Beth Phoenix Not Injured; Latest Update On Worked Ankle Injury

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It turns out Beth Phoenix was working on Raw Supershow last night and did not suffer a legitimate ankle injury. WWE officials were very pleased with how well Beth sold the injury with many people believing she suffered a legitimate injury.

The update posted over on dot com and recapped here was all part of a storyline, used to keep her from looking weak in dropping the WWE Divas Championship.

  • dirtysteve

    Wow! When I was watching that last night, it certainly fooled me. Well done, Beth

  • Matthew

    I’m really surprised at this – Beth did a great job! Kudos to her

  • Double reversing…

    Boy someone got worked into a shoot…..really, breaking news CM PUNK really isn’t a drunk!!!!

  • gpturbo81

    blurred the line as good as anyone IMO

  • An0n

    touche beth….touche….maybe she could be actress….that way she wont be wasted like the rest of the divas

  • Jas

    Woohoo! I love being correct, even when it's reported otherwise!

  • Adam O’Brien

    “very pleased with how well Beth sold the injury”
    Well, I would hope so, considering it doesn’t get much better than that.
    Beth had me really concerned there.

    I’d say they’re going to make Nikki lose the strap in squash fashion to Kharma, and Beth will chase her for the gold (or pink silver metal).

    • Derek Stewart

      I completely agree on everything, the second Nikki won I knew Kharma was returning. She said she was coming for the Bellas

  • H.M.

    Wow, that was some of the best selling I have ever seen in years hands down. She fooled most of us smarky smarks. I can't wait to see her return after Kharma demolishes the entire Divas division(assuming Kharma will squash Nikki Bella next week, therefore vacating the Diva's title).

  • mark3man

    Move over Dolph we have a new ‘top seller’. She should give Khali some advise. Oh wait, he needs to learn how to bend before he learns how to sell

    • Derek Stewart

      I LOL'D when you brought up Khali, he falls like a tree.

    • Frankii

      I agree aha Khali needs alot of work!
      Way to go Beth! I was fooled from the start! Just proves she’s one of the best divas WWE has. I’m glad she got to drop the title without looking weak.

  • Ernest Bethea

    I applaud how they did this. It certainly fooled me. Nice work Beth and WWE.

  • Dangerous Lee


  • Derek Stewart

    Beth would have fought threw the pain if it was real, she rolled over to easy last night. That's how I knew it was a work. She sold it better that most but I still wasn't convinced. They gave it to Nikki because of Kharma. She is going to return at the same place she debuted, which is Extreme Rules.

    • Derek Stewart

      I mean through the pain not threw, my bad

  • steve2

    She’s hot

  • mathew30

    wasnt just beth that did a great job of that, if yu lot take another look at the scene, you will see one of the bella twins actually about to have a go at beth, when beth started to have issues, the twin then decided to no go just yet as if to say damn i need to give her some time, as soon as beth turned and continued on the twin THEN continued with her harrasment.

  • PhilT81

    There was no way it was ever legitimate as it was all to convenient. If a champion suffers an injury during a match they don’t immediately take the decision to drop the title within a few seconds. Nobody threw up an X and the Bellas contract is coming to an end and Kharma is coming to get them.

    • mathew30

      you talk about the x, how ever there have been many times as an example HHH years back when he did his duaracep (cant spell it) in the ring yet kept going untill the match was over.

  • King

    Beth sold it well, I was at the show and everyone in my section thought she was really hurt. They carried her out while on commercial break to really sell it to the live crowd. Great job Beth! You got me

  • Willie

    Twins contract over on April 30 & they haven’t resigned yet…… Y’all remember what karma said when she left!!!!!!

  • The M

    has anyone even considered that it could be Layla returning to beat Nikki? or even someone nobody suspects, like Roxxi Laveux?

  • bruno

    Beth should teach cm punk how to act