Beth Phoenix Injured

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Alberto Del Rio wasn't the only injury at last night's Raw Supershow. Beth Phoenix was stiffed by Alicia Fox in their match and suffered bad bruising to her face. She posted photos on Twitter that can be viewed at this link.

  • MVP

    That knot on the right side of her face was already there right after the match last night.

    • Dufus

      It happened during the match so of course that bump was there right after the match ( lol )

  • Owen

    For the love of everything holy and sacred, please FIRE ALICIA FOX!!

  • Louis

    Will there be a black female champion NAAA!!!!!!!

    • snuggle

      She was the diva champion before.

    • David

      Jacqueline and Jazz are also both former women's champions.

    • vmagic

      Show's what you know, there has been a few black Women's champions as previously mentioned including Foxy.

    • MonstaHeel 450

      Uh… Jazz. 2002, i think…..

  • Tab

    Alicia botched her way to the win.

  • Rey

    It looks like Alicia Fox botches her finisher every time she does it.

  • ryan

    There has been 2 black women champ Jazz and Alicia Fox.

    • Hello_Im_Awesome


      • infamous743

        Jazz as well

    • Man

      Huge difference in skills…

      • Hello_Im_Awesome


        • Man

          Jazz and jacqueline is so much better then the two other

        • Blazeking

          Layla is Moroccan & Spanish. She's not black.

          • Alex

            I did not noticed that Layla wasn't black until I looked it up on wikipedia.

  • Man

    Wtf…. Why cant wwe have some real wrestlers in the divadivition?

    • Someone

      I fully agree. What happened to the women like Trish, Mickie, and Lita on WWE?

      • Man

        Sad to watch 🙁 how frustrateing for beth and woman with hours and hours of exercise and wrestling to get pind by kelly kelly and other “eye candy” girls

        • Blazeking

          Well, Beth did own kelly at the PPV. Natalya on the other hand… she keeps getting pinned by Kelly & Alicia.

  • Jordan

    It was caused by Alicia Fox's bizarre "promo"

  • ricardo navarro

    hope she will beter today

  • Van

    Beth & Natalya should quit and go to TNA,ROH or some other wrestling company where they're treated with respect.WWE has them being pinned women who aren't even closed to being in their league in matches that are so short,you'll miss the entire thing or at least most of it if you leave the room just to get something to eat or drink

    • vmagic

      I think Beth and Natalya have a lot of respect from everyone in the WWE and perhaps they like being there.

  • Joe

    Wait till Karmha returns imagine her and mark henry win the tag team championship

  • Alex

    So I wasn't imagining things when I thought Alicia Fox botched that finished monday night.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    So will Kaitlyn do somethin about it? Now that she's in the DOD (or is she from what i'm hearing?) this would probably be her chance to prove herself and avenge Beth. I'm tired of seeing Natalya gettin pinned-up-strong by just about everyone every week. If Lillian pins her next, it's time to RIOT. wtf