Big Cass To Undergo ACL Surgery, Will Miss Nine Months

WWE has confirmed Big Cass tore his ACL on Raw, which will require surgery. He will most likely miss nine months of action, putting him back in the ring around May.

Below is WWE's official statement:

"It looks like he has an ACL tear, possibly a medial meniscus tear, but we’re going to wait for the radiologist to evaluate the MRI and give us their full report," WWE ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson said.

The seven-footer will be undergoing surgery this week to repair the damage, which will be the start of a long road back to the squared circle.

“A typical ACL tear takes about nine months [to recover from],” Robinson said.

  • Stoney

    It sucks that this happened during a big push.

  • Vomkrieg

    Enzo and Big Cass were over as a team. As solo performers, their weaknesses, weaknesses that each other covered up, are really visible. Enzo is not great in the ring and Cass is boring. The whole was better than the sum of its parts.

    It sucks that he got injured, as I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But i’m glad that this feud is over as it was garbage.

    • Enzo KILLED himself with his backstage behavior. That’s what split them up and why Enzo is now on the abortive mistake known as “205 Live”. Cass had to break off to save his career and he did. He was still figuring the whole thing out. He’ll get there; we just have to give him time. He’ll get more than anyone imagined but he’ll come back even better.

      • Vomkrieg

        I just don’t see anything special in Cass asides from his height. Honestly, Corbin has more personality and that’s saying something.

  • JeanVice

    This will give CFO$ some time to work on a better entrance for Cass.

  • markbbishop

    I would have kept them as a team longer as they got more seasoned, then redo the “HBK/Diesel” split with them.

  • The Breaker

    This was such a freak accident. The initial bump didn’t look like it hurt that much, but Cass’s reaction said otherwise. He was PISSED, and I feel for him. I’m not his most ardent supporter by any means, but I hate seeing this happen to anyone.

    The timing for Enzo’s move to 205 Live couldn’t have been better. I mean, who else on RAW could he have faced other than Cass? And I think he was headed there anyway, as Enzo looked to be getting squashed into oblivion. And what says “oblivion” better than 205 Live, am I right? I really don’t think Enzo fits in well there at all. Why put a guy with no athleticism on a show that focuses on athleticism? I feel like WWE is just desperate at this point to inject some life into 205 Live. Hopefully I’m wrong and it all works out.

  • Gary Robert

    Its an injury that will work out for Cass better in the long run. He’ll be gone, get repackaged and when he comes back it will be as simply who he is and not any association with Enzo anymore.

  • Van Dam

    I saw Big Cass always as Test in the early 2000’s. Like Test with long hairs and the Big boots he always did.