Beth Phoenix Leaving WWE

We're still working on the details but as of this writing Beth Phoenix intends to leave WWE when her contract expires next month.

As always, nothing is 100% until it actually happens but word coming out of this week's TVs is she has given her notice she won't be seeking a new contract.

  • Jitters84

    Great talent.. Too bad they don’t utilize her more.. Wonder what punk thinks about it

    • Punk is dating Lita. Beth is with Edge.

      • Sam the Man


      • Patrick Peralta

        oh brother and fans think bad about the diva's roaming the locker rooms…..the male Wrestler's are just as bad. Yeah I know Edge and Lita are retired. but still in Wrestling you tend to have that inner circle of dating each other in the locker rooms over the years.

      • Ian D.

        Do you feel it’s kind of funny that Edge is with Beth and Punk is with Lita, when a few years ago it was Punk/Beth and Edge/Lita??

  • Babydoc0617

    Punk/Lita is like the Jesse spano/AC slater of the wwe. Isn’t this like the 3rd time they have dated.

  • Jashaun

    I heard she is gonna retire. She more then likely go pursue a acting career or something.

  • Slade6alpha

    As soon as I saw this, I was not even surprised. She is so underutilized and I could not believe she stayed around for this long. I pegged her gone around the time Mickie James left. I hope she goes somewhere where she is used well. Best of luck Beth!

  • Jay Shuffle

    Not surprised with the way they are going about their female talent. Its already destroyed months/years ago…..what happened to Beth changing the diva division when she won the diva's title like last year……..NOTHING =)

  • H.M.

    In the last year Beth. Gail and Kong(understandable) 3 of the most talented female wrestlers have pretty much left the company. What a darn shame.

  • Sky

    Now that Beth is leaving there goes what ever chance the diva divison has to survive.. It been a joke for years they just need to get rid of the diva’s period and only use them to the model.. It’s just sad they went from trish and lita to models.. TNA knockouts is way better then the divas maybe Beth will go to TNA.. Maybe!!!

    • Liam

      Sara Del Rey

  • Danno

    She's at the top of her game and She has a great look. I think she'll go into films but not porn.

    • Ken

      No comment.

  • Hardy

    Well with the amount of knockouts that have left tna lately, maybe there’s an opportunity there for her?

    • A.C.

      TNA would probably let her work two matches, then release her simply because they're out to destroy the knockouts division. ALL of the knockouts deserve better than what is happening now. Then again, so do the divas.

    • MonstaHeel450

      Assuming she gets as much face time as Brooke Hogan; Man that dopey, deer-in-the-headlights look Brooke makes just drive ya nuts, and i'm not even sure if there still some knockouts that get noticed more than her.

  • Ricky

    I just hope she doesn't pull a Gail Kim or any other diva that used to work for WWE. Go to TNA and bash the WWE. WWE pushes their Diva's based on looks alone. If you haven't figured that out yet, well then I don't know what to tell ya.

  • Maz

    So does this mean Matt Hardy is coming for

    • havoc525

      Actually, if he were willing/able to come back, I would rather see Matt vs. Ryder for the Internet Championship. Off topic, I know, just had to make the point.

  • Sam the Man

    maybe now she will face Kong in Japan.

  • D-Bag

    And the new TNA Knockouts Champion is…

  • Blake


  • Bault16

    The divas should just be eye candy anyway, no one cares about their crappy matches.

  • unknown

    not a surprise here. thought she woulda left sooner considering the state of the diva division. just gotta think that if Kharma were still in WWE the divas could be more relevant

  • The BreakerThe

    For those of you wondering if the Divas Division could possibly get any worse, here is your answer.

    But with the way Beth has been booked over the past year, I don’t blame her one bit for wanting to leave.

  • Kevin

    WTH??!! Last I knew, Punk was with Beth and Lita was with Jeff Hardy. When did these guys switch girlfriends? I must really be out of touch.

    • kbunyon

      Punk and Beth were together for a while, now it seems as though he's back with Lita. As far as I have read, Richard does not post about who's dating who here on WNW, so this is coming from me! Lita, as far as I know, never dated Jeff Hardy, only Matt.

      Jeff said all through Matt and Lita's relationship that he was staying out of it, and that he did. Jeff has been with the same woman, Beth Britt, for over a decade, they have a child together, and have been married over a year now.

      Hopefully that clears up at least the Jeff end of things.


  • Joey

    I would gladly trade any 2, heck, ALL the current WWE divas to keep Beth and get Kharma back.

  • ThisGuy

    Tbh, any female wrestler that actually wants to be a wrestler, their goal should be TNA. They get actual storylines and not just 5 min tv time in a useless 6-diva/battle royal match.

  • prettywhenucry

    Just a thought, but she could always do some in ring work with Shine Wrestling. The first PPV wasn't great, it lagged really bad, but I enjoyed it for the most part. I know there are other female wrestling promotions like Shimmer, but there is some talent with Shine. Jazz is also a part of it as well as Veda,Christina Von Eerie, Mercedes Martinez (who i would love to see Beth wrestle). Sara Del Rey was part of the first ppv as well. I doubt the pay is great, but they show more respect to women than wwe and tna combined these days.

  • Wwe4L76

    Hope she comes to TNA TNA TNA :)!

  • BigMike

    no wonder they have BURIED her in recent months. WWE should not even have a belt for the women as they do not like ANY kind of female with wrestling background they did not even want Angel WIlliams back in the day(( ANgelina Love)) they screwed over Gail Kim TWICE Mickie James Melina Even the Bella twins went to a wrestling school Beth is just the latest casualty