3. Can’t remember the last time they got a 4

      • Ralph Weaver

        Ok fine… I stand corrected. There’s two of you who care…

    • Stuart J Mills

      Are you serious bro? From the Vault is one of the best additions since Ask WNW itself

  • JJ

    On Tyson Kidd, everyone on your raw live chat popped big, no one expected it really and we all enjoyed his performance, now we only have to hope he can get a real program, but I’m guessing he’ll be stuck with fandango a while.