BFG Series Winner, Major TNA Heel Turn, Anderson's Future, Matches For Next Week

TNA news and notes…

- AJ Styles won the Bound for Glory Series on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling and will challenge Bully Ray for the TNA Championship at the pay-per-view next month.

- The current storyline direction is to turn Dixie Carter into a heel on-air authority figure. The ball was put in motion in a segment taped for next week's show.

- Alex Barie posted the kayfabe update on Ken Anderson with the latest legitimate update. The last record of Anderson signing a TNA contract was in September 2010 so it's clear his status is up in the air. Whenever I hear about Anderson's status, I think about his quote from a couple of years ago when he said if he was still wrestling in five years to shoot him. You can re-live that story at this link.

- Kazarian beat Chris Sabin in a match taped for TNA Xplosion on Thursday night.

- The matches set for next week's show are as follows - TNA X Division Champion Manik vs. Jeff Hardy, Mickie James vs. ODB for the TNA Knockouts Championship, Eric Young vs. Robbie E, Joseph Park vs. Robbie E, Hernandez vs. Gunner and Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

  • Charles

    A heel turn from an authority figure? That sounds familiar…

    Plus Dixie isn’t believable as a heel in the slightest.

    • smark calloway

      i agree .. tna looks even more minor league when it completely copies wwe like this

      • jeff

        WCW did the “heel authority” with Bischoff and NWO FIRST in ’96. Vince copied it (like he copied table bumps from ECW) and rehashes it every few years. So how could dixie “copy” from a company that copied it also? Think about that one.
        Its wrestling. doesnt matter whos doin what. Everything is copied.

        • smark calloway

          nope vince did a heel character in a uswa vs wwf fued back in 1993 . its on youtube look it up

          • jeff

            once again,i didnt know we were including Regional heel runs! why is everyone saying vince was heel in USWA? lol. USWA was NOT WWF or WCW. Im referring to a NATIONAL scale. It would be different if it crossed over to WWF, but it didnt. Also, if he thought it would’ve worked in WWF, he wouldnt have waited 5 years (after seeing success with bishoff) to do it in his own company. I look at the USWA thing as an USWA angle, which it was. it was not a WWF angle, and im only referring to National wrestling angles when i say “bishoff did it first”. Not southern wrestling. But yah. anyway,thats all i meant.

          • Snap

            I can see what you’re saying, but what would have driven McMahon to be a heel authority figure in WWF at that time? It wasn’t until the Montreal Survivor Series ans the “Bret screwed Bret” interview that he was able to take any reaction towards him and become a heel.

            However, in terms of the “TNA copying WWE” argument, it really all boils down to there only being WWE as a global promotion anymore and WWE did everything it could to kill the WCW brand after acquiring its assets, thus WWE is the only viable comparison.

            Besides, does it really matter who was first for a company to be copying another? As far as I know, WCW is not, at the current time, running an angle with a heel authority figure. It’s hard to do so when the company no longer exists. WWE, on the other hand, ARE running such an angle. WWE has just oversaturated the product with heel authority figures that it’s an inevitable comparison.

    • terr

      yes, very familiar, since wwe re-hashes it all the time.from NWO (bishoff), vince in attitude era, attitude corporation,mcmahon-helmsley regime, stephanie/shane/heyman with wcw/ecw angle, and every couple years after that. oh yah did i mention the current power trip? im tired of seeing it in WWE every few years, so would be a breath of fresh air to see dixie give it a shot.
      Besides, why would she not be believable as a heel? She has REAL heat from fans and wrestlers in AND out of TNA, so she would be very believable IMO.

      • smark calloway

        vince was a heel character before bisch ..look up the uswa vs wwf feud from 1993 on youtube !

        • jeff

          I have the whole uswa run…but it shouldnt count because he was a heel in ANOTHER REGIONAL promotion, not WWF (national) which no one knew about unless they lived in memphis at the time, or read an apter mag when they covered the story…..I didnt know we were including Indy’s, if thats the case, im sure there was an “indy heel authority” angle in an indy promotion even before ’93. If USWA counts, then any rinky dink indy from that period should count also. Not saying USWA was rinky dink.

          the point is, Bicshoff’s is the one THE MASS will remember as the first on a NATIONAL scale. Vinces experimental heel run in USWA shouldnt be considered,as it was not national unless we are allowed to research ALL indy angles before 1993 as well.

          • smark calloway

            ecw was just minor league in the mid 90’s though when wwe/f first copied the table spot from them, which you mentioned before. .and uswa was funded by, and had a talent trade system with wwe/f at that time, so they had some power behind them . but anyway ,what does it matter if it was done in the indies or a major the promotion ? vince was still a heel authority figure before bisch , which i think was the original point of argument

      • Nostaljack

        Dixie can’t act at all. She comes across as stilted when she tries. This is going to be entertainingly bad. Plus, McMahon is disliked because of his arrogance. In the end, though, he knows what he’s doing. Dixie is disliked because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’ll come across as ridiculous. The power trip thing only works when you’re good at what you do and she isn’t.

    • jdl

      You say that like she’s a believable face. When it comes to onscreen performance Dixie is not a believable anything.

    • LBP365

      yes, a familiar storyline but, guess what it work it’s ok it’s just the wrong people playing the rolls.

  • The Troll Express

    How does Chris Sabin go from world heavyweight champ to loseing matches on explosion

    • jeff

      If he’s turning heel (which i thought he was gonna turn heel after winning title), then its justified. but…ONLY if he is turning heel. lol. there is NO explanation otherwise. seems like a heel turn tho, especially after his crybaby rant backstage last week with velvet.
      he needs to spruce up his gear and get an attitude change, and someone to talk for him (velvet, since she is aweful as a wrestler).

  • Stephen

    ”What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” That is what Dixie is thinking all the time. People want variety Dixie….. This is a terrible decision she cant even act normal on TV, what makes her think she can pull of a heel.

  • LBP365

    Dixie will not work in this roll that’s why I suggested a long time ago bring in a fake part owner have her family to use him to push her out Due to her loyalty to kurt.