Beth Phoenix At Raw, Backstage Videos, Goldust Impresses

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Beth Phoenix at Raw

Beth Phoenix was backstage at this week's WWE Monday Night Raw in Toronto with her boyfriend Edge. She Tweeted the following photo with Natalya:

Backstage Videos

WWE posted exclusive backstage videos from this week's Monday Night Raw here on dot com.

Goldust Impresses

In asking around Tuesday morning, I'm told Goldust was "put over heavily" for his match against WWE Champion Randy Orton on this week's show. Both company officials and other wrestlers thought he really elevated his game for the top level program and that he was very impressive. I'll have more in my backstage Raw notes.

  • Scott Davies

    I have noticed Goldust does get better when in the ring. I really want him back on TV in either his original Heel persona or 2002 with Booker T.

  • Lebron James

    Goldust was awesome last night! That man hasn’t lost a step! He gets better with age. I hope he sticks around, he can be a really valuable asset to the company. He can help elevate younger talent. Can we for one moment, however, give Randy Orton his props? The man has been putting out high quality matches just about every single week this year! He’s at the top of his game! Forget that you think he’s boring on the mic, in that ring, he’s probably the best in the world right now. Nobody can touch him. I’ve been in awe of his work as of late. Simply amazing. I think it’s about time people stop criticizing him, and start appreciating his talent. He’s proving right now why he should be the face of the company, especially in an era where fans really are demanding excellence in the ring. Kudos to Orton.

  • Rus

    Golddusts match was boring as hell and predictable, I just hope they don’t bring back old Dusty Rhodes next week.