Beth Phoenix Appreciates Chelsea Handler's Honesty

In an update to the back and forth between WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and comedian Chelsea Handler, Beth wrote the following on Twitter after being featured on E!'s "Chelsea Lately":


  • Alex

    I wouldn't exactly brag about making Chelsea Handler scared when she got squashed by Alicia Fox all off people. The one female wrestler so terrible she makes Kelly Kelly look like Kurt Angle.

    • Paul


    • Paul

      Haha! Made me laugh well done sir!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Way to go Beth ignore her and move on.

  • Andrew Ellis

    Un FOX is way better than Kelly cmon now!!

    • A2H

      Everybody’s better than kelly

  • Nia

    Yeah umm Beth….. What Fans?

  • BigMike

    Kelly is BAD yes Fox is better but NOT MUCH!!! IDK what happened with Fox …she was on the chopping block and I was glad to see her go then all of the sudden she wins the title in one of the WORST matches I have ever seen and the WOmens Division is just horrible they have Nattie and Beth jobbing to ones who dont know a wristlock from a wristwatch Evbe at least had some fitness in her background the Bellas were trained but not well Fox and Kelly………nuff said the only real exception to models who become "wrestlers" is Trish she worked her ass off to go from being a fitness model to performing a solid match. but she is the exception to the rule

    Nattie, Beth Mickie, Gail, Kong, bring back cheerleader melissa Winter Love are the better ones going and maybe add melina and velvet as they were trained

  • Synyster

    Kharma please come back soon so we can have one decent WWE diva on the list

  • MonstaHeel 450

    ….. and Natalya, please stop jobbing. Youre embarassing yourself. If AJ beats u next, you gots to go….