Big Change Made To Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match (Smackdown Spoiler)

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Santino Marella will replace Randy Orton in this Sunday's Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. It was announced earlier today that Orton lost his spot in the match due to a concussion. Click here for this week's spoilers.

Elimination Chamber will take place Sunday from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • chelu671

    So, they replaced the Viper with a Cobra…. How ingenious…

  • Broski

    Excuse me….

  • Cyrus

    Excuse Me….shuld I stop watching Smackdown…even I can live with any divas in this match but santino..the guy who is having drinking problem and cant wrestle even with John Cena (Cena can wrestle actually) and Khali…Holy shoot…

    • XKonn247

      He has one DUI and you label it a drink problem? Not a drinker are ya?

  • Alejandro

    So the Smackdown chamber will have not only Khali but Santino as well.Don’t get me wrong,I like Santino,but putting him in the Elimination chamber?It should have been Drew if they weren’t going to give that spot to Henry.

    • They should add Drew just to further that "win or you're in trouble, playa" storyline some more. I think he was in last years chamber match and did quite well overall. He doesn't have to win of course, but there's already a novelty gimmick in The Great Khali in the match. Don't need another. At this stage it's become a three way race between Danielson, Rhodes and Barrett winning, cause the other three sure as heck have no chance.

  • Bryan

    Santino? Really??

    Drew McIntyre, Ted Dibiase, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater, Hunico…

    any of these would have been a better replacement, because they are actual WRESTLERS and not just a comedy character. Hell, they could have even put Kharma in the match and it would have been better than Santino.

  • drhaase

    hopefully Khali and Santino will be out of the match early and we can just watch DB, Cody, Wade, and Show be awesome

    • Rabin car

      They should gave put big zeek in it

  • Jeff

    Is this a joke?!?!?!?

    • XKonn247

      I see it as the easy way to have Bryan go over. Have the other four eliminate each other then have D Bry as entry 5, eliminate a tired Big Show then just submit Santino, entry 6.

  • H.M.

    Hadn't read the spoilers and was secretly hoping for someone like Christian or even Del Rio to replace Khali. But Santino over Orton? I have nothing to say 0_o

  • jdl

    I love Santino, he's one of my favorite guys working for the WWE, but this makes no sense. Sure, he can work, sure he can cut awesome promos, but he's a joke character. I'm all for building Santino up as a legitimate worker, but don't just toss him into the Elimination Chamber to get squashed. >_<

  • Paul

    Santino?! What a Piss take! There are other superstars who aren’t a complete joke that could’ve taken ortons place.

  • mark3man

    Christian to win the whc. I see him pulling a Edge.

    • craig

      If he is healthy that would be a great idea. Blast Santino on the way to the ring like Edge did to Kofi. Plus there is the built up feud that Sheamus injured Christian to begin with.

      • Coopapalooza

        Now THAT would make sense. Because if Santino actually wrestles in the chamber it’s a complete waste of a spot. The peeps will pop!!

        • Paul

          I like this idea, hope Christian is back soon.


    Wow, i'll turn to Sumo Wrestling…please wake me up if this Santino- nightmare is over!

    What a bummer.

  • Raaqim

    i can see d bryan on the smackdown after EC consistently bragging about his win with 2 giants involved. sheamus will appear and will invoke his match for mania. Bryan v Sheamus baby !!!!!!!!!

  • Monty

    Just because Santino is funny doesn’t mean he isn’t quality. He’s not used well though. He could really steal the show if he shelves the comedy for 10 minutes. I doubt he’ll still be there come show time.

  • Herro

    Wow still not a single.hi flyer in thechamer wish cara and ray wernt injured

    • T-Boy

      rey mysterio is on raw

  • Ross

    Smackdown is one massive joke. Bryan will retain.

  • matt

    I'm calling it now.Santino will be last to enter and just before he goes in it will be a repeat of 2009 where Orton will attack Santino enter the Elimination Chamber, win it and then headline Wrestlemania facing Sheamus

  • T-Boy

    I hope that Christian returns to take The Great Khali's spot and hope that Drew Mcintyre finally beats Santino Marella to take his place in the Elimination Chamber. Then the SmackDown Chamber Match will be good.

  • Remmy

    I’m gonna say santino gets attacked before he enters the chamber and gets replaced by someone else. I’m just glad there’s basically no chance of orton winning as I dispise him. I wouldnt mind Bryan losing. In the day of titles changing back and forth every month,I’d say Bryans had a decent run,and got a gimmick out of it. I believe him getting the gimmick is the most important thing about this. He’s found his way out of the generic babyface pit,and has found a entertaining and stand-out charcter that will ensure his health for years to come.

  • Wwe4L76

    Omg?!?! Really?!?! Worst eliminationchambermatch ever!!

  • n8ive_savage1

    Concussion caused when he hit the big drop kick and getting hit with belt made it worse.

  • keagan

    Whacha gonna do when the cobra strikes at you brother?

  • PainOfDemise

    I like Santino…but the Smackdown Elimination Chamber is just going downhill very quickly.

  • Marc

    I believe Mark Henry would interfere during the entrance of Santino, just like what Edge did a few years ago and gain entry to the chamber!

  • Denny

    Should be Mark Henry.

  • Jg

    They cant b serious bro???

  • Slade6alpha

    Macintyre has no personality, santino is a comic relief, Henry had his five months reign. Give it the most underutilized wrestler, Christian! He is clear to compete. This is looking like the biggest chamber joke in years. Show, khali, and Santino? Come on Vince, it can't be that difficult.

    • H.M.

      Show isn't a problem. It's really Khali and Santino…who would have thought that these two goofs would be in a Smackdown EC match JUST before the grandest stage of them all? I know WWE is smarter then this and is setting up for some sort of swerve. Henry can take out Khali and Christian or Mcintyre can take out Santino as so many others have mentioned.

  • Joe

    I actually don’t mind this move. I’d like to see Santino somehow pull off the unthinkable and win just to spite all you marks who can’t stand it. Lol I do have to say I wish DiBiase was involved somehow. And when is the WWE going to make Rhodes defend or even drop his Intercontinental Title? He’s had it for like 6-7 months and has defended a handful of times. I say he drops it to a midcard guy so he can put his hat in the ring for the World Heavyweight Title picture.

  • PC

    Seriously Santino? Why not Brodus Clay? Why not Drew Mcintyre? Why not Ted Debiase? Why not Jinder Mahal? Why not Hunico? Unless its gonna be a swerve and Santino is gonna get knock out by Mark Henry or Christian ala Edge knocking out Kofi.

  • ChromeyDaniels

    Vince got lazy and decided to put him in it. I believe Vince will realize his rewrite mistake and have someone fight santino for it before the match, McIntyre or christan or another big surprise before wrestle mania.

  • ViperDaughter

    I'm done! I am glad that i am NOT watching the Elimination Chamber. That sucks. If you agree this, i want to kick Daniel Bryan ass

  • @ease9310

    It should have been either Alberto Del Rio,or Sin Cara,or Christian.But I just remembered that Sin Cara has an injury,what a bummer,he should have been in the elimination chamber match,and if he won,he would win his first tittle in his WWE career.And the elimination chamber match would be a lot better.

  • H.M.

    Rey Mysterio. Del Rio, Christian are all big stars that Smackdown is sorely missing. Yes I include Del Rio in this list because he's better suited for Smackdown then Raw.

  • mike

    If they keep this card it will be soooooo disapointing…of course they could have jerico lose the first chamber and then pull an edge and take out santino